Thursday, August 30, 2007

Contest!! Pick your favorite card!

Here are the entries for the contest...the poll is in the right hand margin. Please ends September 7th! I'll announce the winner on September BD!!

Patterned Leaves

Falling Leaves

Thankful Poodle

Fall Birds

The next three cards are all one entry!
Vintage Fall

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Snowflake 2-5-7-10 box

I would like to share with you a quick and easy box that can fit quite a few little trinkets! The instructions were posted on SCS by Jenn Balcer I'll copy them here and provide a link. Then give you a few tips of my own in pink of course !

Position cardstock lengthwise. Using scoring blade on paper trimmer, score cardstock at 2", 5", 7", and 10".

Turn cardstock, and score at 2" and 7".

Stamp scored cardstock as desired. I did this before scoring because I hate it when I can see the seam!!! Although if you are trying to center a pattern for effect...stamp afterwards.

Hold cardstock horizontally with the 2" section at the top.Use scissors to cut off all but one 2" tall section from the top of the cardstock as shown. This will be the flap closure for the box. Cut the narrow piece at an angle to create tab for adhesive. Make vertical cuts at the bottom to create 1 1/2" tall flaps, and cut off the narrow piece. This will be the bottom of the box.

Use scalloped scissors for a faster decorative edge. I didn't have Scallop Scissors so I used the ones I had...not sure their exact name.

Use a bone folder or other straight edge to sharply crease all scored lines to shape box.Apply Sticky Strip close to side tab's score line.Remove red liner, and carefully construct box. I used YES glue, it take a bit to dry, but then is pretty darn indestructible. I use my bone folder to get inside the box and rub down the glued edges to get a really tight seal...then clip with clothespins until the glue sets.

Fold small flaps toward center of box, and large flaps over small flaps.Apply Sticky Strip to outside edge of large flap under what will be the box front.Remove red liner, and apply pressure to finish bottom of box.

Line up front of box with back of box at top and pinch together. Release. Punch two holes in flap with 1/8" handheld punch.

Pull flap down to close box, and use a pen to mark where holes were punched.Use 1/8" handheld punch to punch holes at markings. I used my vertical slot punch because I wanted to thread my ribbon through and not tie a bow.

Thread ribbon through holes on box. Center ribbon.

Stamp scrap cardstock (here, the largest layer is 2 3/4" square), embellish, and adhere to box front with Stampin' Dimensionals.Enjoy filling and giving!

For this specific box...

Stamps: TAC Snowflakes, TAC Winterflakes LEPaper: white cardstock, TAC NavyInk: Kaleidacolor Blue BreezeAccessories: Ribbon

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Made the Etsy Front Page!!!

I can't believe it my Falling Leaves Card Set made the Etsy FrontPage!!!

Yup those little red cards in the upper left corner are MINE!! And this beautiful treasury was selected by Miscelena an Etsy newbie...not bad for her first month on Etsy!

So proud. And shmizz bought them (thanks so much!!!) doesn't matter how many things I sell, I am so excited when I make a sale and happy that someone liked my creations!

And thank you PlayingWithPaper for sending me a screen shot! You should check out her has wonderful Amy Butler creations! Shmizz carries wonderful blank paperbag albums...predrilled and sewn!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Falling Leaves Cards

I love the fall it is probably my favorite season after spring...I could never live anywhere without fall foliage and defined seasons. When I moved away from up north...I was so happy that I was near the Shenandoah Valley in that I wouldn't miss my wonderful Fall Foliage.

Here is my tribute to the Fall a beautiful set of 3X3s and handmade envelopes. This TAC stamp set was my first MUST HAVE set...Charcoal Leaves. I bought it when I was a newbie stamper...~2 years ago. I've used it frequently since then...and to make a newbie stamper look amazing pair it with the Kaleidacolor Cappuchinio Delight stamp pad (I've even used it as underwater foliage paired with Kaleidacolor Caribbean Sea). As I revisit this stamp set each year I benchmark my progress and the increased sophistication of my projects. When I first started I was thrilled if I could get the stamp straight! Now I am seriously drawn to anything with texture (hence my current obsession with cuttlebug embossing folders) or 3-D party favor/gift type things.

So to the cards....I used the Charcoal Leaves stamp set and that Kaleidacolor Cappuchino Delight onto Cream Colored Cardstock...punched it out with my Mega Scallop Square punch. Then I use my textile CB embossing folder...on Claret Cardstock. Finally I made an envelope using my DCWV Fall Stack...Yay I'm finally using paper IN the season I bought it...phew how far I've come :-). It is a really nice stack...I don't scrapbook much and using up all the paper can sometime be a challenge, but now I know how to make the envelopes I can see myself easily using it!

Also wanted to mention this is going to be my entry into the Fall Card Challenge! Entries close August 30th...and I will post a poll to determine the winner.

Happy Crafting!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Fair Awards...I more ways than one

I finally have had it out with my camera and it has relinquished my pictures!!! Now the scanner is giving me trouble...bright shocking green comes out pastel and cream cardstock a weird sort of gray...but that is neither here nor there. Here are the results from my fair first ever.

I picked up my items from the fairgounds!
Blue Flower Card...1st place in the Rubber Stamped Card division
Blue Snowflake Box...2nd place in Rubber Stamped 3D (okay the item that won this...and Grand Champ of the division...was a multi-layered stamped and embossed poinsettia...four of them mounted on a board to represent the I was very proud of my 2nd).
Black flower Card...5th place in Cards non-rubber stamped. I was surprised by this...several people gasped when they saw it while I was waiting on-line...but then again this particular category was packed with entries. Perhaps because it was ATC size it had less impact.
Magnolia Paper Jewelry...5th place...again a packed category and while my jewelry is fun and trendy it really can't compete with fine jewelry and metalwork! So I was happy to place in the ribbons at all.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fall Card Challenge

UPDATE: Deadline is August 30th to submit entries and I will post a survey then to vote for your favorite card. Good luck and happy crafting.

I am a member of a wonderful Street Team over at Etsy...the EtsyGreetings group. They are very dynamic and the only requirement for membership is that you sell greeting cards on Etsy. We are positioning ourselves to be THE place to go if you need a card for an occasion or need special invites custom made.
Anyway, we've wanted to start our own Challenges to keep those creative juices here is mine. Fall Card Trio anyone can participate!! Leave a comment with a link to your entries!

Make 3 cards that represent Fall to you...Halloween, Pumpkin Picking, College Football, Thanksgiving...what else can you come up with! Post a comment with a link to your challenge entry!

Here are a few 3X3's I've been playing around with....using the TAC For All Seasons...I stamped a main image all over the Vanilla Cardstock with Palette Burnt Umber then stamped the main image and watercolored. I mounted the main image on a punched Mega Scallop Square of Heritage Red Cardstock...the sentiment is from PaperTrey Ribbon Sentiments.

Good luck and happy crafting!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bloomin' Babies!!!

I saw this card posted today on SCS by kimr and I just had to try it...well CASE it blatantly. This has got to be the CUTEST little card ever. The only decision I still need to make is whether I put a little sentiment inside or not.

Details, details...I used my Cuttlebug Bloom Dots again, which to me just SCREAMS Babies and Easter...can't wait to do one with a little bunny on the bib. I used my Super Jumbo Scallop Circle that I just got in the mail from them, they have all the scallop punches AND offer free shipping on them...what more could you want! I stamped this little flower from the TAC For All Seasons Set, a truly must have set...and very versatile. I've used it all week and haven't gotten a card that even looks similar! It has a little stamp (which all perfectly fit inside a 1" circle) for pretty much any occasion all year, even the start of school (an apple). So after I stamped my flower and watercolored it, I punched the bib then used my circle punch to make the neckline...finally I embellished with a little pink bow. And most importantly here is a link to the template!!!

The lace peeking out of the sleeves is just white cardstock scraps punched with the scallop punch again. The onesie snaps are made using MM pastel green mini brads. What else can be said about this card...other than it is freakin' adorable!!! The inside I just traced the pattern onto white cardstock again and cut inside the lines.

Hope you enjoyed this!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm stuck in Valentine mode...

I'm supposed to be working on some Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving Fall, but I'm not willing to give up on summer yet. I've also been in an incredibly mushy I'm still making my husband little cards. This latest card was inspired by my husband being really great this week. I got a MAJOR sinus migraine and was flat on the couch...the cleaning lady was coming. She hasn't been here in like 4-5 weeks, which means I don't exactly have the house up to "her standards"...sad but true...I clean for my cleaning lady. And boy does she make my house look great! husband did everything, including a load of sheets...and picked up everything that needed sorting and gave it to me on the couch...where I sorted.

So this card was inspired by him...well and the fact that I wanted to try out a bunch of 3X3 cards...using the TAC For All Seasons set. Well then my friend Gwen at StampwithGwen uploaded this super simple template on how to make 3X3 envelopes. So LOTS of inspiration here!

Using Gwen's template, I fashioned the envelope in about 5 seconds flat. Gwen is amazing in that she can take complicated things...and make them soo, soo simple. She has just started blogging and let me tell you her blog is definitely worth a peruse...her stuff is REALLy good. So the envelope...all you need to do is cut a 3 1/4" cardstock square place it in the center of the 5" square paper...score, cut notches and viola! 3x3 envelope!!! I used a sheet of my DCWV Spring is fall and I'm finally starting to use my Spring stack...I have some serious paper issues.

Now for the card...I used Heritage red paper and my Textile Cuttlebug Embossing folder to make it more interesting (hey I was playing)...I just love the embossing...makes any paper look good. I punched a scallop square and stamped with Palette Noir the heart image. I used the "love" sentiment from the Be Authentic LE version...this smaller version is AWESOME! I am so glad I was lucky enough to get one (Gwen got it for me). I used the larger version all the I know this one will be on the top of the heap as well.

Anyway, thanks for reading and happy crafting!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Big Apology

I am soo camera had a little breakdown and the pictures I took of the final product all assembled were terrible. And it is on its way to Italy to be a gift...sigh. I do plan to make a couple more of these...they are addictive so at some point I WILL have a picture of the actual 'Star' part...but on a positive note...I entered a few of my things in the county fair. I know County Fair...sounds kind of hokey...but I have been volunteering at this fair for over 12 years...mostly in the 4-H Horse Department...I run the horse show and pre-kids, did Performance Levels (tests) and whatever else needed doing. Now I've relaxed into a nice middle...I organize the Horse Show entries, record the results on the day and grade their written tests...yes we have the only Horse Show that has a written exam...ha, ha.

As for the rest of the fair I have ALWAYS wanted to enter something...but I would plan too late, completely forget to go down there on the entry days (some days I've even been there...but forgot my stuff). So this year I was absolutely determined!!! My son was at my parents for the week "on vacation"...see dear Sweet Bella Rose is now two and a holy terror. He needs to get away...sometimes I wish I could go with him. Ha, Ha, Ha. Anyway Bella and I headed down and stood on line, filled out the paperwork and waved the entries least until Sunday when I could go check and see what I won!!

...and I won a 1st and 2nd place!!! I also won two 5ths in very crowded being competitive I was a little disappointed, but in reality I did very well considering the competition and that it was my FIRST time.

So which do you think was 1st...2nd?

Magnolia Jewelry
Monochromatic Blue Flower Card

Black and White Flowers Card

2-5-7-10 Christmas Box

Details about this project coming up!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wedding Scrapbook - Part 2

Okay here is the second part of the wedding scrapbook...and this page is my favorite! The left is that shiny silver paper, tied with a shiny silver ribbon. The wedding cake is from the TAC set Wedding Wishes and is embossed in silver. The corners were punched using the Fiskars Hearts corner punch. The right side uses that gorgeous handmade paper again with silver embossed dots. I tore the edge for something a bit different and matched the embossed look by embossing the script "love" from the TAC set Be Authentic in silver. I am really proud of how this page came out!

These next two pages are a simpler design in black and white. I wanted to have a more masculine looking page to put a picture of the groomsmen. The sadly retired TAC Harlequin stamps always screams masculine to me. I used Brilliance Moonlight White stamped on black cardstock. The punched flower, doubled up reminds me of a corsage and has a silver brad securing it to the page. On the left hand side I balanced out the top with some punched flowers in black and white with silver brads as the center. The white flower is mounted on a small black cardstock circle.

Finally this last page I HAD to use my cuttlebug folder I used the Cuttle bug hearts then highlighted them with Brilliance Starlight Silver to make the embossed hearts pop! I used the Super Jumbo (blue) Heart punch and gray paper for the center. A nice heartfelt a GREAT project. I think making something with a particular person in mind always brings out the best ideas for me.

Now I know I promised to get you a picture of the whole thing assembled...and I do promise to post it tomorrow. I took a picture but didn't have a chance to get it off of my camera! So until will really be worth the wait!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wedding Scrapbook

I know it has been a long time since I have posted. But I have the most amazing mini scrapbook to share. I was over my friend Gwen's House for her Open House...and was rummaging through all the items she brought back from the TAC Conference. And I found the cutest little star scrapbook. She was kind enough to let me borrow it for inspiration and I needed a thoughtful gift for a cousin that is getting married in Italy. Initially I thought to send a pack of Thank You Cards...but everyone said not to (I like thank you cards)...but then again I don't have a "Grazie" stamp...not that she doesn't read every other Italian I know (hee, hee). But when I saw this mini-scrapbook I knew this would be the perfect isn't very hard to make but has a grand visual impact!

Anyway, I hate to say my photography doesn't do justice to this little book, it just so much better IRL. I finally pulled out the stops and used my handmade paper, several cuttlebug folders and even a couple Sizzix die cuts! So strap yourself in and prepared to be amazed. Okay maybe not amazed...but if you knew me, and knew how rare it is for me to should be BLOWN away!

Here is the cover of the square book...I used the swirls cuttlebug and shiny grey paper to create the background (see I told you my pictures stink!!). I corrugated a white piece of cardstock and put the die cut bookplate at the bottom. I'm hoping it will hold a great picture of the couple and the date of the wedding.

The second and third pages are simple...but the paper is just gorgeous...this is handmade paper almost translucent (and no I didn't make it) with a gorgeous metallic silver thread running all through it!

The fourth and fifth pages are also grey monochromatic. I have no idea what the actual wedding colors are going to be so I'm sort of copying the wedding invite style. I cuttlebugged this piece with the Textile folder and tore a little more handmade paper (this one has little embossed silver dots covering it). In the corner is another die cut bookplate with a very shimmery silver ribbon threaded through and knotted on each end. I adhered the bookplate with pop dots because of the bulk of the ribbon behind it.

The fifth and sixth pages, I complete changed color scheme...just to give the book some pop. And well Bella Rose is my I had to include some roses somewhere. I really like this red roses paper from DCWV Stack 3. I stamped a zig zag stitch around the paper in Palette Noir...IRL it looks quite good. First time trying the faux stitching so I was pleased. the three flowers were punched with the CM Friendship punch...and attached with silver brads (I got these at the Target $ Spot for $0.25 for 25...and they are heavy and much nicer than the MM ones...I bought up every pack they had!). The photo mount was made by Offray Ribbon Factory...local here. I've had it for forever and it worked perfectly.

Tomorrow I will share the rest of the pages and a picture of the completed book...the display is what makes this book so great! It is coffee book material.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Babies, Babies, Babies!!!

Well I've been DYING to share this card with everyone...I am really proud of it. As always, my best work comes out when I make a card with someone in mind. This card is for my very good friend, that was having twins...but they found out it is actually only one...a really, really strong one! So great news for her and her family. I'm telling you...makes me want another one.

But onto the is a compilation of a few designs...Beate's card on SCS a few weeks ago and my friend Gwen's Anniversary Card from a stamp camp many moons ago...well at least the diagonal concept! I really heart my cuttlebug and got this embossing folder Bloom Dots...which reminds me of Easter and all things Spring. The embossed panels were accented with Brilliance Moonlight White and cut on an angle.

This Baby set Special Delivery ($11.95 for 10 images) from TAC is adorable...every image is cute! I watercolored the babies using a Dove Blender and my AquaColor Crayons (I have the 48 ct. set...otherwise you don't have enough colors...and with TAC you can get it 1/2 price with $100 purchase...and no I don't sell TAC, I just REALLY love the company and affordability of the stamps). Watercoloring is still a challenge for me...but I'm getting better at it. Leaving white space is the key! I used the Creative Memories Circle Maker (which exactly fits the images)...stamp and color then flip and punch.

I used the slot punch to make holes for the ribbon and taped the back to stabilize things before gluing down.

White Cardstock
Special Delivery Stamp Set
Palette Noir
AquaColor Crayons
Dove Blender
Cuttlebug Blooms and Dots A2 Embossing Folder