Friday, November 10, 2006

A Major Milestone

This weekend will be my sisters 40th BD!! Now I had Simon make his Nonno a BD I have now set the bar. This cards isn't entirely made by Simon (poor little child laborer...wasn't interested in stamping today). But he did most of the sponging and stamped the caption on the card front.

The front is a TAC Limited Edition Butterfly (Simon loves Butterflies) is stamped with Kaleidacolor Cappuchino Delight while the caption is stamped with Palette Noir.

Inside I sponged again with Kaleidacolor Cappuchino Delight, The "40" is part of the TAC Ancient Alphabet set. Uh can you figure up the major 'mistake'!!! I was talking and distracted and I totally stamped the 4 sideways...Oops!

So do you think she'll notice?

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Shelby said...

Now that is one amazing card!!!