Friday, April 27, 2007

I am just soo proud!

I am just so proud of this big tag (or bookmark). It started out as a toddler project to keep my 3 year old son busy and occupied on this rainy day. See while my blog and Etsy shop is named after Bella Rose, my son is the serious crafter! He loves the fabric store and is a fellow punch addict...he punched all the items you see on this tag. He even rounded the corners.

The tag is 2 3/4" X 5.5" and has a beautiful "Mommy, I love you" poem printed in Pink. I tore the edges to give the tag a whole nostalgic, distressed feel. The pink base is The Paper Company Girl Color Pink cardstock and is distressed with Pallette Burnt Umber ink around the edges.

The flower pot was stamped with the TAC Squiggle Flowers flower pot and Palette Burnt Umber Ink, while the stems were made with the TAC LE Version Long Stem Flowers stem (masked the flower and flower pot) and Palette Jardin Moss. The flowers were punched with the Creative Memories (CM) Friendship punch then distressed with the Pallette Burnt Umber ink. The little striped butterfly was punched from the DCWV Stack 3 with the new 4in1 punch from CM and popped up to add a little 3-D. The second larger butterfly is black cardstock and a random punch I got in set from Costco. The tag is finished off with green and pink fiber Paton Cha Cha Yarn Salsa and Jazz.

The Enclosure card (does not open) is 2 3/4" X 2 3/4" square with rounded edges and one single punched flower in stamped pot. It has a bright 3-D pink butterfly perched on the pot side. Happy Mother's Day from the TAC Trendy Greetings is hand stamped in brown script.

Then I decorated an A2 envelope with a butterfly stenciled in sparkly chalk on the corner...again my son got very into this as all he had to do was "color imbetween the lines" (ie. rub the chalk). It was a really cool way to use a brass embossing template! I just saw it done on Scrapbook Memories today. Ha, like I scrapbook...but they have some awesome ideas!

Fraternal Twin Friday

Emery Pincushion by Dottyral and my Black and White Thank You Clippy.

These pincushions were on ETSY's Top 100 Items list. They are filled with a mineral called "emery". Emery resembles fine metal shavings. It is used as an abrasive in industrial applications and its purpose is to sharpen your pins and needles.

My clippies is a 3-D punched flower (black and white) mounted on 1" thin chipboard circles and the back is stamped with "Thank You"...because I think you should look good from both ways!

It includes a mini card (~2.5 X 3.5") cased in a little clear cellophane envelope for the perfect presentation. The card says "thank you".

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Apparently I have an addiction to 3-D items...although I did a little stamping on these. And I have finally matched Dani (stamping etc...) perhaps enough to sort of match her little cards to present the clippy. I cheated though and used pre-made Cello envelopes rather than making my own out of acetate (sorry).

The clippies are made out of Jumbo Paperclips (silver kind) and punched 1" circles of whatever scrap cereal box type stuff I have. I glue two light chipboard weight circles to each paperclip (front and back), using silicone adhesive. I clip with clothespins and let cure for 24 hours. I glued some aluminum foil (scraps from sharpening my punch)...onto a white cardstock circle. I then layered two flower punches the same size and a smaller center punch and used a brad to attach it to the shiny metal circle, then glued the whole thing onto the paperclip front. I used Yes is usually my adhesive of choice.

I made the card out of white cardstock to fit inside my little cello envelope. The front I punched out with my Creative Memories circle punch and the back I punched with the Stampin' Up Word Window I could clip the 'clippy' to the card.

The caption is from TAC Static Words and stamped in Palette Reflection Blue and L'Amour Red.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fraternal Twin Friday...Late!!!

This week's (very late) promo includes a beautiful Patriotic Bracelet by crafterstudio and my new Patriotic Little Clippys.

I made these for the gymnastics teachers at my son's (and daughter's) gym. The "team" colors are Red, White and Blue. The teachers there are just wonderful...they really made a huge effort with my incredibly shy son. They were very positive and constantly encouraged him in his first "Big Boy" aka w/o Mommy class. He now looks forward to going there every week. I am so proud of him. I am also very proud of my little peanut that despite her small size, is raring to go each week...and is a pretty darn good gymnast. Her teacher is always, "don't worry she might not be able to do that...did she just do that?". So they are having quite the time with little Miss Bella.

Okay it has been a crazy week...I've been trying to do too many things. I can't wait to show you one of them...promos for an upcoming Sheep and Wool Festival I will be attending. More about that later I promise!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Clippy in a Card!

Gosh I'm bad. I sort of hinted at this several days ago...then completely forgot! Typical. Anyway, I like the idea of the Clippy, big and small...but well packaging it as a gift is sort of challenging. So I made a card for it to go into. Again I am channeling Dani over at Stamping, Etc...but was too lazy to figure out the dimension for the small one so just made a standard A2 card.

This card is simple, simple, simple. A piece of White cs, Giga Square Punch on the front and the Stampin' up Word Window punch on the back (this is what holds the Paperclip). The caption is from TAC Static Words and stamped in Palette Reflection Blue .

Monday, April 16, 2007

My First Clippy!

These seem to be all the rage over at SCS. I finally tracked down most of the ingredients to make them...boy are they fun! I swear die hard stampers would probably stamp their kids if they weren't moving.

So let's see...I used my Sizzix die cut Bookplates (because I have a very limited selection). Note there is a hole in the middle so I punched a paper circle slightly larger using my CM circle punch to adhere on the middle front and back. Most people use chipboard, but as usual I don't have that so I used cereal box cardboard. It worked perfectly!!! I think it was actually a better weight for the project. I used the DCWV Stack 3 paper and believe it or not construction paper from Costco. The teal in that stack is stunning! Just for fun, I CuttleBugged the middle circle with Divine Swirls of the Teal side. On the striped side I added a small flower punch of the same paper. I used a Jumbo paperclip...they measure about 3/4 "X 3.5".

This particular clip was definitely a challenge, adhesive wise. Of course I didn't find E6000...because duh I didn't look in my local craft store! But I did find silicone...suggested by a husband of a crafter ;-). It actually worked fine, however because there was only thin paper in the center the adhesive bled problem I just affixed a circle on each side to cover! This would not occur if it had been chipboard in the center! And I found a really cheap alternative to E6000...especially if I had bought the caulk gun size! I explained something a little smaller might work a little better.

Anyway, I hope you like...oh yeah...the fibers are from Paton yarn Jazz and Salsa...I just selected the colors that matched. I also made a super quick card to present the clip as a gift! I got this idea (and this is a pale, pale imitation) from my friend Dani at Stamping etc...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fraternal Twin Friday!!!

Springtime Bouquet Stained Glass Table Lamp

A beautiful handmade Stained Glass Fan Lamp made by lawatha from Colville in Washington State. How happy would your mother be if you got this for her!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tags in all colors!

Well I just realized I have been so busy this week getting an order out the door I haven't had a chance to post any new creations!!!

I finished a slew of really beautiful many, many colors!

Later this weekend I will post my other new creation...clippies! They are really fun and fast.

These tags were made with the TAC Friendship Flowers LE set stamped masking the flower with either Palette Noir or Palette Burnt Umber. I then colored the leaves in with watercolor pencil (I didn't use water though) and paper pieced the flower part with Michaels Designer Cardstock II (Fuschia); Bazzil Blue Paper (blue flower); The Paper Company Red Primary, Yellow Brights; Coscto Paper Pack (teal); and finally the hot pink (which looks more like pale pink...sigh) is from AC Moore open cardstock.

I really had some fun with the fibers! I used Fun Fur, Paton Yarn mixes and a miscellaneous Hot Pink fiber that I picked up at Target one day! It came with a video on how to knit...ha, like that will ever happen!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Fraternal Twin Friday - 6 April 2007

Here it is my new feature to pair cards from my store with a matching item from Etsy. Suzannie has beautiful items and she is pretty darn good at solving puzzles.

I have also secured a Treasury...that I am running as an I Spy game! Check it out!!

That Pink Is So Hot
by suzannie

Hot Pink Flower Gift Tags

Set of 6

Or perhaps this wallet by fishpaw

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Design from the Heart

I finally realized, that design for me must come from the heart. If I try to design something just to sell on Etsy...I just can't...the final product is blah...not even worth a PIF. However whenever I have someone in mind, the creation just happens, effortlessly. So I have finally gotten behind my creative mojo and whenever I design something, I made two or three. Afterall it takes about the same time...and then I have a product AND a story.

The following paper bracelet just came together...for the next door neighbor Lola. I just love Lola, when we moved in Lola (then around 6) leaned over the fence and told her whole life story...and her sisters, mom and dad!! Anytime I'm out weeding she makes a point of coming over to say hello. And now that she is a big girl riding her bike she visits us most I'm out playing with the kids.

I knew it was really important to her and when I handed her a gift...a mere card and a small paper and plastic bracelet. She gave me a BIG hug and huge Thank You...because for her it really was the thought that counted! So Happy Birthday are definitely a "10" in my book.

I have never created one of these paper bracelets so fast, typically I agonize over the design...and size. This one just came together. Sorry for the blurry picture I had to scan it quickly then take it over so I didn't MISS the BD.

The paper is from the Paper Company Stack 3 (like most of my stuff lately)...and then there are pearls and some glass beads. Unfortunately I went to look and see if they carry them anymore...they don't sigh.

The card isn't one of my best but it'll work. I wanted it to match the bracelet. I used the same Paper Company Stack 3 paper. I punched the Bazzil Pink square with the Pink Scallop Square punch from Marvy Uchida. The lime green brads are Memory Makers pastels.

The BD cake and present were the TAC Stamp of the Month. We'll probably see it in the next catalog. The Happy Birthday is part of the retired TAC All Occasion set.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Summer Fun Tags

I made this altered tin and mini-cards last summer for a contest and won 2nd place!!! I decided to make some tags to go with it. Tags seem to be all the rage on etsy...I'm not sure why though. I sold the Black/White with hot pink tags the very first day I listed absolute first for me! So I guess there were as cute as I thought ;-)

Anyway, this set of tags was made using the TAC Frutti Fusion paper to paper piece the clunky shoe and cut the accent strip and the Paper Company Brights in Lime Green and Orange, with the Magenta and Blue used to mat the main image. The Clunck shoe stamp is from the TAC Girls Night Out Set (it has the most adorable Little Black Dress as well) and the "for you" is from the TAC All Occassion Set. (I use this set's caption more than any other set...they are perfect to fit just about anywhere and the font is one I just love, simple and straight forward so it goes with just about anything. The Mini Cards are basically the same as the Tags without the "for you".

On the tin I used the same image, paper piecing and mounting (except I used black)...and I used Frutti Fusion decoupaged onto the painted tin and a piece of black grosgrain stamped in Brilliance Platinum Planet with "enjoy" from a TAC set but I honestly can't remember which one (hey it was a year ago).

Inside I decoupaged another piece of Fruitti Fusion.

A little comment about the tag picture...I just love what an interesting photo it is as a thumbnail. It really makes an item stand out on Etsy.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Why marrying a geek is the most amazing thing ever

Sorry this is off topic...but you might have noticed how my Blog site was all messed up for the past few days...Blogger essentially broke their own template!!!

They asked me to update my template (automatically) I did and of it were all over the page like road kill. Now I am not without some template expereience...and I worked with it a mere few HOURS! Finally I just gave up...was actually a bit dispondent.

But usual (note shameless plug of DH) my wonderfully geeky husband...who does this sort of stuff all day, works part-time at night (so I can stay home with the kids)...and even helps me around the house (yes he is real)...sat down and spent an hour fixing it (what would take a mere mortal like me...a few weeks).

So I'm back in business and don't look like a Picasso Painting anymore. And if you would like to see what my husband does (looks like) check out He is the cute British guy in the picture!

He also figured out to do the Etsy thing across the top!!!