Friday, December 21, 2007

Paper Bead Bracelets - $5-6

I've been making these paper bead bracelets for a while now...they make the easiest gift ever. I am not a jewelry maker by any stretch of the imagination! They can easily be made to coordiate or match anyone's taste and quickly become addicting.

The story (and I do love a good one) is that I was organizing the activities for my Women's club last year...and everyone wanted to learn how to make jewelry. I contacted a few local jewelry makers that taught...and asked how much it would be to teach us how to make a bracelet or something simple...they wanted $15 per person minimum. Well that is just beyond the reach of many of our retired pensioners and SAHMs (inlcuding myself). So as usual I started researching for an alternative. I met mariiam at SCS and she was so kind to show me how to make these bracelets. I made up 50 kits, teaching materials and diagrams and off we went! I changed the design considerably from mariiam's because I got a great deal on glass beads at WalMart (of all places) and wanted to use what I found. Eventually I took a 1hr. class at Michael's and learned the basics of making earrings, so added those. About a month later Mariiam wrote me and complimented me on my variation!

I sold 3 bracelets at the craft show...I thought I might sell more, but was happy with that. I do think it is a MUCH better product sold for $10-12 as a set including earrings than just a bracelet alone. So for my next craft show (or on-line) I plan to offer them as sets and include earrings.

I am still working on the correct price for these...they are very inexpensive to make but then again most jewelry is...when you start bead shopping and find out those Swarovski crystals bought in bulk are only like $0.10 a piece you wonder at that $40 price tag for a simple crystal bracelet. But then again you never want to price your item too cheaply because then that is exactly what people think it! And your time and design IS worth something.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ho Ho Ho Banner - $15

It always pays to chat with people (and you never have to pay to chat with me LOL...I'm a chatterer...I love to talk to people...poor people!). Well I was chatting with a lady and she was lamenting how all she wanted was a "Ho, Ho, Ho" banner to hang in her locker at work. I replied, well what were you looking for, I do custom orders all the time? So I gave her my card with "Ho, Ho, Ho" written on the back, she went off to look through the rest of the show (and another one somewhere else). I returned from the show to an email requesting that she didn't find one and could I make her one. So a few emails back and forth to hammer things out...and yippee I made another sale!

A few things I have learned from custom orders...

1. Always charge a bit more than you think you should, because it will always take longer to make than you think to design something new and you may need to do it caveat...if it is a simple change on an existing design I don't charge anything.

2. If it is personalized (ie has Margaret on it) get the money before you start...that way if the person changes their mind or (more likely) finds it somewhere else you aren't out time and materials.

3. Don't freak out, you can deliver. Custom orders are my favorite because they make someone happy, because you can give them exactly what they want. Creatively they push me to see what I can come up with!! Also don't be afraid to NOT do exactly what they ask...especially if it turns out to be ugly...most people can't visualize the finished make some of the creative decisions for them!

4. Give people finite choice (no more than 3). If you make them decide every detail they get frustrated with all the 'work' you are making them do...that is what they are paying you. Just to give you an idea.
First email: Price Range. What color, red/green, blue/snowflake? Size 4X4 or 6X6
Second Email: Three pattern selections (red/green) this is where you get smart. I give patterns that are a style as well.. Fun and Funky (selection of 3 patterned paper); Old World and Monochromatic/cutesy.
--And that is those two emails I got enough information to complete my project.

And while I don't think I came up with exactly what she envisioned...she absolutely LOVED it...which is the whole point ;-)

Now for the project, it looks very, very simple, but as we all know simple design always takes some careful look simple. LOL.

The client wanted fun, funky and a Santa Claus (so no one got confused about "HO"). As you can see I creatively made a decision...a Santa Clause wouldn't of fit and would've ruined the design...(I think it would've looked tacky).

For the base (to make it stiff) I used Cereal boxes, cut to 6X6", I stapled the ribbon onto the back (which I stamped with Moonlight White Ink and TAC Snowflakes and Winterflakes LE). I only stamped the one side...cuz I wanted to leave the other side non-holiday so she could hang pictures.

I used my friends CriCut (see the time factor) to cut 3.5" letters and their shadow for the HO's. The top and bottom panel are covered with DCWV Christmas Stack papers...the middle one a piece of red cardstock (ProvoCraft Designer series...but it perfectly matched) and the green is from Michael's Brand Designer cardstock.

So the middle was looking a bit boring, when my friend suggested a little something on each corner...and BAM there it was.

We stamped TAC Mini Sampler holly leaves in each corner with VersaMark then used green iridescent chalk. The berries are red stickles! It adds something but doesn't compete with the busier patterns.

Now for the back, I wanted to leave her with something generic (also couldn't exactly leave raw cardboard and staples showing, oh no no!!) bonus she didn't have to store her banner and then find it next year (I always lose things into storage wonderland) I just made a simple scrappy side to display photos. Two pieces of red cardstock and a non-holiday (but in the Christmas stack) pattern paper. I originally was going to provide mats, but decided I wouldn't because I didn't want to force what size photos she had to use!

If anyone is interested...I actually have the materials all ready for a second banner...and that is how I do custom design...I make up an original but then make another one (or a similar one) for myself.

Thanks for looking...and thanks to my friend for helping me out because well I couldn't of done it without her!


Friday, December 14, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!!

I am happy to announce the winner of the snowman poop card!

tyrymom29 said...
I love this card ITs too cute !!!! I adore snowmen and this card is way tooo cute !!! I love the holiday season because its a time for the whole family to get together and HAVE FUN!!!!!! Merry Christmas everyone !!!

Send me your snail mail, and I will get this card in the mail to you!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ho Ho Ho Popcorn Pull-ups - $4

I've been DYING to post was soo hard to get a decent picture. And I still don't think this does it justice! These were a big hit at the Craft Fair...I sold every one I made (5 of them)...and probably could've sold a few more. I was in serious Yes/No Yes make tons, No you don't want to be stuck with 20 Christmas I made a few of everything and didn't run out of anything (except for these Popcorn Pull-up...I lost 1-2 sales because the lady wanted the Ho Ho Ho and not the Believe).

A funny thing, I don't eat Microwave popcorn...I actually still have a hot air popper and prefer that...with maybe a little butter or powdered cheese...but really
I'll eat it plain and so will my kids. Although the older one is catching mom gave them 'real' popcorn...I just explained that Nana's have special popcorn...moms can't get that kind.

So back in October (when I originally made them) I went looking for microwave popcorn...I was smart enough to get the full fat style in mini bags...however I wasn't smart enough to realize that the popcorn came plastered with Halloween Characters...until I opened the box. Now the popcorn was good until well into 2008...but I wasn't sure how people would take Halloween popcorn in their Christmas Stocking. I also didn't want to eat 12 bags of microwave popcorn!!! I got opinions...many said go buy new, and sacrifice and give them the Halloween popcorn, others were like who cares as long as it is still good. So I kept it, I showed each customer and told them the story...I tell you I think that story is why I sold so many...they just thought that was the funniest thing EVER!!!

So never underestimate how valuable a story is to marketing your item!

If you don't know by now...I have a serious Fun Fur Fetish...I love the stuff. It always takes the blah and makes it Brilliant!! And with the little bit of added Bling this stocking stuffer is definitely satisfying. How did I make it?

I used the TAC Ornamental Backgrounds (Candy Cane)...retired unfortunately, stamped with Palette L'Amore Red (I only have Palette spots of colors and this stamp is only a 2X2 so you feel my pain). Then I used my TAC Ancient Alphabet to stamp "H" in Palette Noir and little 'blings' to make the "O". But the best part of course is the FUN FUR!!! I used my Southwestern corner punch to make notches in each corner of the red cardstock square, wrapped that fur...and Voila! Funky fun Ho, Ho Ho!

I just had to add this picture...this is why I only made 6 Christmas Popcorn Pull-ups...I made 6 Halloween ones for my first show...can you believe I didn't sell one of these!!!! I mean they are adorable! Well I'm saving them for next year...don't worry I'll change out the popcorn!

Thanks for looking!

P.S. If you want one of these adorable little "Boos" just let me know I'll sell them *grin*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snowman Poop Cards - $4

I made these snowman poop cards at a the design is not mine, StampwithGwen has an annual Black Friday Card Party...stamp til you drop. This was one of the cards...she has made them for years....even had a stamp made up.

I put them out on my craft table to add a little Christmas Cheer and people just loved them. I made 4 (at the class) and sold 2. I thought the price would be a little high, but then again I REALLY didn't want to sell them at all...LOL.

Over at Paula Ponders, she asked the question, "What makes you happy?"...well these cards are a part of that and I'll tell you why.

Every year my women's club hosts a "Home Style Christmas" for a group of at risk boys in a job training program. The Program is gives these boys from all situations (foster care, abuse situations, jail) a vocation (carpentry and building) and the opportunity to finish high school. After they complete the program, the counselors (and very dynamic director) keep tabs on the graduates...this follow-up is the key to less than 11% of these guys going back to drugs, crime, problems of their prior life...they make it.

Well once a year, we go to their home to give them a taste of Christmas...for many their first one. I REALLY look forward to this (been going for 5 years now)...and I bring both my children because while they boys are soo excited for us to be there...the kids really break the ice...and push them to be social...I mean how can you say no to an adorable little two year old (Bella) that asks you to hand her cookies...and says PLEASE!!! So we make homemade cookies, stuff stockings...put up a REAL Christmas tree, string popcorn and cranberries...and because they are 'building' students make Gingerbread Houses. Amazing how they all start with the same kit but get all kinds of variations. Then Santa made an appearance (one of the counselors, that does it professionally as well)...and everyone sat on Santa's many of these boys are emotionally 3 or more years younger, but huge...and Santa isn't all that big...Ha, Ha. So it makes for really cute pictures...and this year with two or more boys piled on Santa...Bella insisted on getting on up there and they go the cutest little picture of red, mostly black and a little pink Elf!

So my part in the whole process? I made 18 snowman poop cards...several steps and I just don't work that fast...but definitely worth it. I mean teenage boys...quite the giggle session after they opened one up ;-)

So I'm grinning from ear to ear today and all warm and cozy inside...despite the crappy, grey rainy is all sunshine and rainbows. And the kids had a great time as well...they were dancing to Christmas Carols...and sang Jingle Bells...alot.

Card Details:
Stamps: TAC Coolest Flakes, Custom Poop Stamp
Paper: White CS; Paper Company Heritage Blue, Baby boy medium blue Embossed with Cuttlebug Snowflakes Watercolored with AquaColor Crayons.

So subscribe to my blog and leave a comment to tell me 'What Makes You Happy during the Christmas Season' and I'll send a randomly picked person a Snowman Poop Card. And go on over and visit StampwithGwen...and get inspired or if you want your own custom 'Poop' stamp!!

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

More Journals

Here are some pictures of other journals.

Baby Boy Journal

Journal set...
Apple for the Teacher
Pink Magnolia
Husband Helper
...and an altered spiral notebook and altoid tin with mini scrapbook (sold).

Gosh I miss that Pink Journal...and of course I don't have any more of that paper. This was the first journal I made so one of the two sheets I had, one was a casualty of bad cutting. Now I have it all down and efficient...but too late for that paper. I also want to point out see how much prettier the paperclips are on the pink journal...that is because the paper was more dramatic and the distortion/magnification didn't alter the pattern.

Thanks so much for looking!

Baby Journals - $10

I made 8 of these journals in different themes and colors. At the craft fair I sold one, of course my favorite one. Originally I was going to charge $12 (they were a lot of work/steps), but no one seemed interested in them at that price, so I reduced the price to $10. I think people would grab them for $8, but they are too much work except as a labor of love for friends and family and the remaining ones I will give as gifts. Although you can speed up the process considerably by making several at once, in stages. This craft fair I made journals for a:

Baby Girl
Baby Boy
Magnolia Pink floral (the one that sold)
Blue Apple for a Teacher
Green Apple for a Teacher
Husband/Boyfriend Helper

Each set contained the Journal, with Jr. Legal Pad, 2 small cards with decorated envelopes, 2 glass pebble paperclips and a matching pen.

Baby Girl Journal
The purpose of this journal is to give you the paper and pen to do all that journaling you are supposed to do as a new mom and to record all those milestones.

I tried as a new mom, I did! First child I used one of those Calendars you get free with something I ordered. I put the stickers on it but now don't remember what exactly they were supposed to be or the story behind it.

Second child (Bella) I used a private on-line blog and did a really good job...but now have a TON of work ahead of me to get the information BACK off the computer where I can read it. Anyway, if I have a 3rd child perhaps I will get it right...and I think this journal would really work.

Everything you need is all there, the pen, the paper, clips (to round up those loose sheets) as well as a milestone card to make sure you don't miss any of the important moments, and finally a couple of notecards to write Thank Yous or notes because well now that you have a newborn, talking on the phone is over and you never seem to have enough Thank You notes!

The actual book uses the pink plaid from the DCWV Spring Stack...I just love it. The green cardstock (from The Paper Company Meadow cardstock) is not my favorite but it was a great way to use it and meshed nicely.

All these adorable stamps come in the TAC Special Delivery Set and I watercolored the image using my aquacolor crayons...I haven't quite jumped on the Copic Craze. I usually wait until the fad is almost over then jump in...LOL.

The pens were the greatest find...guess what NOT RSVP pens, only $0.33 each at WalMart. They were part of the MainStay Back to School collection. I bought two packs for $0.75 as I wasn't sure they would work...well they did and I returned and bought up every one of those two packs I could find...they are in the office supplies section...and have been marked down to $0.66!!! I may go back, I mean I've already broken into my stash, who knows how quickly it will go.

The glass pebble paperclips came out okay, but I think look much better with brighter colors. The Yes glue I used dried a bit opaque and the pebble distorts and mutes the pattern so they are very, very pale. If I did it again, I honestly would try Elmer's glue to see if it is clearer or Aleenes' Tacky glue. I also wouldn't worry so much about finishing the back. I used E6000 on the back of some but preferred...Silicone glue (for the bath tub). The Lowe's guy recommended it and while it smells terrible after 24 hours it is indestructible, but it can't crack off or anything!

That's it for now! I will try and post a few more pictures a little later.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Snowflake Gift Tag Tins - $10

These gift tag tins were the first thing to sell, a lady came by gasped and bought two at $10 each. It set the tone for me for the rest of the day. I've heard so many negative things about craft shows, from rude customers and no not making back your table fee. I just read a story the other day of a lady that paid $1000 for a table at a VERY exclusive event but only made $500...yikes!!

I was so happy when even those that didn't buy anything had such wonderful things to say about my creations. I think they are good and I do pour my blood (literally...papercuts really hurt), sweat (not on the paper I promise) tears (usually after staying up to all hours trying to finish something...apparently lack of sleep makes me emotional). So it was very gratifying to hear all the positive comments...I was on cloud nine all day.

So this Altered Altoid Tin contains 20 gift tags...some fancy and some simple. My absolute favorite tags are the ones with the snowflake brads...I actually designed these last year for a Tag swap on SCS I was in...and decided to use the design again...except expand the color selection to Olive and Red...and make a few more tags.

The second tag type is stamped with the TAC Snowflakes and Winter Flakes sets using Kaleidacolor Blue Breeze Spectrum ink pad. I sponged around the edge of the smaller white cardstock tag to make it pop.

The third tag is punched with the Marvy Extra Jumbo Scallop Circle Punch (Blue one)...and is exactly 2" wide. I stamped one snowflake in the middle and then used the darkest Kaleidacolor blue to stamp the greeting from Paper Trey Ink's Faux Ribbon.

The trick with setting all the eyelets and punching those holes...was the Crop-A-Dile. I love this tool...I honestly don't know how I lived without it! I mean I just stacked up everything and punched once...then set the eyelets. I had a little trouble with the eyelets and smashed a couple (not shown...reserved for family gifts...LOL). Not sure if I was pushing too hard or I need to experiment more with that.

Here is a picture of the Tag Tin closed. I prepared the Altoid tins by spraying them with Krylon Spray Paint, I find a few light coats of this provides the best coverage without making the paint so thick you can't open the tin.

I glued stamped cardstock on all surfaces both inside and out and torn an edge of navy cardstock embossed with the Cuttlebug snowflakes. I had a few of these little punched stars so I glued one on the blue for contrast. I stamped "Tag Tin" with the TAC Ancient Alphabet and the individual colors in the Kaleidacolor Pad. These tins came together quite quickly, but next time I think I will try to adhere ribbon around the outside to cover the lettering (I'm covering the surfaces anyway) and not stamp Tag Tin, this way after the tags are all gone it could be used to present another gift.

Here is a picture of my green and red tag tin!

Thanks for looking!


Monday, December 03, 2007

Scrapbook Ornaments - $5

One of the items I sold at the Craft Fair was Scrapbook Ornaments. I discovered how to do these over at Capture the Moment aka PaperTrey Ink. They make the perfect ornament year to year...track how the kids (and dog!) have grown...there is plenty of space in this 10 page mini-scrapbook. And by the way, they have GREAT Customer Service...I emailed them asking which punch would fit inside a 2" tin...and not only did she measure it, she went to the warehouse, got one, punched it...just to make sure! Now that is above and beyond!

2" round tin
Marvy Scalloped Circle Punch
PaperTrey Faux Ribbon
TAC Snowflakes and Winter Flakes
Blue Breeze Kaleidacolor
Bazzil Blues Cardstock
Navy grosgrain ribbon

Here it is on the tree! Okay you got is out on the Yew bush out front...give me a break I made them in August...there were no trees!!!

I made 3 of these and sold 2...good thing I have one left, to put in my pictures on the tree.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Craft Show #2...Finished

I have been silent for awhile now busily making stock and designing new items to take to this craft show...and it finished today. I made more money than I could ever imagine! Paid for that stamp order...WooHoo! I was soo incredibly proud!

Here is a picture (after the ravaging...sorry I didn't have time to take a picture beforehand) BUT bonus there is a picture of little ole me...and I actually like it!! Oh yeah...and Community Center Shows rock...I was met at my car by two high school volunteers that carried ALL of my stuff to my booth...I mean I carried NOTHING I was pressed to even get it out of my car fast enough for them...and they had big burly boys to carry heavy tables and furniture...some people bring actual furniture to craft shows (I was wowed...insert Craft Show newbie). I will definitely go to this one was the easiest most positive craft show experience EVER! And I mentioned that my friend was pregnant and in a white Honda and 'shouldn't be carrying things...and the kept an eye out and jumped on her grabbed stuff out of her hand before she could say boo! Way to go volunteers!

I plan to write about what I sold and what worked for me as others have posted this on their site (Taylored Expressions) and I benefited so much, now it is my turn to share.

I will be posting pictures of each item I sold, how many I made and how many sold. So stay I have processed the credit card receipts...which if you are at a craft show I HIGHLY recommend having...I made $85 in 3 orders that I wouldn't have gotten because I accepted credit...cost to me $4 in processing fees WAAY worth it! I use ProPal, I got a reduced rate being an Etsy Merchant and it is dead simple to Partner-In-Crime Shelby of ShelbyB Designs bought a knuckle buster, plate and slips for $ me and I can get you the name.

These are the items I made (just in case there is something you would be interested in learning me and I will write up that one earlier).

Paper Bead Bracelets
Ho Ho Ho PopCorn Pull-ups
Snowman Cocoa Packets
Journals w/ matching pen, cards and paperclips
Scrapbook Ornaments
Gift Tag Tins
Trident Gum Holders (didn't get a picture of those...they were gone 2 secs after I put them out)
Tooth Fairy Tins
Paper and Enamel Pins
Single Cards
Kid Color Your Own Card Kits

Just in case you are shopping I have to put in a plug for my friend Shelby! She makes the most wonderful hand painted vibrant wonderful colors (and most importantly she can reproduce the colors pretty reliably if you need more...that Research Bio Degree really comes in handy).

So if you need a gift for someone who knits this is the ticket...over half of our traffic were people coming over to 'fondle' the really cool yarn!! If you have a Harry Potter fan...she does all kinds of colorways reminiscent of the characters. Check it out in the wire crates. See the top...all empty...we were struggling to 'fill' the space half way through...I loved it!

Bad part is that we had such a good time and experience we are considering doing an outdoor Farmer's Market next weekend. Craft Shows are just like childbirth, you have one teeny good experience and you want another and another, and another...*grin*

That's it for now...thanks so much for stopping bye.


PS. If you buy something let her know you found out from me...maybe if she gets enough word of mouth from Lisa...she will knit me a pair of cool socks, LOL!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I completed my first REAL Craft Show. I didn't sell much but I covered my table fee...and had an absolutely awesome time!

Here is my busy little section...I know, I know your eyes are about to explode...I did spread it out a little later when I realized I was being overly generous with my half. ShelbyB looked over and said...why are crowded into that corner?

So here are a few things I will be listing on Etsy as soon as I can.

Journals with matching pen, paperclips, and two notecards, Christmas PopCorn Pull-ups, ToothFairy Tins, Baby Journaling notebook, Gift Tag Tins, Scrapbook Ornaments and my glass and paper bead bracelets. See I thought the case would be a good way to showcase them, but I think people were afraid to touch and try :-(

Close-up of my Gift Tag Tins and ToothFairy Tins...aren't the adorable?

So opinions on the black and white on red table covering? Too much? We are going to try plain black next time see if it is a little less busy...and maybe reduce the black and white portion to just a strip down the middle.


And her gorgeous handpainted yarn and stitch markers...she finally made some into earrings...people kept asking!

Canale Creations

She sells gorgeous memory frames, ToothFairy Pillows and chalkboard mats. I've used them for me they are awesome!

And finally I'm so embarrassed I didn't get ANY pictures of One Girlie Girl and Polpette Clay! I went over there and there were customers so I didn't want to interrupt...then forgot to go back! Bad me. And Lisa (One Girlie Girl is just SO much fun!)

So here are pictures of my favorite item from their stores.

One Girlie Girl's Signature Felt Toddler Hair Barrette

Polpette Clay

Polpette Clay's beautiful polymer clay alphabet magnets!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sad Day...double over

Okay aside from the rainy days we have been having I have another funeral to go to...the first that I mentioned was for the husband of a longtime 4-H friend. I find it interesting how we compartmentalize our lives, for example I've known her husband for years peripherally as a guy with great dark humor who 'hung' around the fair but was DEFINITELY NOT a horse person...supportive of his wife and girls but not involved.

As I attended the funeral, which many, many people attended, I learned about a man I never met. His "job" downtown was actually as the Director of a huge government agency...a big deal. Yet not an iota of the importance of his position every filtered to his personal life or affected his personality. I find that amazing in this time where everyone tries to capitalize on who they know and rub elbows. Despite his ascension in the ranks, he never became 'government' he never forgot the little people and that his position was one of service...a mission to help those people.

I was sad to hear several years ago that he had Alzheimer's and had to quit this long time government job...and retire early. I remember calling their house and he would answer, say hello, I'd forget and ask him to take a message, and he would chuckle and respond, "I could take a message but I will probably forget where I put it and not remember that you called, so call back and leave a message on the machine...oh yeah, and if I pick-up again, tell me to hang up so you can call back!" And I think that is how he defined his life, he had disease that robbed him of his job and the golden years, but he faced it and found humor in it.

The other sad news was that a woman I worked with at NCBI (by far the best job I have ever had)...finally succumbed to an inoperable brain tumor. She was another person that touched many, many lives. She worked in Admin, but used her experience and contacts from the embassy to facilitate all the Visa paperwork that many of NCBI employees had to undergo...prior to her employees were regularly getting stuck in foreign countries after attending conferences or losing their status and being sent home unexpectedly...oh joy and fun!!! But under her was relatively smooth sailing. She was always ready with a smile and a joke. She took in stride and with grace a job where she was much more educated and cultured than any of her supervisors. She was so good to her family and definitely was the glue that made them so strong. Her sons have grown into incredible men that she can be very, very proud of.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rak from Rochelle

I am always touched by the people I meet in the stamping community. I have been getting ready for a craft show AND my mother's retirement party. So in my typical fashion I am wigging out (did I mention I also decided to Chair my women's club auction this year...our big fundraiser...but no pressure or anything). So I finished the invites which my mom was really happy with...well except that I got where she worked wrong...oops! And I had all the RSVPs go to my dad's cell phone (to surprise my mom!!!)...and apparently he doesn't know how to access voice mail. But other than that it has been smooth sailing....ha, ha.

Now all I need to do is figure out exactly what the 'favor' for my mom's swanky retirement party will be. Enter Rochelle from Impressions by Rochelle...she has the absolute BEST favors out there! And her gift ensembles are incredible...I've admired her candy ensembles for quite awhile and asked her if she would explain exactly how she did her Hershey Bar wrap...I know seems simple, but hey from the pictures I was never really sure what size the Hershey bar was or if I was scoring or what! ...AND those little nugget boxes how hard are they response...she sent me the instructions and a BEAUTIFUL example of each. I was so touched. She even offered to help me start on those nugget boxes. Even if I don't do the nugget boxes (might be too much chocolate) I am overwhelmed by how nice people can really gives me such hope...and that good people are out there!
NOTE: I'm a little sappy today...I attended my first funeral...a good friend's husband....more on that another day.
Thanks for stopping bye! Lisa.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Beautiful Baby Journals

I am still struggling with getting good pictures of things that I don't scan...frankly I am a GREAT photographer of landscapes and people, but terrible at still life...mostly because my set-up is not ideal or my lighting.

Anyway, I scanned this Baby Girl Plaid card in this morning...I just love it (and its Baby Boy Blue)! I made journals to match. They are for an upcoming craft first 'real' show. I am really excited but also a little panicked!

The cards are made with DCWV Spring Stack...and are actually the smaller enclosure size that goes with 4 bar is 3.5" X4.75". They are incredibly simple but just beautiful..."Baby" is from the TAC Special Delivery set, punched out using the Super Jumbo (blue) Scallop Rectangle and strung on pink organza ribbon.

I am including two of these cards with my Baby of the items I am offering at the craft show...would love ANY feedback you would like to give me!

So here is the Baby Girl journal...on the outside, it closes with a decorated band. The journal sets will include:

two 4 bar Baby cards
Jr. Legal pad
two glass marble paperclips
RSVP pen.

I also plan to make a cardstock card of all "Baby Firsts" to record dates. My thoughts are that a busy new mom could use this journal to quickly jot down all those baby moments and have all those memories in one place. The journal will be packaged in cellophane with ribbon like a REALLY make it a gift.

Here is a picture of the inside...aren't those cards just adorable? My latest dilemma is what to price these at...I have absolutely no idea.

Thanks so much for looking!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I have been gone soo long!!

If you were wondering where I've been...well maybe you didn't even notice *grin*. I've been getting ready for a Craft Show! I've got to be the slowest person around...but here are somethings I've made...I hope to go into more detail at some point...and actually post some stuff on Etsy.

Here are some Jr. Legal journals I made...and on the far right is my brainstorm...I just can't wait to share!!! The Husband Helper!

Each Journal comes with a matching (but not beaded) pen, 2 cards and paper clips. I also started making some paper bracelets with all the scraps!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fab Collab Friendship Pack - Part two

The second card in the Friendship Fab Collab Pack was made by Mrs Dragon? What Dragon's you say...all I see are flowers. Well aside from this very unique and distinctive flower card she also makes hand illustrated dragons.
This card is very simple, a handcut and layered flower with a sewn button center. I love the stamped definition of Friendship under the flower...just wonderful. Below I have a close-up of the flower so you can see the beauty in slight imperfection!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fab Collab Friendyship Pack

EtsyGreetings is a dynamic group of handmade card makers...visit the blog for inspiration!! Each day a new greeting card maker is featured! So many styles and types to choose from.

As part of a promotion, we did a card swap and plan to offer this fabulous collaboration in our stores! A neat way of giving a shopper a very nice selection of styles.

This card made by Chromatica is a gorgeous 5X7 cream card covered with pink and green designer paper...and an amazing punched design in the center all backed by different color bits of paper to create the multi-color design. Friendship is handstamped in red. This card reminds my of the Pennsylvania Dutch style!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Possible Opportunity

This new company is launching Sept. 18th...which like Google AdSense will be giving members passive revenue. An added bonus for those of us that sell products, you can also submit really great DEALS on your product...and they will post it as a deal on their site.

So follow this link to sign-up!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm going on a Mission...

For anyone that has a preschool toddler they know the rest of this heart! For those of you who don' is the Little Einsteins theme song. My son is an absolute LE fan...and wanted that as his BD them this year...however, Disney hasn't really released any 'theme' items. So off I went searching and I came up with this card...isn't it awesome!!!

I have no idea what you call it...Pull-It Pop-up? Well, you pull the sides and the inside pops out of the is TOTALLY amazing! I mean I had to make a couple extra because once I showed it to my son...he NEEDED one...and I have two kids so she NEEDED one too. You know how that goes...when they are this age...that NEED is like the end of the world.

As for the actual stamping, I used VersaMark and the TAC Harlequin to make the subtle triangle background on the outside. The main sentiment "You're invited" is a G Company $1 stamp from Michaels...can you believe that.
I am starting to like the clear stamps now that I know how to use them. They take a much lighter hand and it REALLY helps to use a rubber eraser when they are new to take off the oily residue so that the ink sticks to them. The bicycle is TAC Birthday Blessings colored in with Watercolor pencils (didn't bother to blend). I basically used either Palette L'Amor Red or Prussian Blue distress and to stamp the sentiment.

I just can't tell you how much I LOVE the concept of this card...definitely a lot of wow factor for the time put in! I also think it makes the most wonderful invitations for the preschool set...if my kids (4 and 2) are an example, they spent a couple of hours playing with this card...well until my son took it apart to see how it worked (I'm pretty sure he is going to be an engineer).

Thanks so much for looking!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I dream of Stamping...

Okay it is official, I have lost my mind. I was relaxing going to bed, thinking about all the stamping projects I have to, so many. I am making my son's BD invites, my mom's retirement party invites, favors and centerpieces...and because I can't do enough...I decided to do my first craft show. So I am frantically learning/trying out new products as we speak. AND I actually had my first stamping dream! Do you DREAM about stamping? I was actually accomplishing all the above projects, boy was I disappointed when I woke up and they were still in various stages of NOT complete. The good news is that I worked though a couple of ideas and finally decided WHAT to put on the front of my son's invite. They are totally cool!

Now while I have been crafting like crazy, I haven't had the chance to take photos and what not to show everyone! I hope to have a whole bunch real soon...maybe even tonight!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Today is my Birthday!!!

Okay I REALLY love BDs...doesn't matter that I'm old now (or just feel that way ha, ha) but I don't care I still love BDs. My daughter has been singing me "Happy Birthday to mommy...for cake" because I told her she couldn't have any cake unless she sang Happy Birthday (she loves cake). Well she was a little put out at dinner when we didn't have cake (my husband always makes one, but we were out all day...tomorrow will be fine...she did not agree).

My son has a BD in September too...last year when my cake came all aflame and my sister put it down in front of me, his excited face fell and he said, "But that's my cake!"

So this morning he woke me up and said "Happy Birthday, mommy" then said he was sad. I asked him why...he responded..."Because it isn't my BD today...its yours". But then he layed in bed with me while my husband and Bella went down to make breakfast...because it is his Birthday Month he felt he should have a lie in as well.

Anyway, I'm working on his invites and they are adorable, but I would rather post the BRAK I was absolutely stunning.

Not sure of the Stamp Sets because they are SU! but it is a beautiful criss cross card by Theresa (SCS n2myscrap). She also has just started a blog, so you should definitely visit it!

That's it for now.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Okay I'm embarrassed...Poll Final Results

I had a prize and everything ready for the person who won! And it was me...hmm. Thank you to everyone that voted!!! I feel very grateful.

If anyone was on the pictures to find out who was offering each card! I'll save my prize for the next contest...or I could give it to the 2nd place winner. Comment and let me know...what should I do?

I can't wait to do a Holiday Challenge (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,'ll be really fun).

And this weekend I will be posting the absolutely adorable Little Einstein BD invitations...they are totally cool. My son is over the moon.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's begining to feel NOT like Christmas...

It is so hot here I don't feel like Christmas at all...but I do have to get moving. I officially signed up for my first Craft I'm in a steady state panic! I mean how DO people do this every weekend all summer long. I have about 8 weeks and I'm freaking out if I will be able to make enough stuff and what I should right now my head is going in all different directions...we'll see.

Well I just finished an order of my fall cards and I always include a handwritten note (although I always write the note on a sticky note inside the card so they can use it again!). But this was such a nice lady I would like to include a little something extra from what will be my Holiday Collection. Can't hurt to advertise a little bit.

So here is yet another mini 3X3 anyone sick of them? I am having a hard time stopping them....and I'm addicted to making the handmade envelopes....I mean they are just eating through my paper mountain...I am soo happy. All that not quite good enough paper just works perfectly with any envelope template...and I've even tweaked the envelope template to use 6X6 squares for 4X4 did I do all crafters out of necessity. I had an order for 15 cards...and only 4 sheets of the coordinating paper left.

The first card is made using my TAC Snowflakes and Winterflakes and Kaleidacolor Blue Breeze...I can't get over how cool this combo is...and it is two years later!

I stamped a piece of copy paper to make the coordinating envelope.

Here is a new little thing I'm trying an emblem on the back with red sticky tape to close the envelope.

The second card is very simple, white and navy cardstock with a silver embossed snowflake as the main image. I feel like there should be a caption but don't have a small enough Christmasy type stamp...other than "for you".

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pink Poodles

This year I am organizing my women's club annual holiday is a big deal and I'm a bit worried. Not only is it my first year, but being me I had to make a whole bunch of changes! I moved the auction to the evening so working people can come, want to offer credit cards and I really plan to make it "the" event of the year.

The theme of this year's auction is the 1950's now I have not lived in that era, but many of our members have so they are really getting into it! We collect donations from members and surrounding businesses to auction off (hmm, if you want to donate's tax deductible...and goes to support programs focusing on women and children).

So needless to say, I'm going to be tired...but my best work comes out when I'm tired so that works. Speaking of tired I offered an incentive prize for anyone who brought in donations on the first meeting...and of course I remembered around midnight the day before! That is where these cards came midnight inspiration!

I borrowed this Poodles Stamp Set isn't it just TOO cute...unfortunately it is retired. But I'm sure something else might be just as cute. Ever since that SCS challenge I can't seem to stop myself from making adorable 3X3 cards....and with stampwithgwen's envelope template I really have a problem now. So I started with white cardstock, and now this is interesting...the middle part is 2.5" + two lines...I can never remember the other it is a bit larger than 2.5" square and it really looks nicer with the white border. I cuttle'd the pink with Divine Swirls, wrapped black gingham ribbon around it then used my Mega Scallop Square to punch out my poodle! Punch out my Poodle...sounds bad but it is exactly what I did (no poodles were hurt in the making of this card). I watercolored the little ribbon pink, and stamped "thank you" from the TAC All Occasion set...I use those phrases more than any other stamp set (well I use Tag Tidbits alot as well). Simple, and pretty darn cool.

I also made handmade envelopes out of the black piece of paper from the TAC Uptown Girl collection (never knew what to do with that piece...perfect for this use). The ladies LOVED them.

Now I also made a 2-5-7-10 box, it was adorable...but being bleary eyed I forgot to take a picture of it...but if you were imagining was pink, and I stamped the poodle in black around the bottom...and made a square tag with the poodle (ala card) and tied the bow with black gingham ribbon! Totally cute...and so easy...oh yeah and I filled with Hershey kisses.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Contest!! Pick your favorite card!

Here are the entries for the contest...the poll is in the right hand margin. Please ends September 7th! I'll announce the winner on September BD!!

Patterned Leaves

Falling Leaves

Thankful Poodle

Fall Birds

The next three cards are all one entry!
Vintage Fall