Friday, May 29, 2009

Congratulations to a Big Smartie!

This has got to be the cutest...and simplest little favor to make. No stamping in this one...just candy, computer and matching Chinese box...LOL.

So let's see...layout 'Congratulations' in Word (to make things simple I just used the Mailing Labels 1' X 4" format then printed on Computer Paper...I had to do a little creative cutting to get them to line up. Then I literally taped them on the seam...whipped out 18 of these in seconds (okay well not seconds but compared to that 'cover the pre-made box fiasco' the same night it SEEMED like seconds).

Then I simply took 1/4" red satin ribbon and tied it to the ends...Viola...done! Now if my DH had tied the ribbons instead of tempting me with the Terminator these would've been done in 1/2 a second (if you are scratching your head, see Box Fiasco link)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When you want to send flowers...

...but can't see the point in spending a minimum of $50! The following card looks so complicated but isn't at all! I apologize for the awful pictures...I haven't quite gotten my 'photo area' re-set up after the last quicky clean-up for a party. See I do most of my crafting on the dining room table...and when holidays come around (way too often) I have to quick clean off the table so we can actually use know for EATING!

Anyway, I procrastinated again...I know shock! So I was up until 4AM the day before my son's PreSchool graduation (when did 'graduations' from EVERYTHING become the norm). I had the 'gifts' for many, many months and just had to make a card...and I had this Flower Pot card in mind. I knew it would be perfect.

Now you may be way I'm NOT making that card...but really it wasn't the card. The cards came together quickly...very was covering the boxes and DH distracting me. Not 'that' distracting...really we've been married 6 years and have two he put on "The Terminator" my favorite movie! If I had all the pieces prepped and ready it would've been perfect craft assembly material...however I I had nothing. Which meant I sat like a lummox watching a movie I've seen 100 times and then FINALLY started crafting around midnight...isn't that how it always works?

So back to the cards...I found the tutorial here (thank you Stephanie). But being 'thrifty' aka cheap, I didn't want to cut into 12X12 cardstock for a mere 1/2 I cut my cards using 8.5 X 11 cardstock...and got three per sheet...YAY! Just in case you want to do the are the scoring measurements I used.

Cut cardstock 3-1/2″ x 8 1/2″. Score in landscape position at 3 1/2″ and 7". Which leaves 1 1/2" left...which is the foldover...a little shorter but just fine!

Now the first thing you may ask "Is where DID she get that COOL cardstock!", I mean is it marbled, stamped that way...well I may be that good (I am)...but nope it is designer know you buy that stack (shut up we all have) and have all that leftover UGLY paper...well this is the 'ugly' paper...looks like terra cotta doesn't it! Remember my cheap comment well I use plain white cardstock and then cover with this case DCWV STack 3 (yea I STILL have some of that). I cut a 3.5" square piece and a 1.5" X 3.5" strip.

I was very tired so while I think if I make these again...I would add some 'fun' on the front...these were perfect for a 1AM effort! I also per Dawn Griffith (follow this link for a GREAT video), closed them with glue instead of ribbon...but note I ONLY glued the top bit and left the bottom unglued to make it easier to get the card in and out...this way you can be 'less' than perfect with glue and not have a wonderful pot with no way to get those flowers in!!

I used the Sizzix Flowers Layers #3 to make the flowers...they are one layer (really I would do more layers next time...) with a Sizzix Sizlets Button center. Best part, I used up some scraps to make these...awesome! I would love to try a 5 layer flower set! Inside of the card I wrote (didn't have time to layout on printer...remember 2AM now!!!)..."Thanks for helping me Grow!" and made DS and DD write their name. So all in took me about 1.5 hours to make 6.

So why was I up until 4AM...well....
Take a look at these deceptively simple 'altered' boxes...OMG they were a complete time sink! I swear it would've taken LESS time to make the stinkin' boxes and re-package the pre-bought jewelry...sigh.

But I liked that final outcome. And I am finally getting smart...I packaged the cards in a Clear Envelope from I got oohs and ahhs...from the other mothers AND the teachers! Hey I need that kind of recognition...afterall I was so mentally deficient I lost my keys in the church and drank my coffee (that DH went and got for me...Luv U honey) without sugar...I was half done before I noticed!

  • Cardstock: White (Walmart); DCWV Spring Stack and Stack III;
  • Tools: Fiskars Threading Water; Sizzix Flower Layers #3 and Sizzlits Buttons Round
Don't stop are some really cool alterations I REALLY liked...because NO ONE should ever throw THIS card away!

Flower Pot Album from SCS JeanFB
Flower Pot with Stand from SCS kraftyaunt or mtgchic

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alert: Really Bad Pictures Ahead...

I thought I would share some things I've made...I know it has been awhile but whatever. The pictures will be terrible 1. Because by the time I finished the items it was VERY late and no natural light was available! 2. My camera is in a funk...I can't decide if it is because my DS 'borrows' it occasionally and sets one of the functions on it improperly or what. I mean sorting that out would require reading the 1 inch thick manual....never gonna happen...LOL.

These are simple little favors for DD Preschool class for her BD...which is in JUNE!!! Boy was that fun to explain..."no we are having a BD party in Early May for your BD in it isn't your BD yet, no REALLY it isn't your BD yet". But then I couldn't resist..."so if it was your BD what theme would you like"..."well if you couldn't pick princesses" "Because the princesses are on vacation at Disney during the they can't come to your party this year, they came last year..." And so it goes.

Oh yeah about the little favor! It was SERIOUSLY simple...I was going to cover the actual candy ala nugget style but one kid has a nut allergy so I wanted to make sure he didn't get the 'nut' candy...and because at 11PM at night well I realized the ONE pack of candy I bought did JUST the amount I much for pre-planning...and no worries no children were hurt in the making or distribution of this candy favor. Thank goodness for PreSchool Teachers that rock...wait until you see the gifts I gave them! They deserve them...and then some!