Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fab Collab Friendship Pack - Part two

The second card in the Friendship Fab Collab Pack was made by Mrs Dragon? What Dragon's you say...all I see are flowers. Well aside from this very unique and distinctive flower card she also makes hand illustrated dragons.
This card is very simple, a handcut and layered flower with a sewn button center. I love the stamped definition of Friendship under the flower...just wonderful. Below I have a close-up of the flower so you can see the beauty in slight imperfection!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fab Collab Friendyship Pack

EtsyGreetings is a dynamic group of handmade card makers...visit the blog for inspiration!! Each day a new greeting card maker is featured! So many styles and types to choose from.

As part of a promotion, we did a card swap and plan to offer this fabulous collaboration in our stores! A neat way of giving a shopper a very nice selection of styles.

This card made by Chromatica is a gorgeous 5X7 cream card covered with pink and green designer paper...and an amazing punched design in the center all backed by different color bits of paper to create the multi-color design. Friendship is handstamped in red. This card reminds my of the Pennsylvania Dutch style!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Possible Opportunity

This new company is launching Sept. 18th...which like Google AdSense will be giving members passive revenue. An added bonus for those of us that sell products, you can also submit really great DEALS on your product...and they will post it as a deal on their site.

So follow this link to sign-up!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm going on a Mission...

For anyone that has a preschool toddler they know the rest of this heart! For those of you who don' is the Little Einsteins theme song. My son is an absolute LE fan...and wanted that as his BD them this year...however, Disney hasn't really released any 'theme' items. So off I went searching and I came up with this card...isn't it awesome!!!

I have no idea what you call it...Pull-It Pop-up? Well, you pull the sides and the inside pops out of the is TOTALLY amazing! I mean I had to make a couple extra because once I showed it to my son...he NEEDED one...and I have two kids so she NEEDED one too. You know how that goes...when they are this age...that NEED is like the end of the world.

As for the actual stamping, I used VersaMark and the TAC Harlequin to make the subtle triangle background on the outside. The main sentiment "You're invited" is a G Company $1 stamp from Michaels...can you believe that.
I am starting to like the clear stamps now that I know how to use them. They take a much lighter hand and it REALLY helps to use a rubber eraser when they are new to take off the oily residue so that the ink sticks to them. The bicycle is TAC Birthday Blessings colored in with Watercolor pencils (didn't bother to blend). I basically used either Palette L'Amor Red or Prussian Blue distress and to stamp the sentiment.

I just can't tell you how much I LOVE the concept of this card...definitely a lot of wow factor for the time put in! I also think it makes the most wonderful invitations for the preschool set...if my kids (4 and 2) are an example, they spent a couple of hours playing with this card...well until my son took it apart to see how it worked (I'm pretty sure he is going to be an engineer).

Thanks so much for looking!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I dream of Stamping...

Okay it is official, I have lost my mind. I was relaxing going to bed, thinking about all the stamping projects I have to, so many. I am making my son's BD invites, my mom's retirement party invites, favors and centerpieces...and because I can't do enough...I decided to do my first craft show. So I am frantically learning/trying out new products as we speak. AND I actually had my first stamping dream! Do you DREAM about stamping? I was actually accomplishing all the above projects, boy was I disappointed when I woke up and they were still in various stages of NOT complete. The good news is that I worked though a couple of ideas and finally decided WHAT to put on the front of my son's invite. They are totally cool!

Now while I have been crafting like crazy, I haven't had the chance to take photos and what not to show everyone! I hope to have a whole bunch real soon...maybe even tonight!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Today is my Birthday!!!

Okay I REALLY love BDs...doesn't matter that I'm old now (or just feel that way ha, ha) but I don't care I still love BDs. My daughter has been singing me "Happy Birthday to mommy...for cake" because I told her she couldn't have any cake unless she sang Happy Birthday (she loves cake). Well she was a little put out at dinner when we didn't have cake (my husband always makes one, but we were out all day...tomorrow will be fine...she did not agree).

My son has a BD in September too...last year when my cake came all aflame and my sister put it down in front of me, his excited face fell and he said, "But that's my cake!"

So this morning he woke me up and said "Happy Birthday, mommy" then said he was sad. I asked him why...he responded..."Because it isn't my BD today...its yours". But then he layed in bed with me while my husband and Bella went down to make breakfast...because it is his Birthday Month he felt he should have a lie in as well.

Anyway, I'm working on his invites and they are adorable, but I would rather post the BRAK I was absolutely stunning.

Not sure of the Stamp Sets because they are SU! but it is a beautiful criss cross card by Theresa (SCS n2myscrap). She also has just started a blog, so you should definitely visit it!

That's it for now.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Okay I'm embarrassed...Poll Final Results

I had a prize and everything ready for the person who won! And it was me...hmm. Thank you to everyone that voted!!! I feel very grateful.

If anyone was on the pictures to find out who was offering each card! I'll save my prize for the next contest...or I could give it to the 2nd place winner. Comment and let me know...what should I do?

I can't wait to do a Holiday Challenge (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,'ll be really fun).

And this weekend I will be posting the absolutely adorable Little Einstein BD invitations...they are totally cool. My son is over the moon.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's begining to feel NOT like Christmas...

It is so hot here I don't feel like Christmas at all...but I do have to get moving. I officially signed up for my first Craft I'm in a steady state panic! I mean how DO people do this every weekend all summer long. I have about 8 weeks and I'm freaking out if I will be able to make enough stuff and what I should right now my head is going in all different directions...we'll see.

Well I just finished an order of my fall cards and I always include a handwritten note (although I always write the note on a sticky note inside the card so they can use it again!). But this was such a nice lady I would like to include a little something extra from what will be my Holiday Collection. Can't hurt to advertise a little bit.

So here is yet another mini 3X3 anyone sick of them? I am having a hard time stopping them....and I'm addicted to making the handmade envelopes....I mean they are just eating through my paper mountain...I am soo happy. All that not quite good enough paper just works perfectly with any envelope template...and I've even tweaked the envelope template to use 6X6 squares for 4X4 did I do all crafters out of necessity. I had an order for 15 cards...and only 4 sheets of the coordinating paper left.

The first card is made using my TAC Snowflakes and Winterflakes and Kaleidacolor Blue Breeze...I can't get over how cool this combo is...and it is two years later!

I stamped a piece of copy paper to make the coordinating envelope.

Here is a new little thing I'm trying an emblem on the back with red sticky tape to close the envelope.

The second card is very simple, white and navy cardstock with a silver embossed snowflake as the main image. I feel like there should be a caption but don't have a small enough Christmasy type stamp...other than "for you".

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pink Poodles

This year I am organizing my women's club annual holiday is a big deal and I'm a bit worried. Not only is it my first year, but being me I had to make a whole bunch of changes! I moved the auction to the evening so working people can come, want to offer credit cards and I really plan to make it "the" event of the year.

The theme of this year's auction is the 1950's now I have not lived in that era, but many of our members have so they are really getting into it! We collect donations from members and surrounding businesses to auction off (hmm, if you want to donate's tax deductible...and goes to support programs focusing on women and children).

So needless to say, I'm going to be tired...but my best work comes out when I'm tired so that works. Speaking of tired I offered an incentive prize for anyone who brought in donations on the first meeting...and of course I remembered around midnight the day before! That is where these cards came midnight inspiration!

I borrowed this Poodles Stamp Set isn't it just TOO cute...unfortunately it is retired. But I'm sure something else might be just as cute. Ever since that SCS challenge I can't seem to stop myself from making adorable 3X3 cards....and with stampwithgwen's envelope template I really have a problem now. So I started with white cardstock, and now this is interesting...the middle part is 2.5" + two lines...I can never remember the other it is a bit larger than 2.5" square and it really looks nicer with the white border. I cuttle'd the pink with Divine Swirls, wrapped black gingham ribbon around it then used my Mega Scallop Square to punch out my poodle! Punch out my Poodle...sounds bad but it is exactly what I did (no poodles were hurt in the making of this card). I watercolored the little ribbon pink, and stamped "thank you" from the TAC All Occasion set...I use those phrases more than any other stamp set (well I use Tag Tidbits alot as well). Simple, and pretty darn cool.

I also made handmade envelopes out of the black piece of paper from the TAC Uptown Girl collection (never knew what to do with that piece...perfect for this use). The ladies LOVED them.

Now I also made a 2-5-7-10 box, it was adorable...but being bleary eyed I forgot to take a picture of it...but if you were imagining was pink, and I stamped the poodle in black around the bottom...and made a square tag with the poodle (ala card) and tied the bow with black gingham ribbon! Totally cute...and so easy...oh yeah and I filled with Hershey kisses.