Saturday, March 31, 2007

More B/W with a Pop

This time it is a RED pop. Again this card was for a Black and White with a Color Pop swap on SCS...I actually designed this card first then went back and made some extra tags because I liked it soo much.

I finally have entered the Cuttlebug mania...and I'm an even bigger maniac because while I went and BOUGHT the Cuttlebug...I experimented and found out my Standard Sizzix does just fine with the Cuttlebug embossing folders, a Converter and white cutting pad. So back the Cuttlebug went and hello beautiful embossing!

I embossed white cardstock with the Cuttlebug Flower then ran my Palette Black Noir across the raised parts...boy did it make it pop! I cut it in half vertically to allow some of the flat white card to show...then matted it on black cardstock. Ever the frugal one...I only mounted it on 1/2" strips instead of the full 3". An easy way to do this is to put the tape facing up on the strip and lay the card on top...lining is up of course. Then go back and actually glue it down.

But then I thought it was looking a bit dreary more like a funeral parlor I decided to embellish (we had to do one) I made a tage (black and white of course) then tried to find a flower stamp that matched...didn't have one. But I did have a punch. So I masked and stamped the TAC Friendship Flowers on the white Tag, punched out red from TAC Claret Cardstock...and just for that little extra something Red Fun Fur (okay I bought it so I HAD to use it).

Besides I've noticed I seriously have a Fun Fur obsession. I mean it is my perfect craft medium. Bright, cheap ($2 for yards and yards) and it adds so much zing to whatever I put it on...sometimes too much zing but I like LOUD!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Fraternal Twin Friday!

This is going to be a new section to promote my store and other Etsy sellers...Etsy is a pretty incredible place to get handmade items. I plan to try and do this every Friday. The goal is to match my card to an item for sale on Etsy!

I'm calling it Fraternal Twin Friday, because while their related they aren't identical!

This pairing would be perfect for that newborn Easter Baby!

B/W with a Pop!

I designed these for the "Black, White with Color Pop" Swap on SCS. I really like monocromatic things and of course Hot Pink is my favorite color. I have just about every color of Fun Fur (I just can't stop buying the stuff). It adds a little fun.

However, I am amazed I even joined another swap considering my incredibly bad luck with the last two I've done.

See Five Little Monkey's Post (

Anyway, these tags are going to be a new offering in my shop I think. I used the Giga (Purple) and Mega (Pink) Tag Punches. I stamped the white cardstock with the TAC Friendship flowers LE...I masked the flower part and replaced with a small flower punch and white brad.

I used color pencils to color in the leaves, but they look just as good without coloring. I mounted on TAC Black Cardstock and threaded through my fun fur!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stamping for myself!

Tonight I stamped entirely for myself. I really enjoyed it! And because I had the person in mind the cards came together quickly and easily. But let's back up a bit and I'll explain what I needed the card for.

My women's club went to a wonderful Local Coffee Roaster and sampled 15 of the different coffees they sell. Steve, the guy giving the tour was amazing, fun, informative...a real gem of a person....and the coffee wasn't half-bad either (actually it rocked!!!).

I figure anyone who has the patience and fortitude to spend 6 years learning the craft of roasting coffee...would appreciate a handmade card.

So the card...I took light Beige Cardstock....neutral for the base. Masked the bottom 2/3 and used Palette Burnt Umber to stamp the coffee bean from the TAC Java Nice Day stamp set. I also sponged the area to darken it. I then stamped the main image in Palette Noir on one card and Palette Burnt Umber on the other just to see what I liked. I mounted it on textured Brown Cardstock I picked up at AC Moore today...10 sheets for a $1 woo hoo!!! Finally I stamped saying "thanks-a-latte" in Palette Burnt Umber also from the TAC Java Nice Day set.

However the best part was stamping the "coffee rings". I looked through my entire stamp set collection and couldn't find anything that would work. Despairing and wondering if I was going to have to give Gwen my upline and friend a call to see if she had anything...I realized...duh why not use an actual cup? Shocking I can stamp with "free" items even ones that aren't rubber!!! So stamped away I did until I got the look that I was drinking coffee and left my mug on the end of my card (as if I would ever be so careless).

Keywords: Java Nice Day TAC coffee thank you
Stamps: TAC Java Nice Day
Paper: PC Neutral Beige; AC MOORE open stock brown textured cardstock; TAC White Cardstock
Ink: Palette Noir; Palette Burnt Umber

Friday, March 09, 2007

Another Altered Notebook

Another day another journal. Here is a 3X5" spiral notebook that I covered with designer paper (Uptown Girl) and stamped with the cutest TAC GWP flower. I finished it with a cute image of Bath Beads from the TAC Rub a Dub Dub set. And a sentiment from a TAC SOTM Girlfriend which says "A day in your life".

Stamps: TAC Rub a Dub, Dub; TAC Girlfriends
Paper: TAC Uptown Girl; Michaels Designer Collection 2; TAC White Cardstock;
Ink: Palette Noir
Accessories: Various Ribbon Scraps, Memo Book

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Something to think about...

I'm linking to a post I just found while trolling around the stamping blogs (my new time waster...what I do instead of stamping)...and it struck so close to what I've been feeling lately with my stamping and my blog (did you read the StampingTop50 post) and life in general. And she says it so much better...I mean how did she get in my head, but rather like her there.

It struck me how poignant Joan's comment on Paperlicious is...the rest of the "top stamping sites" are chatting about "CASEING" and plagiarism of cards and when is your work, your work...important yes. But I think Joan's comment about starting a hobby that then gets competitive and stressful.

I'm a SAHM and I have two fun and rambunctious kids...and I always feel guilty I'm not doing enough with them. More quality play...ahh...but then I really, really want to stamp out the idea in my head. And then I read about a mother of 5 on SCS and she turns out 5 cards a day...and they look awesome. Sigh...always makes me feel inadequate.

But Joan turns that notion and feeling right on its head and BAM! I'm feeling pretty good, pretty darn satisfied. Thanks Joan, and hey let's send her to the top of the charts...damn, I'm being competitive again!!!

Read it, it definitely is worth it!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tickled Pink Micro-Mini Scrapbook

I was trying to come up with a cheap fun, inclusion I could do for customers. A fellow Etysian (BeadShopGirl) sent me this adorable Matchbook notebook. I liked it but didn't want to flat out copy it...sigh. So I set is aside and started making some accordion send out. And BAM!!!

Would you believe that the little leftover you get when you cut two accordion folders is the exact size of that matchbook!! I couldn't believe it. A micro-mini accordion Scrapbook. I was just tickled pink...which is that name of this particular item!! So here it is...

Matchbook Cover (heavier cardstock works best).


Score it at 0.5" on the short side

Matchbook Insert

1 3/4"X 11"
Score it every 2 1/8"
You'll have a little bit at the end
Stick into the folded over matchbook end and staple (although I suggest decorating it first!)

This is my first tutorial. So if my directions make no sense...feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Here is some information on the specific Matchbook I made:

Stamps: TAC GWP You make me Smile; TAC SOTM Girlfriend; TAC Circle Tags; TAC Dance yourself silly
Paper: DCWV Stack 3; TAC White Cardstock; PC Pink Pastel; Michaels Designer Collection 2;
Ink: Palette Noir; Palette Pink Toille

Accessories: CM Micro Friendship; Super Jumbo Clever Lever Heart; red staples

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Tub Runneth Over Card

This is part of my new spa collection I'm designing for a client. They will be exclusive, however I just had to share it...I was so tickled pink. I think I'm finally in style...while it is in style that is...I really like using the white ink on dark solid cardstock! It just always seems to look nice.
This card is pretty simple and straightforward, a white carstock base with the Michael's designer cardstock 2 hot pink set on top and stamped with Brilliance Moonlight White and a TAC GWP flower background stamp. I love this stamp. I just keep using it like crazy!!
The main image is the TAC Rub a Dub Dub stamp colored with a blender pen and Aquacolor Crayons...I can't help but LOVE my crayons...also I am getting soo much better at the whole coloring brave leave a lot of white...looks better. Just I was too afraid. I outlined the image with a grey Tombow marker to give it some depth but I'm not sure I like it. After the image was finished I sponged around it with Palette Belle Rose which warmed it right up...she was looking a little chilly in her tub.
The saying is "My tub runneth over" also from the TAC Rub a Dub Dub stamped in Palette Noir. I used the vertical punch to punch two holes (my own paper ribbon charm) and ran my black grosgrain ribbon through them and wrapped around the pink layer...but the saying is actually affixed with dimensionals...hence the shadow on that side of the card.

Stamps: TAC Rub a Dub, Dub; TAC GWP Flower
Paper: Michaels Designer Collection 2; TAC White Cardstock; TAC Black Cardstock
Ink: Palette Noir, Brilliance Moonlight White ; Tac Belle Rose
Accessories: Pop up dots; Black Grosgrain Ribbon

Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Sneak Peek at my Spa Collection

So I've been developing a whole bunch of new items (for me) with a similar "Spa" look. Here is a selection of the Journals I would like to offer. A full size altered composition notebook and a small spiral notebook. I've chosen the TAC Uptown Girls paper it is very similar to the spa logo. Only problem is that at 8X8 it sometimes it isn't large enough.

Composition notebook
The composition notebook is very easy to make, although I had quite the challenge trying to find large paper to coordinate. So I cheated and used is the cheaper quality (ie lighter) Michaels stuff, but it worked quite nicely. I measured the cardstock...tried to use Mod I used a generous amount of Yes glue...which worked a treat. I trimmed around the curved edges with an Exacto knife.

The image is one that required me to buy an ENTIRE 156 piece set of Stamping stuff from Michaels. It says "Kiss My Tiara"...I don't know it makes me laugh...and a really good friend and TAC Demo gets tiara's from the Angel Company so I altered a box for her and stamped that on it! Did I get a picture of that is typical me. Okay back to my composition notebook...I thought that "Kiss my Tiara" would make those Tweens/Teens laugh...even if they don't have an attitude.

Stamps: Michaels Kit; TAC GWP Flowers
Paper: Michaels Designer Cardstock 2; DCWV Stack 3; TAC White Cardstock; Tac Uptown Girl
Ink: Palette Noir
Accessories: Black Grosgrain Ribbon
Techniques: Paper Piecing

So the details, I stamped the Hot Pink CS with Brilliance Moolight White and this great TAC GWP which matches the Rub a Dub Dub set, then mounted it only up to the binding. I then stamped the Kiss my Tiara in Noir and paper pieced the crown with a scrap of the Solid Hot Pink TAC Uptown Girl paper. I tend to cover the binding because then I can wrap the ribbon all the way around (it is much stronger this way). I used the Black Sassy paper from DCWV Stack 3...finally I mounted white cardstock on the inside to cover all that *math stuff* when you are hanging out with a facial mask, getting your nails done I don't think you need to know the square root of pi.

Small Spiral Notebook

The spiral notebook was very simple, a 3"X5" piece of Uptown Girl Zebra print. I wasn't sure how to work the paper around the spirals, line it up punch then slit tops and glue around spiral...or removing the spiral. Finally I removed the spiral, it was easier. I glued the paper to the cover, used my 1/8" punch to repunch the holes, then put the whole thing back together.

The saying is from the TAC Special Edition Stamp Girlfriends, that should appear in next year's catalog. The black dot are just that...1/8" punches because I was worried that brads just wouldn't of flattened out on such a small piece of paper. Besides I have much better luck lining up paper circles than brads...go figure.

Finally I used up all those ribbon scraps to hide the unsightly spiral...I even sneaked in some fun fur mimic Pink Bolas...another thing with the spa. Gosh it just makes me want to run out and get a if!! I like using the ribbons scraps but must say I used to think it was way over the top...but then all new styles need to grow on me. I'm kind of slow like that.

Stamps: TAC Rub a Dub, Dub; TAC Girlfrinds
Paper: TAC Uptown Girl; Michaels Designer Collection 2; TAC White Cardstock;
Ink: Palette Noir
Accessories: Various Ribbon Scraps, Memo Book

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finally back to Stamping

Recently through my Etsy site, I had a request for a wholesale order!! This absolutely made my day...and also is the reason I haven't posted anything in a long while. I really, really do admire the people that post every day.

So the next few days I will be featuring a little peek-A-boo of some of my Spa Things! Here goes...a card I am particularily proud of. It is easy to reproduce and there aren't too many embellishments (ie keeping the time spent and cost down). And of course it keeps with the clean lines and colors I like!

Stamps: TAC Rub a Dub Dub; TAC GWP Flower
Paper: TAC Uptown Girl; Michaels Designer Collection 2; TAC White Cardstock; TAC Black Cardstock
Ink: Palette Noir
Accessories: MM White Eyelets; Dove Blender Pen; AquaCrayons
Techniques: Watercolor

Stamping Top 50 where are you?

I am really grumpy today as I've tried for about 1.5 months to figure out what was going on with my link to the right with my ranking for Stamping Top 50. A little while ago it stopped working...I went to the main site and noticed I couldn't even tell what my ranking was as the drop down lists for 50+ didn't work. I let it sit for awhile (actually I was a snowbird and went to FL for a month) and figured the site was broken and those techie guys would fix it...well I'm back and NO!!!

So I tried to submit a SITE IS BROKEN...and the comment failed and the email was returned unsent. Well today I tried calling them...guess what the phone number is disconnected. Just crazy.

So if anyone in the know is reading the post I beg you let me know how to fix it...seeing my little site go up the rankings is very, very addicting and I'm totally strung out .