Thursday, September 25, 2008

Score Big Time!!!

So...aside from apologies for my unannounced break from blogging (it was a busy summer...and now craft show season has struck!). I have so much to is just a matter of getting pics together!

So...first off. I read blogs (just didn't write) and as usual was envious (as in GREEN with) of all the cool things OTHER people have at their local stores. I mean I have all the same stores but the 'cool' stuff never seems to make it or I am NOT quick enough...sigh :-(

I saw this Princess Set over on Lauren Meaders blog (and you MUST see what she did with it). She bought it at Target...and I rushed out the next day to look for up early even. No princess. Sad me.

My daughter is just a princess nut and this set is by FAR the best one I've ever seen (most of the time you have to buy 3 different sets to get all the princesses). Anyway, I was in a search for cupcake liners...I'm guessing NO ONE bakes anymore...I couldn't find them ANYWHERE! WalMart didn't have BD sprinkles and cupcake lines...WHAT!??!??! Neither did Target...BUT I was walking down the aisle and spotted the set...I literally ran (afterall it was the last one) and snatched it. And DD screeched like a banshee "PRINCESS" OMGoodness, OMGoodness!!!

Yeah I was excited! So stay tuned for some fun Princess items!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Krazy for Kaleidacolor Kards

I have a few Birthdays coming up, so I made some colorful cards (during my scrapbooking marathon). I have wanted to use the Kaleidacolor Pad with this stamp since it came out in the Angel Company Catalog. I do however have to mention this stamp is called looks like a peacock so that is what I consider it!

Finally I earned this hostess set and was so excited to finally put ink to stamp! This card has alot of wow factor but not too much work. I used the Spectrum Kaleidacolor Pad and one stamp...easy peasy. I then did the same thing with the sentiment from the TAC Swirly Sayings.

One little Kaleidacolor tip...when inking the stamp, move it slightly side to side to completely ink it otherwise you get edges and sometimes white space between each color. Yes it muddies your pad a bit but well all in the name of art.

The card bases are this gorgeous 110lb cardstock that I scored when my local paper store went out of business. I got a REAM of cardstock for $15 A REAM...Yes I was doing the happy dance that day.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fun and Friendship

Well it was another Fun, and Furious Crafting weekend...I attended by 2nd All Night Scrap...but I was MUCH smarter this time...I went home to bed early then came back refreshed and worked all day.

Now THEY (the wonderful ladies that invited me) scrapbook...I'm working up the nerve to actually do a 12X12 page...but in the meantime I craft alot.

So the tally for this session...

8 BD invites (2 are pop-ups)
2 Birthday Cards
1 Musical Notes Card
4 Popsicle Cards
2 Wedding/Anniversary Cards
2 Sets of Paper Jewelry

I also got a crack at the Cricut and I REALLY, REALLY want one...but they are REALLY, REALLY expensive (cuz of course I want a bunch of cartridges...LOL).

Here is a little tease...something you've seen before, but didn't they come out beautiful?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wine Bottle like a charm!

We went to a good ole Memorial Day party...and the hostess had everything covered. But being Italian...I can't walk in empty handed...I just can't!!! So we of course brought wine...and well wine is I made a little Wine Bottle Hanger. Can I just say these are the coolest things!!!

They are very quick to 'throw' added bonus for me (because being the slowest stamper in the universe this project took me 3 days). Typically stampers put candy/chocolate in the little pouch, I put in 3X3 cards and handmade envelopes. Because the main image was popped up it only fit two...but that was okay. The hostess' tween girls went nuts for I felt appreciated. I might just make a few for the girls. And I got a little promotion as MY daughter upon seeing the empty hanger on the table announced to the whole party..."My MOM made this!" Thank God she is 3 and adorable!

The base of the hanger was some Paper Company cardstock from Michaels...usually I like heavier cardstock, but in this case (and with the layering) the thinner cardstock actually works better...especially for embossing! So the base was turquoise, I used a piece of DCWV Stack 3 turquoise, yellow, green dots paper, then a turquoise square embossed with the Cuttlebug Textile Embossing Folder, a white (Mega Pink Marvy Punch) scallop circle, a turquoise (Super Blue Marvy Punch) scallop circle of DCWV striped paper...with each scallop bump punched with a 1/8" punch. Layered on top of that is a 1.5" circle embossed with Cuttlebug Playful Circles and finally a Punched Daisy with a silver brad. I came up with this layout after the 3X3 cards...but liked it better than the monogram I did do.

The 3X3 cards are very simple and straightforward. I embossed a strip of turquoise cardstock with the Cuttlebug Textile. I dug out my 1/16" hole punch and used that on the Scallop Circle...I think it is a much better look and more forgiving to uneven punching (LOL). Finally the Cuttlebug Embossed Playful Circles was embossed and the "L" monogram was stamped with TAC Ancient Alphabet in Palette Noir. I forgot to mention I highlighted the embossing on the circle with turquoise glitter chalk...but of course that doesn't show up in the picture. I even made matching handmade envelopes click here to find out how to make your own.

Thanks for looking...and reading my diatribe! I hope it was clear....probably not!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Do you Stamp or Stalk?

Someone posed the question on SCS...are you a Stamper or a Stalker? I was like what??? Then I read the details and realized...I'm more of a Stalker. When I first started stamping I was obsessed I sat down most days and tried to do a card...a project something. In those early days I did a decent job but realized I could do I started browsing and learning...and that evolved into stalking.

How do you know you are a Stalker?
1. You have more favorites saved than cards uploaded.
2. You save a bunch of different projects in various formats...can't find the one you want...or realize you have 5 of the same thing, named differently.
3. Do you have unmounted stamps, unopened embellishments...but see a project on SCS and HAVE to have that 'something' too! (I think we all have a little of this).
4. Do you wake up each morning grab your coffee (tea, water...whatever your poison)...and walk PAST your stamping table to get to your computer to SEE what everyone else has done on their blog for today.
5. Has your MUST READ blog list gone from 10 to 20?
...and I'm sure there are more, but I'm going to stop now and go make a darn card!

So what makes you a stalker!

And a hearty thanks to everyone out there that lets me Stalk them! Kudos for some awe inspiring blogs.
Taylored Expressions
Dawns Stamping Thoughts

Stamps, Paper, Scissors
Chic n' Scratch

Paper Rose Studio
Impressions (Rochelle is doing a huge blog giveaway...hurry over there to enter)
Mish Mash
JoAnna's Creative Expressions
Stamping Dani (in Italian...which I speak/read...but with excellent translations)
Paula Ponders
{capture the moment} This is hands down one of my favorite blogs...I mean her creations are incredible and trend setting!!!
Creative Corner

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's All About the Girl" Earrings

I designed this set for a little girl that just had her ears pierced. Do you remember that first girly girl moment in life...the anticipation and touch of fear getting your ears pierced? Staring at yourself in the mirror cuz you just felt so beautiful and feminine. And waiting until you could take out the boring posts and FINALLY get that first pair of dangly earrings.

It was all soo important! As only things can be to children. A friend asked me to make her daughter a fun set of danglies for her daughter. What started out as a desire to give her a selection of cute adorable 'danglies' turned into a interchangeable set! She was thrilled with her set as any tween would be!!
One thing I found out while looking for cute the current style is for seriously LARGE ugly metal charms (for bracelets) was quite the challenge to find something fun for a little girl...that definitely hasn't started the 'diva' phase yet.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fiskars ROCKS!

A few months ago I saw a blog post on Joanna's Creative Expressions (check her out she makes such thoughtful gifts...and they are pretty too!) all about how she joined the Fiskateers and they sent her very own pair of engraved scissors! Cool I thought, I joined...and they have ton of fun people...they even sent a group of Fiskateers on a paid conference...Yippee!!

Well time went by, didn't receive my scissors so I thought well, no biggy it was worth it just to find out about the I totally forgot about the scissors...and...well they arrived on my doorstep yesterday and are seriously cool.

I am totally guarding them...if the husband or kids touch them to cut a box or something BAD apart I will just kill them. Really I'm not a violent person, but I LOVE my scissors (and my good knives). I actually hide my REALLY good knife so that no one is even tempted to open a plastic bag with it!!

Anyway, it'll take about 5 months to come in (maybe less if you are lucky)...but for free...waiting isn't a big deal!

So, go check them out HERE!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Didn't have lemons... make into lemonade, but I had paper scraps from my prior project and the flower is born!

I haven't had alot of time to talk about what I've been making...but I do want to share it! Check out my other projects to see the materials as recently I've been using up one sheet at a time!

I didn't put sentiments on these cards because I'm not sure what I will use them I decided to wait.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Nugget Tin

Well I am alive and well...I guess the accident curse HAS been broken. Well at least I hope it is. So this is another adorable item I made...during my down time. I am pretty hooked on these origami flowers! They are so much fun and something I can do in front of the TV.

So I made this tin using a wonderful pad of My Mind's Eye Paper, Wild Asparagus Collection. I have a HUGE stack of this (thank god) and with my little paper fetish I hope I may never get through the WHOLE stack.

I know it gets a little boring seeing the same colors and style. But I'll share a little secret...with you...I try to use up the paper that I start. I used to try and 'file' the scraps but found that was taking longer to do than just using them up! So I make the major items...then find uses for the progressively smaller scraps. The smallest scraps are used in my paper bead bracelets and I've even started using my punches to punch away...then store each shape in a box ready for accenting!

Here is another picture with the tin open.

Again these tins are just simple and fun to make! And paired with a card...or perhaps a piece of jewelry they make an even nicer gift! One of the things that makes blog reading so much fun for me are the ideas everyone comes up with and how they gift their items. I try to be a thoughtful person but often I am stumped as to what would be appropriate to give or embarrassed if I hand some one something. Especially if it isn't their style. And I really do believe in Random Acts of of my favorite memories was sitting in the Milan train station waiting for my train to Parma when a gorgeous Italian guy comes up, says 'Ciao Bella' and hands me a flower! Well it was like 15 years ago and that memory STILL makes me smile!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Drama...

Okay if you don't hear from me for a while...well I might be dead. This past weekend, the sprained foot gave way and I fell down a flight of stairs so now I have a bruised tail bone...which of course I can't do anything about! So now sitting IS hard...but I have managed to get a few things done!

Here is a little teaser...

Thanks for looking and hoping this is the end of my mishaps!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So my little drama...

I have recently gotten into geocaching and it is a spectacular way to get in shape...hiking while treasure hunting definitely fun! However as I was coming out of the forest I tripped on a root...and badly sprained my foot.

Initially I thought I had broken my foot but now I am reduced to hobbling around with a cane...and let me tell you toddlers...KNOW you can't get them! But I am on the mend and should be right as rain...and I was able to craft a bit more this week as no one expected me to move much...hee, hee.

So despite my injury if you are looking to get outdoors this spring and enjoy the sunshine...check out geocaching.

Monday, April 14, 2008

More its in a tin

I really like making coordinating things. I'm really not sure why, but a whole bunch of matching things soothes me...and it is easier to just work with the same paper until it is all used up rather than filing the scraps (or feeling guilty for throwing them out!!).

Anyway, I made another scrapbook in a tin...and reduced the origami flower to tiny. Easy to do, my trick for folding the flower is to make the first half hold (easy) then without opening it fold it in half again...this way you don't have to strain your eyes to see where you made the first crease. Then my second tip to make the 2nd fold (those edges are REALLY hard to see...or perhaps I need new glasses). Well I rarely have a straight instead of searching for another half hour...I use what is on hand...fingers. I place a finger nail edge on each corner and fold against them to start the fold. Then remove and fold crisply.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed my entirely cerebral instructions...I will try and take pictures (one handed of course)...of what I am talking about and post them later this week. Here is a close-up of the folded flower...3 petals (I prefer this flower to the full blown option).

Thanks for looking...and tomorrow I will have a story to tell you...on the good hand I will have plenty of time to craft!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another Hat...this one for Graduation

Here is another adorable thing to do with Nuggets! Isn't it precious! I plan to make these for my son's preschool graduation! I think they are just adorable.

The key is to use the brad to secure the black cardstock square and ribbon...then use a strong adhesive to glue the overlapping ends around the chocolate nugget!

My favorite adhesive is the Scotch Quick-Dry is super strong and as the name says quick to adheres paper to paper in seconds!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Origami Flowers Oh My

I decided to play around with some paper folding this weekend. I saw some really cute flowers made out of folded circles so decided I would give it a go...I got a going and just couldn't stop. These flowers are just SO much fun to make!

The first project was a card...using the folded flowers. I took the blue cardstock and sponged around the edges using Palette Starry Night ink, then I took a scrap of green cardstock and cut down the 1/2" strip to make grass (I wish our lawn looked this good). The flower was actually pretty easy to make, but of course folding all the little circles was time consuming and then I decided I didn't like the white edges against the pink polka dot I sponged Palette Belle Rose on each exposed edge to add depth. The pink polka dot paper is from DCWV Stack 5. Then came the fun assembly...I gathered 3 petals and glued them together using a third green petal (made out of a slightly smaller plain circle). I then glued the whole shebang onto the blue cardstock and handstamped "Happy Mother's Day" with Palette Noir ink using my trusty TAC Trendy Greetings. Then I made another one!

Now I couldn't stop right there...I needed a pretty gift to GIVE along with my card. So I whipped up some nuggets in DCWV grass paper and the same polka dot paper. The belly band was made out of the same pastel blue but the flower was made using smaller plain (cuz I don't have a smaller scallop circle punch) to fit on the belly band.

Now all I need to do is gather up all the scraps and make a paper bracelet, earrings or a necklace! Yay!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

I am soo completely proud of myself. Like always...a holiday is creeping up and I have NOTHING done. But I saw some really inspiring things this week...and well thanks to them was SUPER productive.

The first thing that inspired me is Wanda over at My Creative Corner she is just super talented...and tends to do REALLY fun projects. So run over there check her out...and then perhaps come back. I do have a lot to show you...

Well Wanda had these Weekend Project Tutorials...I couldn't help but try them out. The first one I tried was the Nugget Ladies Luncheon Hat. It is completely adorable. A lot of punching but well that is TV time busy work...

I did an okay job with my CM punch (1.25") and the 1/2" punch I had...but looking a little closer at Wanda's if I try this again...I will punch more circles and definitely add the paper strip band around the base. I do like my little paper flower with 1/8" punched circle in the middle though.

I hope to make a few more of these to surprise my mom with for a Tea I am going to have here in the Near future! I think it would make the perfect little place setting...perhaps with the name printed on the top.

What else did I accomplish?

Graduation Nuggets

Dahlia Fold Mother's Day Card and Matching Nugget Tin

Coaster Sticky Note Pad and Clip
...and the weekend isn't quite finished...who knows what I might get to tonight!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Congrats Grad!!

Here are a couple of classic elegant graduation cards...monochromatic, ready to grad to send out when all those kids start graduating. I always seem to be caught out with no cards for this particular occasion so I'm happy I'm ahead of the game this year!

You probaby won't believe it but...these adorable images are from the All Night Media $1 stamps bin! I didn't have an grad stamps so I bought these...and they work reasonably long as you don't over ink or press down too hard!

The sentiment is from the TAC Tag Tidbits and is a very versative set of 36 sayings for get this...$10.95!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Paper Bead Necklaces!!!

Well like all good things they started out as something else and evolved into the final product. As you know, I was down in Florida surrounded by grandmother's and grandfather's...including my parents. I brought a variety of things to do...and pretty much made bracelets the whole time...well my mom spotted the Little Bit of Luck Bracelet and loved it...except she wanted it as an eyeglass holder. So I bought some eyeglass holder ends (not from my normal was hard to find craft stores where we were)...and they turned out to be useless!!! I mean what is the point if they LET the glasses fall on the floor. I was steamed...but then looked at the long length of beads and was like...duh necklace.

The only change I made was to use shorter paper beads (like the bracelet size) around the base and a larger 6mm bicone bead in the center to act like an accent. Tip to anyone making jewelry...USE easy to open findings...this one is a large lobster claw type...recommended by my mom as plenty of ladies have to put these things on themselves...even if they DO have husbands!

Another thing I did while I was there was walk on the beach...where we were it is famous for shells and prehistoric sharks teeth. Every morning you see the 'regulars' combing the beach (literally) for these sharks teeth and shells. The past few years we have collected several. My son is a bit like St. Anthony or something in that he can find anything...once we showed him what we were looking for he found them every few feet. Although the largest tooth he found he gave to a lady we met one day while walking. She was so frustrated because she had been looking for a week and hadn't found any and was leaving the next day (I think like many of the 60+ crowd they have a little trouble seeing them). I was really proud of how thoughtful he was (he is only 4) when he handed over cache of the day.

The best day was when he almost killed my mother...she wasn't feeling too well so decided she would take a slow walk on the beach with my son...figuring he wouldn't go fast (a slug could beat him walking) or far (big mistake)...he walks slow but can walk all day long...and so he took her on a 2 mile trek in deep sand to see the painted houses! Quote of the day "Just a bit more nana"

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oh where, oh where am I?

Just in cast you are wondering...most of your probably didn't even notice...but I am on vaction! I am being a VERY young snowbird! Since my son was born we have spent some time in FL with his it has become quite the tradition. That and well, he hates the cold...he was ready to leave a week ahead of when we had our apartment!!!

Anyway, I have been working hard...have been making jewelry (the most portable craft...although I never seem to have the right beads...and of course need to go buy more!!!)...and collecting shells. I would like to incoporate a few shells into the work but haven't quite figured that out yet.

I do plan to post quite a bit when I get home! I miss blogging...and reading them most of I am limited to 30 minutes on the library computer...but thankful for that!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still More Cards!!! Have you won yet?

It is the Final countdown and EtsyGreetings will be featuring giveaways EVERY Day, so go here everyday and leave a comment!!!

CONTEST #8 (which is MY lucky number!)

PRIZE DRAWING Wednesday, February 13th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

The prize is 8 items
Christmas/Holiday Card
Christmas/Holiday Card
Any Occasion/Animal Card
Thank You Card
Any Occasion/Flower Card
Any Occasion 2 pk
Any Occasion/Friendship

More Free Cards!!

It is the Final countdown and EtsyGreetings will be featuring giveaways EVERY Day, so go here everyday and leave a comment!!!


PRIZE DRAWING Tuesday, February 12th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

The prize is 8 items
Friendship Card
Love/Flower Card
Snowman Card
Any Occasion/Americana Card
Any Occasion/Animals Card 4 pk

Monday, February 11, 2008

Been Creating...Not Posting

Things have been a whirlwind here in LisaTown. Thanks for being loyal...I really appreciate it! I HAVE been making things but just haven't had time to post. Why? You ask...well...

I am running that EtsyGreetings Contest...and due to that (and good karma) I have been making a number of sales in my packing (customizing) and shipping orders. And then because I always feel like I'm not doing enough I decided to give the push to get the EtsyCrest Blog off the ground...LOL.

Oh yeah and I'm leaving for vacation in like 3 days and haven't even started about them apples. So what have I been making...let' see. Gifts, lots of gifts...I'm still behind from Christmas!

Here are a few bracelets I 'threw' together this morning. I didn't plan on it until after they were finished, I basically was using up scraps around the table (cuz my craft area needs to be neat before I go...well neater)...but they could be used for the next three holidays: Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day and Easter!!!

I've also finally got a reasonable set-up to take pictures in natural light!! Unfortunately once I redo that room the piece of furniture by the window is gone...but I'll take it for now. What do you think of my new picture style?

Some of you may recognize this box from this post. Well the candy has long ago been eaten and the gorgeous box was just hanging around...what a wonderful Gift Box I thought! So this is my own personal form of upcycling! And the colors match perfectly! I'll stuff the box with a bit of pale pink tissue and lay the bracelet out...ready for the recipient to open!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daily Contest Starts!!

It is the Final countdown and EtsyGreetings will be featuring giveaways EVERY Day, so go here everyday and leave a comment!!!


PRIZE DRAWING Monday, February 11th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

The prize is 8 items
Holiday/Christmas Card
Holiday/Christmas Card\
Any Occasion/Americana Card
Any Occasion/Animal Card
Any Occasion/Flower Card
Friendship CardPhoto/Flowers Card
Thank You Card

Donated by various generous EtsyGreetings Members!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Contest #5

PRIZE DRAWING Saturday, Feb. 9th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)


The prize for contest #5 is
20 items
Christmas Card with Tag
Christmas/Holiday Card
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Happy Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Card
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Baby CardLove/Swans Card
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Any Occasion/Dress Card
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Dog/Any Occasion Card
Flower Photo Card ...WOW!!

Donated by various generous EtsyGreetings Members!!!

HOW TO PLAY: Goto the EtsyGreetings Blog

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

One Layer Love and Joy Card

I really wish you could see the sparkle in this card! It is really something spectacular. One Layer cards are always a challenge...but this one is pretty quick and simple! I cut an oval template (but it could be any shape) that fit my image.

Then I sponged around the edges with Dew Drops...a must for this project!!! The fact that this chalk ink doesn't dry quicky is important! At first I sponged too lightly, in reality...this card I was NOT happy with because the sponging was too dark and when I stamped the flowers they sort of blended...but then....remember that part about chalk ink not drying? Well I used my glitter chalk to accent the flowers in a darker complementary color!!! It added depth and shimmer (once you go glitter regular chalks just don't have any least for me).

So I stamped the flowers using my TAC Love and Joy set...the flowers in pastel purple (like the surrounding background) but accented them in a brighter purple! I stamped the stems in Pastel Green...and well heck went to town on the stems with green glitter chalk...

Then I got wild and used the white (clear) glitter chalk all over the place!!! This card really sparkles and it totally bums me out that I can't get a good picture showing this! And finally I stamped "Love and Joy..." sentiment with Palette Noir (no it doesn't sparkle).

Monday, February 04, 2008

Baby Girl Scrapbook in a Tin

Here is another of those Scrapbook in a Tin...this one for a Baby Girl! I recently got into these and am now addicted! I plan to make one for every occasion. I'm so excited! I enjoy finding the right papers and matte colors. This scrapbook uses a great DCWV paper that has Pink Baby Blocks all over it with big letters. The matte is from my trusy collection of Bazzil...I love the add such a touch of elegance and looks rich. Sometimes Textured Cardstock can be a challenge to stamp on but I like to use Pallette Noir (well inked) and just press firmly long enough for the ink to soak like a charm!

Finally I used two little flowers, layered and secured with a silver brad. I really like how the two tone flower complements the colors in the background paper!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

EtsyGreetings Contest #4

Well the prizes are just getting bigger and better...we are now in the final part of our countdown.

Click here to enter!!!
PRIZE DRAWING Wednesday, Feb. 6th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)
THE PRIZE:The prize for contest #4 is 15 items
2 Christmas
2 Animal
2 Flower
1 Baby
1 Birthday
2 Love
1 Thank You
4 Friends

WOW, what a great selection!!
Donated by various generous EtsyGreetings Members!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kiss Me I Am Irish Scrapbook In a Tin

This is my latest scrapbook in a tin for St. Patrick's Day. I guess I am finally done with least for a little while! There is no stamping on this item....I almost feel guilty! Well not too guilty.
I used the DCWV Spring Stack...which has this fun green Celtic patter interspersed with little shamrocks. I actually didn't have a stamp that was working, so I cut out one of them for the front. I really like how the square accents the circle.
For the mats I used DCWV textured was a little difficult to match at first but I finally decided on using both colors, dark and light green. All that this little scrapbook need is pictures!!!

EtsyGreetings Contest #3

More Free cards...this time a set of 6 Photo Cards by The Eclectic Studio!

PRIZE DRAWING Wednesday, Jan. 30th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

THE PRIZE:The prize for contest #3 is a set of four of these beautiful greeting cards from EtsyGreetings Member The Eclectic Studio. With a recent move from NY to NC, The Eclectic Studio is back offering beautiful photo cards, jewelry, dichronic glass and hand knit creations. Her true passion is to mix colors and textures and create fun, funky and unique items and another passion is the son with whom she shares her BD.

So go on over to EtsyGreetings and enter to win!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cupid Poop

I decided to do a Cupid version of the Poop Card...I think it came out really well. the Cupid Stamp was a Target $ Spot stamp...and was graciously given to me by one of the ladies at the All Night Scrap! How kind was that! So of course a couple of these cards NEED to go to her.

I had planned to give her a card or two there...brought my Cuttlebug to emboss the paper and everything...but didn't realize that the lady that brought the Sizzix...didn't have a converter on it. Totally missed that...oh is still in plenty of time for Valentine's Day!

Now about the card itself...the sentiment on the front is a custom stamp...that was ordered on-line at The Angel Company. Inside I printed "Cupid Poop" onto cardstock...and put these adorable heart shaped mint candies inside of a little cello bag. Don't they look perfect against the embossed heart background!

Funny that I actually regretted purchasing this particular CB folder...wasn't sure it was worth it...but then of course I fell in love with it!

Monday, January 28, 2008

All Night Crafting Session Results

Alright, I had planned to post the results on Sunday, but was soo completely wiped (tired) I couldn't muster the energy. I haven't pulled an 'All-Nighter' since college and let just say that was a 'little' while ago!

Final Tally
3 scrapbooks in a tin
5 Baby Onesie Cards
1 Paper Shoe
3 One Layer Cards
2 Cocoa Packet Pixie Pouch
4 Cupid Poop Cards

Wow did I get a lot done! Although I did have some trouble cutting things later the second day...adding just wasn't working.

Some of those items are going to the ladies that invited me to this wonderful event! It was sponsored by their church and while I am not a super religious person it was a pleasure to be surrounded by such kind and upbeat women!

I now have plenty to share this week! And will be posting these items on my Etsy site as well. I even picked up some burp cloths at WalMart to hand stamp and match to the onesies!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 25, 2008

EtsyGreetings Contest #2

To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the EtsyGreetings Team, we are hosting a countdown contest. New contest activities will be posted a couple of times each week leading up to a GRAND PRIZE contest on our big day, February 14th.

To view the winner of Contest #1 click here


PRIZE DRAWING Saturday, Jan. 26th 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

THE PRIZE:This prize is from EtsyGreetings Member GreenWillow. GreenWillow is a 65 year old grandmother that enjoys crafts of all kinds. She carries both the styles featured here as well as gorgeous photo notecards in her shop. She aims to please and is open to custom orders.


Goto ETSYGREETINGS blog...and leave a comment! If you buy from an Etsygreetings member (me) you can enter a second time.

I'm Off!!!

I am participating in an OverNight Scrapbooking party!!! I am so excited. I got invited by a is FREE!!

I feel very honored because I have to be about the WORST scrapbooker. I did one scrapbook of my daughter (digitally), my poor son the first child...too much ground to cover never got started. I did a really nice one for a friend that got married...if they aren't my pictures...simple to do! And I am pretty good at making blank mini-scrapbooks (wedding one & two I did . See mini-scrapbooks are totally my speed! And well that about sums up my scrapbooking experience.

So I am taking along a ton of projects and I'm hoping no one noticed that I'm not exactly 'scrapbooking'.

I'm bringing a ton of homemade that should put me in good standing...hee, hee.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A little Pop

I made these quick lollipops to have on hand to give anyone and everyone! Unfortunately I really don't like the way they came out...something isn't working. I think it is too white! I think I will try again with a red base....and see if that spices things up a bit!
But the recipients were thrilled! And we had a great time at the play date! And I didn't mention this before, but the reason for this was grandparents gave my son (who dislikes chocolate) a WHOLE bag of pops...which well he was never going to get...hence the giveaways. But then again he really likes being 'generous' with 'his' pops!
Note: I used Jolly Rancher Pops (ie flat pops) to do these. My measurements were 6.25, scored 3" from each end. Very simple.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ghirardelli Chocolate Square Holder

I had a GREAT weekend and got a head start on my Valentine Favors! I can't wait to share them with you! For once I am ahead of the game...yay!

So here is a simple to do Ghirardelli (yes that is the right spelling I checked after I spelled it wrong...several times) Chocolate Square, some scored cardstock and...viola! Adorable.

So I modified the dimensions that Wanda over at My Creative Corner posted...I wanted more from a sheet of cardstock so I kept the length (7") and scoring, but changed the height to be 2.75". The decorative paper is a 2.5" square and I used my Super Jumbo (blue) Scallop and my trusty CM circle shaper.

The image is the TAC Traditional Seasons...I don't have many valentine stamps...and have been trying to avoid buying more. So I went rummaging in MY collection and found this! I think it is perfect. It is simple watercoloring...with a Blender Pen...nothing exotic, no Copic or Gamsol...not even sure what Gamsol is.

I used my red pen...a sharpie...cuz this will likely be thrown out after someone RIPS it open to get that chocolate...I'm not judging I would do the same. Okay back to the sharpie...I used it to make the dots around my circle. I almost bought the PaperTrey stamp that does this...but really it is simple to do...not perfect but 'hello' its' handmade...and now it looks like it...LOL.

Stay tuned as I have a couple of more things to show you in the next few days. I actually have blog posts lined up for once...I hope I don't get hit by lightening or something...I mean this sort of 'ahead of things' never happens to me!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

EtsyGreetings Anniversary: Contest #1

EtsyGreetings is an Etsy (place to buy handmade items) StreetTeam (you know get on the Street and get the word out).

To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the EtsyGreetings Team, we are hosting a countdown contest. New contest activities will be posted a couple of times each week leading up to a GRAND PRIZE contest on our 1 year anniversary, February 14th.

PRIZE DRAWING Wednesday, Jan. 23rd 8p.m. EtsyTime (EST)

Click here to play!

The prize is from EtsyGreetings Member BeadKiss. BeadKiss is a stay at home mom who has turned her hobby into a business. She is known for these lovely and intricate Iris Fold cards.

1. Anyone is allowed to enter and win, including EtysGreetings members. BellaRoseCreations (Contest Coordinator), Lucky Duck Designs (Blog Queen) and Pegg Macko Designs (Prize Coordinator) are all exempt from winning.
2. Each contest winner will be selected by a random number generator and announced on EtsyGreetings blog. The winner must contact Pegg Macko (our Prize Coordinator) with their snail mail address within 3 days or a new winner will be selected.
3. EtsyGreetings will pay for shipping of the prize to anyone in the world!

Happy Playing!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My first Nugget Tin!!

This nugget box is dedicated to Rochelle Wick over at Impressions by Rochelle. If you want some inspiration for should see hers! Now she is hard core she actually builds the box. I met Rochelle way back in October when I asked her some questions on how she did hers. I needed some party favors (30) for my mom's retirement party...and she has the best favors in town. Rochelle immediately wrote me back, sent me patterns and explicit instructions. She even offered to help me score the boxes! I was overwhelmed with her generosity. Now I ended up wimping and decided to do notepads and Hershey Bar pull-ups (much, much simpler). But I will always remember how kind she was to a complete stamping stranger. Things like that REALLY touch me and give me hope for tomorrow.

Details: Well the is ridiculously simple. I used some DCWV Spring Stack paper. Some sticky strip....although I think I didn't use enough because I found I had to tack the bottoms with some stronger glue as they kept popping up off the bottom of the tin.

Now if you are interested in a video tutorial...head on over to Stamp with Gwen's site as she just did a wonderful tutorial on nugget tins!

Here are some other pictures of the nugget tin...what do you think of the pictures? I've been trying to make them more interesting....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mini-Scrapbook in a Tin - Valentine Style

This is a Valentines Day version of the mini-Scrapbook in a Tin. There is very little stamping on this set...I used the "I just love you" from the TAC Squiggle Hearts set with Palette Noir. The hearts paper is DCWV and the mats are made from Bazzil. The hardest thing to do was match up the Bazzil cardstock...cuz white didn't this is actually the palest pink from the Pink Hues set of Bazzil. The little paper flowers and brad were received in a 'grab' bag so I have no idea what they are, but they worked perfectly and I think added alot (they are also covering up a 'less than perfect' punch job!

Here is the little scrapbook opened up. The mats are 1.25" perfect for a 1" punch or a square...really anything would work. This type of scrapbook is perfect to keep in your purse...and use up those index prints you get!! Cute AND practical!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Okay I did not come up with this...but I had to share...PeepDesigns came up with a 12X12 paper holder for $20...yes $20!!!! And she got it at Target!

I bought a couple of wire crate shelves for my craft shows and they now sit neglected out in my garage...and well with one trip to Lowes for some Black Zip ties and I have myself a 16 section 12X12 paper rack...or two (I bought two!!)

This lady is brilliant!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Another Baby Onesie...

Here is another Baby Onesie...this idea I got from Jen Carter! I was reading her Discontinued TAC Stamp list...and saw this adorable convinced me to buy the TAC 'Love and Joy' set! The first onesie I tried was this is so simple you can't mess it up! Now of course being me...I HAD to practice a million times on paper just to see exactly what I needed to do.

After creating the Love and Joy Onesie I got bold...I LOVE monogrammed items and Monogram Onesie's were born (well with just a little help from Nicole Heady).

A little tip in making these...100% combed cotton...good quality...makes a much better impression. I mean you can get cheaper onesies but they are usually ribbed and I don't think the impression is quite as clean. As you wash these (trust me I tried it in my front loader on BOIL) the image will get softer...I like the look on combed cotton it looks muted and aged. On ribbed cotton it looks weird (the ribs show more).

Any stamp set will work to do this!! So get stamping!

Disclaimer: Do not stamp while on baby...they move too much and stamp will be smeared. LOL. No babies were hurt in the making of this onesie...unfortunately my 'babies' are too big for them.
Diatribe: Why is it when you finally learn how to do all these cool're kid/family is too old to benefit! I mean I made a gorgeous Baby Feats journal to go with this outfit...something I totally could've used when my kids were little. I may stamp a few t-shirts for my toddler girl Bella).

I hope to start stamping some Valentines Day stuff pretty soon...I just have to locate it in the disaster area which is my basement stamp room after my frantic clean-up of the upstairs stamping space aka the dining room table. Wish me luck on my excavation!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Baby Gifts

I have been hesitating to post this...because my photography skills don't do my stamping skills any justice!!! It is a really cool idea that I got from Nicole Heady (PaperTrey) it me or is the lady just freakin' brilliant!

Essentially 4 close friends are due in March...I mean what were they all up to that night...was there some sort of party I wasn't invited to cuz I already had my second child...not fair! I would've gone for a third...maybe...well ask me that on a day when both kids aren't hacking out a lung, using up tissues a box at at time...ask me when they giggle or are sleeping quietly...then I definitely want another one ;-)

Sooo...enough said, but I have some baby gifts to get together for women that already have everything! So what do you get? Especially if you don't sew at all! (otherwise those matching burp cloths are adorable). Sorry I digress yet again....

Stamped Monogrammed Onesies! Yes ladies everyone wants one...and they are so totally cool. Best part about this...I bought this TAC set as my Half-Price item because it was more expensive...not because I was desparate to have it...and now it is totally and completely useful!

Drum Roll......

The suspense......

Here they are!!!

And just in case you were wondering...yes those are handmade origami boxes to package them in! A totally handmade gift...okay I bought the onesies but really! The trick to making these is...permanent watercolor (which is a shame as I would LOVE to do one with a peacock on it using Kaleidacolor inks) and combed cotton. Do not get cheap onesies as they are ribby and the ink looks all blotched!
Stamps: TAC Circle Sampler; TAC Ancient Alphabet
I hope to make these and some matching stationery (to use as Thank You notes). The V and the R have already gone on their way to their new home clothing a set of twins, my sister's friend had. I also made my sister two onesie cards (pink and blue) to go with the boy/girl theme baskets she and my mother are gifting!

Fun while it lasted

LOL...well I am back to where I was on the StampingTop 50...but boy was it heady to have broken 100...even if it was fleeting (and not real). Afterall who needs reality, in this period of resolutions!! Positive Thinking onward.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Number 93???

Wow what a Happy New Year!! I went from 294 to 93 in one day...boy I must've gotten popular.

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone...and I leave you with my next day is not about the numbers it definitely about the journey you take to get there!

Sorry not so wise...we had friends and a sleep-over, the kids bounced off the walls until 10PM but of course woke up with the sun!!! The adults played cards (I really love cards), Scala quarante...and Italian version of gin rummy...and drank wine. A perfect evening...we were having so much fun, we almost missed the countdown *grin*