Friday, May 29, 2009

Congratulations to a Big Smartie!

This has got to be the cutest...and simplest little favor to make. No stamping in this one...just candy, computer and matching Chinese box...LOL.

So let's see...layout 'Congratulations' in Word (to make things simple I just used the Mailing Labels 1' X 4" format then printed on Computer Paper...I had to do a little creative cutting to get them to line up. Then I literally taped them on the seam...whipped out 18 of these in seconds (okay well not seconds but compared to that 'cover the pre-made box fiasco' the same night it SEEMED like seconds).

Then I simply took 1/4" red satin ribbon and tied it to the ends...Viola...done! Now if my DH had tied the ribbons instead of tempting me with the Terminator these would've been done in 1/2 a second (if you are scratching your head, see Box Fiasco link)


Anonymous said...

These do look easy!! Great idea!

Pragya said...

very cute indeed!!

rubber stamps said...

cute one..!!!!