Thursday, September 25, 2008

Score Big Time!!!

So...aside from apologies for my unannounced break from blogging (it was a busy summer...and now craft show season has struck!). I have so much to is just a matter of getting pics together!

So...first off. I read blogs (just didn't write) and as usual was envious (as in GREEN with) of all the cool things OTHER people have at their local stores. I mean I have all the same stores but the 'cool' stuff never seems to make it or I am NOT quick enough...sigh :-(

I saw this Princess Set over on Lauren Meaders blog (and you MUST see what she did with it). She bought it at Target...and I rushed out the next day to look for up early even. No princess. Sad me.

My daughter is just a princess nut and this set is by FAR the best one I've ever seen (most of the time you have to buy 3 different sets to get all the princesses). Anyway, I was in a search for cupcake liners...I'm guessing NO ONE bakes anymore...I couldn't find them ANYWHERE! WalMart didn't have BD sprinkles and cupcake lines...WHAT!??!??! Neither did Target...BUT I was walking down the aisle and spotted the set...I literally ran (afterall it was the last one) and snatched it. And DD screeched like a banshee "PRINCESS" OMGoodness, OMGoodness!!!

Yeah I was excited! So stay tuned for some fun Princess items!


n8tvtexan said...

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I absolutely MUST have that set! Hubby is headed to the states in a few weeks. Wonder if I can make him search for that set for me... lol

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say good morning!

I've linked to your blog, and have one of your items featured there and also on my website. :-)