Sunday, October 22, 2006

I was whining to a friend how my Etsy site has not done very much business and then I came home and sitting in my inbox was an order for two totes with a set of four monogram cards in each!! I was so excited. It was actually a rush job because the person needed them for the following week. I was really impressed with myself that I completed the project in essentially 2 hours (okay about 4 hours with the various interruptions)!!!

Let see...the tote is truly cool thing and makes the absolute PERFECT gift bag for something small...and so absolutely simple.

The tote pattern came for PaperCraft magazine October 2005 (but if you need it I have it)...the Asian vine I got off of ebay but the Monograms is the TAC Fun Bet and the ink is Pallette Noir, with black grosgrain ribbon. A simple combo with POW!!

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Dani said...

May I ask you the template for the purse? It's so elegant and simple, I love the way you decorated it! Nice work!