Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still More Cards!!! Have you won yet?

It is the Final countdown and EtsyGreetings will be featuring giveaways EVERY Day, so go here everyday and leave a comment!!!

CONTEST #8 (which is MY lucky number!)

PRIZE DRAWING Wednesday, February 13th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

The prize is 8 items
Christmas/Holiday Card
Christmas/Holiday Card
Any Occasion/Animal Card
Thank You Card
Any Occasion/Flower Card
Any Occasion 2 pk
Any Occasion/Friendship

More Free Cards!!

It is the Final countdown and EtsyGreetings will be featuring giveaways EVERY Day, so go here everyday and leave a comment!!!


PRIZE DRAWING Tuesday, February 12th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

The prize is 8 items
Friendship Card
Love/Flower Card
Snowman Card
Any Occasion/Americana Card
Any Occasion/Animals Card 4 pk

Monday, February 11, 2008

Been Creating...Not Posting

Things have been a whirlwind here in LisaTown. Thanks for being loyal...I really appreciate it! I HAVE been making things but just haven't had time to post. Why? You ask...well...

I am running that EtsyGreetings Contest...and due to that (and good karma) I have been making a number of sales in my shop....so packing (customizing) and shipping orders. And then because I always feel like I'm not doing enough I decided to give the push to get the EtsyCrest Blog off the ground...LOL.

Oh yeah and I'm leaving for vacation in like 3 days and haven't even started packing...how about them apples. So what have I been making...let' see. Gifts, lots of gifts...I'm still behind from Christmas!

Here are a few bracelets I 'threw' together this morning. I didn't plan on it until after they were finished, I basically was using up scraps around the table (cuz my craft area needs to be neat before I go...well neater)...but they could be used for the next three holidays: Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day and Easter!!!

I've also finally got a reasonable set-up to take pictures in natural light!! Unfortunately once I redo that room the piece of furniture by the window is gone...but I'll take it for now. What do you think of my new picture style?

Some of you may recognize this box from this post. Well the candy has long ago been eaten and the gorgeous box was just hanging around...what a wonderful Gift Box I thought! So this is my own personal form of upcycling! And the colors match perfectly! I'll stuff the box with a bit of pale pink tissue and lay the bracelet out...ready for the recipient to open!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daily Contest Starts!!

It is the Final countdown and EtsyGreetings will be featuring giveaways EVERY Day, so go here everyday and leave a comment!!!


PRIZE DRAWING Monday, February 11th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

The prize is 8 items
Holiday/Christmas Card
Holiday/Christmas Card\
Any Occasion/Americana Card
Any Occasion/Animal Card
Any Occasion/Flower Card
Friendship CardPhoto/Flowers Card
Thank You Card

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Contest #5

PRIZE DRAWING Saturday, Feb. 9th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)


The prize for contest #5 is
20 items
Christmas Card with Tag
Christmas/Holiday Card
Animal/Any Occasion Card
Flower/Any Occasion Card
Happy Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Card
Dog Any Occasion Card
Coffee Photo Card
Valentine Poodles Card
I Love You Card
Poodle Any Occasion Card
Thank You Card
Baby CardLove/Swans Card
Just for You Card
Any Occasion/Dress Card
Any Occasion/ACEO Card
Thinking of You Card
Dog/Any Occasion Card
Flower Photo Card ...WOW!!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

One Layer Love and Joy Card

I really wish you could see the sparkle in this card! It is really something spectacular. One Layer cards are always a challenge...but this one is pretty quick and simple! I cut an oval template (but it could be any shape) that fit my image.

Then I sponged around the edges with Dew Drops...a must for this project!!! The fact that this chalk ink doesn't dry quicky is important! At first I sponged too lightly, in reality...this card I was NOT happy with because the sponging was too dark and when I stamped the flowers they sort of blended...but then....remember that part about chalk ink not drying? Well I used my glitter chalk to accent the flowers in a darker complementary color!!! It added depth and shimmer (once you go glitter regular chalks just don't have any appeal...at least for me).

So I stamped the flowers using my TAC Love and Joy set...the flowers in pastel purple (like the surrounding background) but accented them in a brighter purple! I stamped the stems in Pastel Green...and well heck went to town on the stems with green glitter chalk...

Then I got wild and used the white (clear) glitter chalk all over the place!!! This card really sparkles and it totally bums me out that I can't get a good picture showing this! And finally I stamped "Love and Joy..." sentiment with Palette Noir (no it doesn't sparkle).

Monday, February 04, 2008

Baby Girl Scrapbook in a Tin

Here is another of those Scrapbook in a Tin...this one for a Baby Girl! I recently got into these and am now addicted! I plan to make one for every occasion. I'm so excited! I enjoy finding the right papers and matte colors. This scrapbook uses a great DCWV paper that has Pink Baby Blocks all over it with big letters. The matte is from my trusy collection of Bazzil...I love the texture...it add such a touch of elegance and looks rich. Sometimes Textured Cardstock can be a challenge to stamp on but I like to use Pallette Noir (well inked) and just press firmly long enough for the ink to soak in...works like a charm!

Finally I used two little flowers, layered and secured with a silver brad. I really like how the two tone flower complements the colors in the background paper!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

EtsyGreetings Contest #4

Well the prizes are just getting bigger and better...we are now in the final part of our countdown.

Click here to enter!!!
PRIZE DRAWING Wednesday, Feb. 6th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)
THE PRIZE:The prize for contest #4 is 15 items
2 Christmas
2 Animal
2 Flower
1 Baby
1 Birthday
2 Love
1 Thank You
4 Friends

WOW, what a great selection!!
Donated by various generous EtsyGreetings Members!!!