Monday, April 28, 2008

Nugget Tin

Well I am alive and well...I guess the accident curse HAS been broken. Well at least I hope it is. So this is another adorable item I made...during my down time. I am pretty hooked on these origami flowers! They are so much fun and something I can do in front of the TV.

So I made this tin using a wonderful pad of My Mind's Eye Paper, Wild Asparagus Collection. I have a HUGE stack of this (thank god) and with my little paper fetish I hope I may never get through the WHOLE stack.

I know it gets a little boring seeing the same colors and style. But I'll share a little secret...with you...I try to use up the paper that I start. I used to try and 'file' the scraps but found that was taking longer to do than just using them up! So I make the major items...then find uses for the progressively smaller scraps. The smallest scraps are used in my paper bead bracelets and I've even started using my punches to punch away...then store each shape in a box ready for accenting!

Here is another picture with the tin open.

Again these tins are just simple and fun to make! And paired with a card...or perhaps a piece of jewelry they make an even nicer gift! One of the things that makes blog reading so much fun for me are the ideas everyone comes up with and how they gift their items. I try to be a thoughtful person but often I am stumped as to what would be appropriate to give or embarrassed if I hand some one something. Especially if it isn't their style. And I really do believe in Random Acts of of my favorite memories was sitting in the Milan train station waiting for my train to Parma when a gorgeous Italian guy comes up, says 'Ciao Bella' and hands me a flower! Well it was like 15 years ago and that memory STILL makes me smile!

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