Saturday, September 08, 2007

Today is my Birthday!!!

Okay I REALLY love BDs...doesn't matter that I'm old now (or just feel that way ha, ha) but I don't care I still love BDs. My daughter has been singing me "Happy Birthday to mommy...for cake" because I told her she couldn't have any cake unless she sang Happy Birthday (she loves cake). Well she was a little put out at dinner when we didn't have cake (my husband always makes one, but we were out all day...tomorrow will be fine...she did not agree).

My son has a BD in September too...last year when my cake came all aflame and my sister put it down in front of me, his excited face fell and he said, "But that's my cake!"

So this morning he woke me up and said "Happy Birthday, mommy" then said he was sad. I asked him why...he responded..."Because it isn't my BD today...its yours". But then he layed in bed with me while my husband and Bella went down to make breakfast...because it is his Birthday Month he felt he should have a lie in as well.

Anyway, I'm working on his invites and they are adorable, but I would rather post the BRAK I was absolutely stunning.

Not sure of the Stamp Sets because they are SU! but it is a beautiful criss cross card by Theresa (SCS n2myscrap). She also has just started a blog, so you should definitely visit it!

That's it for now.



Pinky Creations said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!
wishing you all the best on this very special day!

Sandra Williams said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! I hope your day was wonderful! Here's to many, many more.