Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's All About the Girl" Earrings

I designed this set for a little girl that just had her ears pierced. Do you remember that first girly girl moment in life...the anticipation and touch of fear getting your ears pierced? Staring at yourself in the mirror cuz you just felt so beautiful and feminine. And waiting until you could take out the boring posts and FINALLY get that first pair of dangly earrings.

It was all soo important! As only things can be to children. A friend asked me to make her daughter a fun set of danglies for her daughter. What started out as a desire to give her a selection of cute adorable 'danglies' turned into a interchangeable set! She was thrilled with her set as any tween would be!!
One thing I found out while looking for cute the current style is for seriously LARGE ugly metal charms (for bracelets) was quite the challenge to find something fun for a little girl...that definitely hasn't started the 'diva' phase yet.

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Rochelle W said...

Love love love the earings. I so remember the day I got mine pierced. It was the day I turned 13 my whole birthday party went to the mall to one of the department stores so I could get my ears pierced. I was sooooo excited. I still remember the feeling. I was a little scared that it was going to hurt but I didn't want my friends to see that I was afraid. I also remember that right after it was done we all were going up the escalator and I got super dizzy and light headed and passed out at the top. Embarrassing! Thanks for bringing back that memory. LOL