Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baby Boy Congratulations!!

Well I REALLY needed to do some Baby Boy Cards. I mean one "baby" is almost 6 months old...good thing I buy 12 month+ stuff... The second baby is two weeks old and the son of one of my Mom's Club friends. As a rule I don't like the Mom's Club because they dictate too much which one you can join...and my local one stinks. However because of my wacky address...let's just say my town is one place, I'm located in another and my zip code is in a completely different area...phew got all that. But in this one instance it got me into a REALLY cool and active club. And as I was bringing dinner to the new mom that night and needed to drop off the little gift I got her...I needed a card.

Anyhoo, these two cards were literally thrown together! The pacifier is a TAC stamp but I don't know how old (naughty EBAY shopper that I am). I stamped it in Palette Starry Night on white cardstock and mounted this on TAC Navy Cardstock. I must admit I was a cheapskate when it came to cardstock...hey I've only been stamping 1 year I'm still learning...but I am a complete convert now. The weight, texture and depth of color in the TAC cardstock is AMAZING...I can't wait to order some Claret (red) cardstock. Now back to the card...I do like to diatribe so...the textured greyish base is just a Joann's Card Box special. I have had them for about a I just might need to start using them! And did I mention I had to throw this card together asap! Thanks for looking!!

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