Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's begining to feel NOT like Christmas...

It is so hot here I don't feel like Christmas at all...but I do have to get moving. I officially signed up for my first Craft I'm in a steady state panic! I mean how DO people do this every weekend all summer long. I have about 8 weeks and I'm freaking out if I will be able to make enough stuff and what I should right now my head is going in all different directions...we'll see.

Well I just finished an order of my fall cards and I always include a handwritten note (although I always write the note on a sticky note inside the card so they can use it again!). But this was such a nice lady I would like to include a little something extra from what will be my Holiday Collection. Can't hurt to advertise a little bit.

So here is yet another mini 3X3 anyone sick of them? I am having a hard time stopping them....and I'm addicted to making the handmade envelopes....I mean they are just eating through my paper mountain...I am soo happy. All that not quite good enough paper just works perfectly with any envelope template...and I've even tweaked the envelope template to use 6X6 squares for 4X4 did I do all crafters out of necessity. I had an order for 15 cards...and only 4 sheets of the coordinating paper left.

The first card is made using my TAC Snowflakes and Winterflakes and Kaleidacolor Blue Breeze...I can't get over how cool this combo is...and it is two years later!

I stamped a piece of copy paper to make the coordinating envelope.

Here is a new little thing I'm trying an emblem on the back with red sticky tape to close the envelope.

The second card is very simple, white and navy cardstock with a silver embossed snowflake as the main image. I feel like there should be a caption but don't have a small enough Christmasy type stamp...other than "for you".

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