Saturday, November 25, 2006

My version of Black Friday aka who needs shopping!

My demo (aka Gwen Zimmerman) throws an all out Black Friday Card-A-Thon...12 hours of stamping fun...make as many cards as you can!! I went last year for a few hours and had a really great time...made several cards.

This year I went all out...Thankgiving was in NJ at my sister's new house...but I packed up at 5AM and headed down to get to Gwen's!!! I did 12 hours of stamping and made 67 cards *OMG* without really trying. Another lady made 87...and changed every design to be Christmas themed (ie...colored the image red/green, added a santa hat or get the gist). As for me...I was in stamping heaven and didn't care how many I made...a few cards I didn't even do *raised eybrows*!! Talk about resisting temptation. I even took breaks!

I have to say I love all the inspiration you get from others when getting together to stamp rather than holing myself away and being much more productive. Seeing as I'm a *bit* chatty...I am way more productive by myself...but then what is the fun of that, Hallmark will always beat me for # of cards made...but I will have the better journey! Sometimes, especially this season when we are rushing like crazy to get our gifts made...we have to remember to slow down and appreciate the "Art" that our creations embody. And hey isn't Christmas valid until the Epiphany January 6th...well that is the deadline I'm marching too ;-)

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