Friday, May 23, 2008

Do you Stamp or Stalk?

Someone posed the question on SCS...are you a Stamper or a Stalker? I was like what??? Then I read the details and realized...I'm more of a Stalker. When I first started stamping I was obsessed I sat down most days and tried to do a card...a project something. In those early days I did a decent job but realized I could do I started browsing and learning...and that evolved into stalking.

How do you know you are a Stalker?
1. You have more favorites saved than cards uploaded.
2. You save a bunch of different projects in various formats...can't find the one you want...or realize you have 5 of the same thing, named differently.
3. Do you have unmounted stamps, unopened embellishments...but see a project on SCS and HAVE to have that 'something' too! (I think we all have a little of this).
4. Do you wake up each morning grab your coffee (tea, water...whatever your poison)...and walk PAST your stamping table to get to your computer to SEE what everyone else has done on their blog for today.
5. Has your MUST READ blog list gone from 10 to 20?
...and I'm sure there are more, but I'm going to stop now and go make a darn card!

So what makes you a stalker!

And a hearty thanks to everyone out there that lets me Stalk them! Kudos for some awe inspiring blogs.
Taylored Expressions
Dawns Stamping Thoughts

Stamps, Paper, Scissors
Chic n' Scratch

Paper Rose Studio
Impressions (Rochelle is doing a huge blog giveaway...hurry over there to enter)
Mish Mash
JoAnna's Creative Expressions
Stamping Dani (in Italian...which I speak/read...but with excellent translations)
Paula Ponders
{capture the moment} This is hands down one of my favorite blogs...I mean her creations are incredible and trend setting!!!
Creative Corner

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Rochelle W said...

I am like #2. I have a lot of files for projects and have several of the same things with different names.
This was fun to read.