Saturday, June 30, 2007

Card for a Soldier

Ahna of LuckyDuck Design (a very dynamic person and creator of EtsyGreetings) has a good childhood friend that recently returned from Iraq minus both legs and an arm. He more than anything has put a face on this war for me. His family are throwing a big Fourth of July party in his honor (and he should be honored...every day for the rest of his life). So any requested we send some cards with fireworks on it! So here is my oh so small contribution. I hope it will bring a smile to his face and that of his family (wife and two small girls) that are just so thrilled to have him back.

When faced with what to write in the card...all that came to mind was "thanks". Thank you to you and all the soldiers that make huge sacrifices, simple because you were asked.

Now the card is a simple one (basically my father's day card with firecrackers)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Got a Treasury

Well I nabbed a Treasury...what? It is a handpicked collection of items for sale on Etsy...but this one is so much more get in you play I Spy the game.

Too much fun...come play with us! Tomorrow morning I will post the time we will be playing.

At a minimum take a look, it is beautiful and so NOT hand selected!

Fraternal Twin Friday - Blue Daisy Dress

This gorgeous handmade and appliqued Blue Daisy Dress from CottagePrimrose just looks so cool and breezy just what you want to wear on a hot summer day! And that would work as CottagePrimrose lives in the Mojave desert in I'm sure she knows.

What little girl wouldn't like to get this as a BD present...and my Blue Daisy Dress card would make the gift complete. Currently it is blank, but I could easily personalize it with whatever occasion you needed.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm in a Treasury!!!

If you've never gone to Etsy...and browsed the Treasuries you are in for a real treat. It is a collection of Etsy items handpicked on some sort of theme...if the Treasury becomes popular or has a beautiful composition/theme...then it makes the front page of Etsy.

Here is one I'm in...take a won't be sorry...but hurry it is only around for another day!!

Little Pooh Book!

Finally I have a chance to show you a little more detail on that Pooh Coloring Book. I just LOVE it...and it makes the perfect little Party Favor.

I actually hand wrote the "100 Aker Wood" because well my handwriting is SOO bad it looks like a toddler's.
Here are detailed instruction (these have an English translation) from Stamping Dani with template (which I just realized are in Italian [which I read and speak so forgot] but the pictures give you the general idea) and the like for how to make the book...only thing I can add, is the American Measurements...I used 12X12 paper and cut it 4" X 10.5" so I could get 3 per sheet.

I didn't have string so I used ribbon to bind the pages. It is a simple butterfly closure (and Dani has a diagram of that as well).

Now for the inside...and the incredibly HARD part. I found several coloring book images and resized them to be 3X4" and printed them out on regular paper.

Next time I will actually do this on cardstock and double side...or add more sheets regular paper. I used to do graphic design, so I used to do things like this all the time...but it is a whole new world and the more programs "help" you the less you can actually do with the darn things. So I started with PowerPoint, then moved to Word...I think Adobe Photoshop would've been the best option...but it wasn't installed (new upgrade to Vista...messed up my whole life! I'm still recovering).

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Triangle Pocket

So did you like these pockets? Did you? Well they aren't hard to make...take paper, make it square...any size seems to work. I used 6"X6" to make 4 out of a standard sheet of scrapbook paper.

Fold to make a triangle (point to point), fold one point in then the other...use double sided tape because this needs to be strong! Then fold down one of the top triangles to form the pocket.

Done. I added a little embellishment to the front and I tried stamping the blank white paper, but frankly I think it was fine blank!

I like this design so much, I think I am going to design a little card to go into the pocket so you have invite AND favor!

Tomorrow I will detail the Pooh books...they were fun and let me just say the book complete with sewing was easier than lining up the images to print out the book...figures! But if you want a sneak peak...visit Stamping Dani where she gives a very detailed look at how to do it!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Friend turns 95!!!

A lady in my Women's Club turned 95...she is incredible. I mean up until last year (94) she still drove herself everywhere, until a stroke and some latent balance problems curtailed that. But she doesn't look or act a day over 75!! She is fun, and has such a zest for life...I can only wish for!

We were talking about her daughter (who lives with her) and grand daughter...and I mentioned how nice it was that she could live with her daughter that must be a big help...she responded, "no, actually she lives with me...and I help her out!" Way to go! I hope someday to be as independent and positive. She is such a pleasure to know.

And here is the card I made for her...a 4.25" X 4.25" (nice because you can send it in a regular A2 envelope). I stamped the TAC flowers from Squiggle Flowers and colored in with markers and watercolor pencils (I used a bit of Tombow grey to ground those little flowers). I stamped "Happy Birthday" a TAC GWP in claret. Finally I added two little scraps to accent from a Sizzix flower punch (basically the pieces that I pulled out to make the design). I mounted this all on Bazzil Textured cardstock in pink.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bella's BD Boodle

I decided this year I would make handcrafted favors...okay I was feeling guilty because I blew it with sending out stamped cards...was so late had to resort to sad!!!

So these are the favors I made for Bella. I made up a Scavenger Hunt around our yard. I highly recommend it!! Not only did the kids stuff their own bags...they picked out the color they wanted and it kept them occupied in between food and cake...priceless. Mine was simple (with ages 2-6 it had to be)...I printed out large letters E for Eeyore, P for Piglet...they found the letter and underneath it was a basket with one type of favor.
I took brown paper bags and stamped "Hunny" on the front and at the end we stuffed the top with yellow tissue paper "honey". The favors included:
W for Winnie the Pooh: Tag Nuggets with Classic pooh on the front
P for Piglet: Embossed 100 Aker Woods coloring book
K for Kanga: Honey pockets with flower
R for Rabbit: Hershey Kiss Rose Buds
E for Eeyore: Band-Aid packages...these weren't fabulous...perhaps another time (the blue thing at top in case you are confused.
Well I better get going and start working on those Thank You notes (thank god E-vite doesn't do those...I'd be tempted).
And despite evidence to the contrary...I'm not completely disorganized...I've just had about 30 requests for cards in the past week. 10th anniversary, BD...and my dear, dear husband handed me a list of cards he needs to send to the WHOLE family in England...and yeah one anniversary is next need to do that card ASAP (and it isn't the 10th anniversary one)!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Two Hearts - 10th Anniversary

My friends that just had twins, just celebrated their 10th anniversary!!! I just had to send a card! So 10th anniversary colors are silver and blue. So the background is navy blue (although it looks purplish in the photo) and I cuttlebugged it with the Divine Swirls...I LOVE the Cuttlebug. Then I ran Brilliance Moonlight White over the embossed part.

I cuttled two pieces of aluminum foil (Okay I used it to sharpen my punch so decided to use up the 'results'). I affixed the foil to cardstock to give it some strength, then embossed it. I affixed the hearts layered, using dimensionals.

The card itself is very simple....but I think striking.

Can't wait to share the favors I made for Bella's Party!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bella's BD Cards

So which one do you think I did! I tell you it is hard to tell. I was making lollipop favors (Tootsie Pops made into flowers)...the result was a bunch of little circles that were falling all over the floor. Simon saw them and said he wanted to make Bella a BD Card (she was sleeping) he started gluing all the dots and then I gave him two circle punches and he punched a few other sizes using the scraps. I was really proud!
While my daughter will be an artist (she actually refuses to color in coloring lines to hem her in!!!)...and boy does she have the 'temperment' to go with 'artist', Simon is going to be a gifted crafter. He is thrifty (like his mom) and sees art in leftovers. He loves tools (especially paper punches) and has an excellent eye for composition. I'm going to make hershey kiss roses today...I wonder what he'll decided to do with those scraps.

Okay I made the pink one with flowers (you couldn't tell could ya)...hee, hee. I have to admit I'm not super pleased with just didn't wow me. The background is stamped with Palette Claret the swirl from TAC Swirly Flowers LE and the flower, bubble is from the TAC Paisley Rocks (I really like this versatile...I've used almost every piece). The sentiment is a TAC GWP from I have no idea when...but I really like the font.

The main image is a Palette spot (Paris Lights) direct to paper then dried for a while!!! This is important...other wise it makes the flower bleed. The flower is also from the TAC Swirly Flowers LE and is stamped with Palette Claret. The papers I used were just some random paper I had hanging around.

Simon's Card is made out of construction paper...sorry about that I just didn't see making the flower pops with good paper when really people the kids are all about the candy...what flower? So I kept everything the same...and it is acid free so I could keep it (I think I will try and make a scrapbook page).

Oh is the inside! Just a son is awesome but no he doesn't line things up like this...not at 3...I line it up and he makes all the 'pressure' to stamp it!!! We used the TAC Ancient Alpha bet...the "for you" is probably a LE version of came in a grab bag so I have no idea other than it is TAC. Did mention he is a punch addict? Yes he punched this heart...why 'write' love when you can heart someone AND use a tool do it...such a boy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And the winner is....

...chosen by my 3.5 year old son (he can't read so no bias...hee, hee).

Rosella...for the bracelet and earring set


Debby for the bracelet

So ladies send me your addresses and I'll get this 'candy' shipped!!!

Thanks so much everyone for playing...I should have a ton of new creations soon (once I get through BDness). ACMoore by me was having a 40% off ALL Cuttlebug AND Sizzix...I was very, very naughty!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Labor of Love

I know this is late...but well I didn't want to spoil it! Okay I made this card for my dad when I realized I had a matching set...husband and father...wouldn't work. Besides my dad is the most patriotic person I know, he really is more American than Americans!!

The card is very simple...but it is a labor of love because I started it at 2AM Father's Day Eve(because I didn't want him to know or not keep company with everyone)...and I stepped on a TACK down in my stamping room. I don't even have tacks down there, but well there you are (probably karma punishing me for waiting for the last minute).

Let's see card base is basic white cardstock overlayed with red designer paper from the Provo Craft Slab 5 collection. The blue strip is TAC Navy Cardstock and the star eyelets are also from TAC (at least I'm pretty sure...I won them from my TAC Rep). "DAD" is stamped using Palette Starry Night...and the TAC Ancient Alphabet.
Actually I think I am going to modify this for a BD card for a friend born on the 4th!!! Also this week I will be posting the favors I am making for Bella's BD party...Pooh related. She is really into Pooh...even though she is size of Piglet!!! And no I haven't started them either *grin*

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blog Candy!!!

Okay Finally here it is! I've decided to offer two of these bracelets (one with earrings)...I figured everyone who reads me...KNOWS how to make cards...probably better than I do. But this jewelry is really interesting!

So make a comment today (Monday) and Tuesday...and I will draw 2 winners on Wednesday, Bella's 2nd Birthday!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fraternal Twin Friday - Black Cat don't cross my path!!

I should've posted this yesterday...for the 13th! Today's 'match' is so is is essentially identical!

Kae1Crafts has created this wonderful TARADIDDLE Black CAT Number 6, an ACEO.

Taradiddle is defined as silly talk or writing but I choose to define it as silly art thus this series of ACEOs was conceived. Cats can be silly, mysterious, serene, mischievous, or a multitude of other moods so I’ve been working with a wide variety of materials to reflect their multifaceted personalities.

This collection was started because of our ACEO Street Team’s collaboration to produce a collection of animal-themed ACEOs as an animal charity fundraiser. I had so much fun making the first one that the collection just grew. For the most part, I’ve stayed with an identifiable shape for the cats. All are constructed on recycled card-stock, discarded paper CD holders or advertising mailer inserts.

And here is my match a set of Black Cat Note cards.

We have two black cats, Frik and Frak, they inspired these notecards. So I like black cat items...we have a fun at Halloween!

Blog Candy.

...tune in on Monday and I will be offering Blog Candy! So make sure you comment on that day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Shabby Chic Criss Cross Cards

Here are two more Criss Cross Cards...check out my previous post for more specific directions.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thanks Dani! - aka cutest little baby book

If you haven't checked out Stamping Dani you do not know what you are missing!!! She has the best ideas and incredible tutorials to go with them. Well this is another CASE...although not as good as hers.

This is an imitation Bazzil MonoMini Album...if you are curious she has templates and everything! I just thought this would make the cutest...and I mean cute, little baby book for a new mother to record her thoughts on the baby.

So this is a long strip of paper 2.75" X 11" folded in half then folded inside itself...leaving a half inch channel. This does not make an exact square but it is close enough. I cuttlebugged the outside with Divine Swirls (sigh...don't make my mistake, cuttle after you fold not before or else the panels don't lie flat!). Punch holes on each side to thread the ribbon through. I stamped the main image in Palette Noir...that adorable little bundle is from TAC Special Delivery...and mounted it on a pale yellow scalloped square (mega size).

The inside is 3 sheets white cardstock 2.5" X" 5", use a really good punch (like you use to set eyelets) and punch through all the layers (including the green). I stamped the outside edge of each page with a stamp from TAC Paisley Rocks. I used Palette Viridian Leaf, but stamped off a few times to make it really faint.

That's about it! But seriously check out Dani's instructions they are fabulous.

Also I just hit a milestone...I'm 225th on the top 50 coming up is Blog Candy to celebrate! Any ideas what I should do? This is my first one!! Chime in everyone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baby Pacifier Thank You Note Cards

I'm not sure I like these...but they were all I came up with when I was frantically (yes this seems to be a theme in my life...stamping frantically) trying to come up with quick and easy Teacher gifts (at the last minute) and a set of Thank You cards for my friend's impromptu baby shower!

They are flat 4.25" X 5.5" note cards with the TAC Baby Pacifier stamped in Palette Paris Lights and Viridian Green with the "thank you" sentiment from the TAC All Occasion set. I ran the coordinating ink pad around the edge to add some interest...I thought these were just way too white.

I also stamped the A2 envelopes to match. Here is a close up!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Shabby Chic - Criss Cross Card

[Say that 5 times Fast] This card will go out to a friend that recently had back surgery AND has the same Birthday as my daughter Bella Rose.

My friend Brenda inspired me to make this card...what am I talking about...she sent me the explicit set of directions because we've decided to pick a few card types to try and have our own Virtual Stamp Night (seeing as SCS's isn't until September...who has the patience to wait that long).

So I made this Criss Cross Card...I even broke open a new pack of paper to do it! I know baby steps...sometimes I just can't believe how anal I am. So afraid to touch, consume the pretty stuff.

Anyway about the card...there is almost no stamping!!! Just a little Happy Birthday in the bottom right hand corner of the insert card.

So the instructions are (and I'm copying and pasting here):
1. Cut the paper so that you have a 4” X 12” piece. Score at 5 1/2” and 11” this will leave a 1” ‘leftover’ at the end. Keep the 1” section on your right.
2. Cut diagonally from the bottom left side to the top where you made your score mark at 5 1/2”. [This will give you left hand triangle piece (attached and right hand one to paste onto 1" bit). ]
3. Now fold in on the two score marks—the triangle part and the 1” section. Now adhere the loose triangle to the 1” section. Trim the tiny triangle part that is still visible at the top of the 1” section.
[I adhered my pretty paper (Wild Asparagus Pack...from Costco) before I started gluing everything together.]
4. I punched out my circle [I also used the remaining bit from the big piece] for the insert part of the card from the triangle section that will be covered once everything is glued down. Now glue the bottom of the folded-in triangles to create the bottom of the card. I found that Mon-Multi worked well for this. [I started with Yes glue then realized I needed something stronger so used ds sticky tape (the red tape)]
5. For the insert I used a 3 1/2” by 5 1/4” piece of paper. Round the corners, sponged, etc. I took the circle I had already punched, folded in half and used the brad to finish everything off.

I used the Palette Burnt Umber to do the sponging and to stamp the sentiment "Happy Birthday" from the TAC All Occasions set.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Welcome Baby Giraffe!

Today I met my college roommates for brunch (we used to do this all the time...sigh) to celebrate one of them having her third baby! I made this adorable little card to go with a neutral color gift...cuz she doesn't find out if it is a boy or a girl! Because she says, "It is one of life's last true surprises"...and I totally agree. She is due in early July but you never we thought we would eat and catch-up, with the excuse of "Baby Shower". Well we ate and talked from 11:30AM-6:30PM...what a nice place we were at!!! They just kept refilling our water...and let us chat the afternoon away...definitely a good time. And my husband was the only one that didn't call around 3PM (that was when brunch ended) wondering where I was...he knows I talk alot ;-)

So I made this card, quick, quick quick to stick on the package as I ran out the door (late as usual). It is a 3X3 card with a white cardstock base, The Paper Company Pastel Yellow cuttlebugged with Diving Swirls. The main giraffe image was from the TAC Wild Animals LE and I used my color pencils to color in, the sentiment "welcome baby" is stamped with Palette Burnt Umber and from the TAC All Occasions set (which is sadly retired)...and oh so useful. I mounted it on a solid green paper scrap I had hanging around from the DCWV Stack 3. I also made some Thank You note cards in yellow and stay tuned!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Blue Daisy Dress

I made this card a little while ago when the TAC Frutti Fushion papers just came out...okay almost a year ago!!
I just absolutely LOVE this paper. So bright and cheerful.
I stamped the dress from TAC Girl's Night Out on both the white cardstock and paper pieced with a scrap of the the Frutti Fushion paper. I watercolored the beads at the bottom using my aquacolor crayons and Dove Blender Pen. And added a punched white flower with blue center as the final embellishment.
Then I decided to 'dress' up the stamped a flower (I know it is TAC but just not sure of the set) Palette Claret; Paris Lights; Prussian Blue.
This is a very simple card, but I love how bright and cheerful it is.

Etsy Card Party

I am soo woefully behind on all of my posts! However I do have a small plug to do today (should've done it last week...but oh well). At a minimum the cards featured are truly beautiful...and great for ideas!

This Sunday through Tuesday, a group of 15 sellers from the Etsy Greetings Street Team are throwing a party--and you're all invited!

Take 15% off any orders over $5 from participating shops. Some shops are also offering BOGO or other specials as well.

You can see the list of participating shops here:
(Just click on the images to be taken to that sellers shop.)To receive your discount, just type CARDPARTY into the notes to seller and wait for your revised invoice before paying!