Saturday, October 27, 2007

I completed my first REAL Craft Show. I didn't sell much but I covered my table fee...and had an absolutely awesome time!

Here is my busy little section...I know, I know your eyes are about to explode...I did spread it out a little later when I realized I was being overly generous with my half. ShelbyB looked over and said...why are crowded into that corner?

So here are a few things I will be listing on Etsy as soon as I can.

Journals with matching pen, paperclips, and two notecards, Christmas PopCorn Pull-ups, ToothFairy Tins, Baby Journaling notebook, Gift Tag Tins, Scrapbook Ornaments and my glass and paper bead bracelets. See I thought the case would be a good way to showcase them, but I think people were afraid to touch and try :-(

Close-up of my Gift Tag Tins and ToothFairy Tins...aren't the adorable?

So opinions on the black and white on red table covering? Too much? We are going to try plain black next time see if it is a little less busy...and maybe reduce the black and white portion to just a strip down the middle.


And her gorgeous handpainted yarn and stitch markers...she finally made some into earrings...people kept asking!

Canale Creations

She sells gorgeous memory frames, ToothFairy Pillows and chalkboard mats. I've used them for me they are awesome!

And finally I'm so embarrassed I didn't get ANY pictures of One Girlie Girl and Polpette Clay! I went over there and there were customers so I didn't want to interrupt...then forgot to go back! Bad me. And Lisa (One Girlie Girl is just SO much fun!)

So here are pictures of my favorite item from their stores.

One Girlie Girl's Signature Felt Toddler Hair Barrette

Polpette Clay

Polpette Clay's beautiful polymer clay alphabet magnets!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sad Day...double over

Okay aside from the rainy days we have been having I have another funeral to go to...the first that I mentioned was for the husband of a longtime 4-H friend. I find it interesting how we compartmentalize our lives, for example I've known her husband for years peripherally as a guy with great dark humor who 'hung' around the fair but was DEFINITELY NOT a horse person...supportive of his wife and girls but not involved.

As I attended the funeral, which many, many people attended, I learned about a man I never met. His "job" downtown was actually as the Director of a huge government agency...a big deal. Yet not an iota of the importance of his position every filtered to his personal life or affected his personality. I find that amazing in this time where everyone tries to capitalize on who they know and rub elbows. Despite his ascension in the ranks, he never became 'government' he never forgot the little people and that his position was one of service...a mission to help those people.

I was sad to hear several years ago that he had Alzheimer's and had to quit this long time government job...and retire early. I remember calling their house and he would answer, say hello, I'd forget and ask him to take a message, and he would chuckle and respond, "I could take a message but I will probably forget where I put it and not remember that you called, so call back and leave a message on the machine...oh yeah, and if I pick-up again, tell me to hang up so you can call back!" And I think that is how he defined his life, he had disease that robbed him of his job and the golden years, but he faced it and found humor in it.

The other sad news was that a woman I worked with at NCBI (by far the best job I have ever had)...finally succumbed to an inoperable brain tumor. She was another person that touched many, many lives. She worked in Admin, but used her experience and contacts from the embassy to facilitate all the Visa paperwork that many of NCBI employees had to undergo...prior to her employees were regularly getting stuck in foreign countries after attending conferences or losing their status and being sent home unexpectedly...oh joy and fun!!! But under her was relatively smooth sailing. She was always ready with a smile and a joke. She took in stride and with grace a job where she was much more educated and cultured than any of her supervisors. She was so good to her family and definitely was the glue that made them so strong. Her sons have grown into incredible men that she can be very, very proud of.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rak from Rochelle

I am always touched by the people I meet in the stamping community. I have been getting ready for a craft show AND my mother's retirement party. So in my typical fashion I am wigging out (did I mention I also decided to Chair my women's club auction this year...our big fundraiser...but no pressure or anything). So I finished the invites which my mom was really happy with...well except that I got where she worked wrong...oops! And I had all the RSVPs go to my dad's cell phone (to surprise my mom!!!)...and apparently he doesn't know how to access voice mail. But other than that it has been smooth sailing....ha, ha.

Now all I need to do is figure out exactly what the 'favor' for my mom's swanky retirement party will be. Enter Rochelle from Impressions by Rochelle...she has the absolute BEST favors out there! And her gift ensembles are incredible...I've admired her candy ensembles for quite awhile and asked her if she would explain exactly how she did her Hershey Bar wrap...I know seems simple, but hey from the pictures I was never really sure what size the Hershey bar was or if I was scoring or what! ...AND those little nugget boxes how hard are they response...she sent me the instructions and a BEAUTIFUL example of each. I was so touched. She even offered to help me start on those nugget boxes. Even if I don't do the nugget boxes (might be too much chocolate) I am overwhelmed by how nice people can really gives me such hope...and that good people are out there!
NOTE: I'm a little sappy today...I attended my first funeral...a good friend's husband....more on that another day.
Thanks for stopping bye! Lisa.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Beautiful Baby Journals

I am still struggling with getting good pictures of things that I don't scan...frankly I am a GREAT photographer of landscapes and people, but terrible at still life...mostly because my set-up is not ideal or my lighting.

Anyway, I scanned this Baby Girl Plaid card in this morning...I just love it (and its Baby Boy Blue)! I made journals to match. They are for an upcoming craft first 'real' show. I am really excited but also a little panicked!

The cards are made with DCWV Spring Stack...and are actually the smaller enclosure size that goes with 4 bar is 3.5" X4.75". They are incredibly simple but just beautiful..."Baby" is from the TAC Special Delivery set, punched out using the Super Jumbo (blue) Scallop Rectangle and strung on pink organza ribbon.

I am including two of these cards with my Baby of the items I am offering at the craft show...would love ANY feedback you would like to give me!

So here is the Baby Girl journal...on the outside, it closes with a decorated band. The journal sets will include:

two 4 bar Baby cards
Jr. Legal pad
two glass marble paperclips
RSVP pen.

I also plan to make a cardstock card of all "Baby Firsts" to record dates. My thoughts are that a busy new mom could use this journal to quickly jot down all those baby moments and have all those memories in one place. The journal will be packaged in cellophane with ribbon like a REALLY make it a gift.

Here is a picture of the inside...aren't those cards just adorable? My latest dilemma is what to price these at...I have absolutely no idea.

Thanks so much for looking!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I have been gone soo long!!

If you were wondering where I've been...well maybe you didn't even notice *grin*. I've been getting ready for a Craft Show! I've got to be the slowest person around...but here are somethings I've made...I hope to go into more detail at some point...and actually post some stuff on Etsy.

Here are some Jr. Legal journals I made...and on the far right is my brainstorm...I just can't wait to share!!! The Husband Helper!

Each Journal comes with a matching (but not beaded) pen, 2 cards and paper clips. I also started making some paper bracelets with all the scraps!