Thursday, September 25, 2008

Score Big Time!!!

So...aside from apologies for my unannounced break from blogging (it was a busy summer...and now craft show season has struck!). I have so much to is just a matter of getting pics together!

So...first off. I read blogs (just didn't write) and as usual was envious (as in GREEN with) of all the cool things OTHER people have at their local stores. I mean I have all the same stores but the 'cool' stuff never seems to make it or I am NOT quick enough...sigh :-(

I saw this Princess Set over on Lauren Meaders blog (and you MUST see what she did with it). She bought it at Target...and I rushed out the next day to look for up early even. No princess. Sad me.

My daughter is just a princess nut and this set is by FAR the best one I've ever seen (most of the time you have to buy 3 different sets to get all the princesses). Anyway, I was in a search for cupcake liners...I'm guessing NO ONE bakes anymore...I couldn't find them ANYWHERE! WalMart didn't have BD sprinkles and cupcake lines...WHAT!??!??! Neither did Target...BUT I was walking down the aisle and spotted the set...I literally ran (afterall it was the last one) and snatched it. And DD screeched like a banshee "PRINCESS" OMGoodness, OMGoodness!!!

Yeah I was excited! So stay tuned for some fun Princess items!