Monday, April 14, 2008

More its in a tin

I really like making coordinating things. I'm really not sure why, but a whole bunch of matching things soothes me...and it is easier to just work with the same paper until it is all used up rather than filing the scraps (or feeling guilty for throwing them out!!).

Anyway, I made another scrapbook in a tin...and reduced the origami flower to tiny. Easy to do, my trick for folding the flower is to make the first half hold (easy) then without opening it fold it in half again...this way you don't have to strain your eyes to see where you made the first crease. Then my second tip to make the 2nd fold (those edges are REALLY hard to see...or perhaps I need new glasses). Well I rarely have a straight instead of searching for another half hour...I use what is on hand...fingers. I place a finger nail edge on each corner and fold against them to start the fold. Then remove and fold crisply.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed my entirely cerebral instructions...I will try and take pictures (one handed of course)...of what I am talking about and post them later this week. Here is a close-up of the folded flower...3 petals (I prefer this flower to the full blown option).

Thanks for looking...and tomorrow I will have a story to tell you...on the good hand I will have plenty of time to craft!

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