Saturday, October 27, 2007

I completed my first REAL Craft Show. I didn't sell much but I covered my table fee...and had an absolutely awesome time!

Here is my busy little section...I know, I know your eyes are about to explode...I did spread it out a little later when I realized I was being overly generous with my half. ShelbyB looked over and said...why are crowded into that corner?

So here are a few things I will be listing on Etsy as soon as I can.

Journals with matching pen, paperclips, and two notecards, Christmas PopCorn Pull-ups, ToothFairy Tins, Baby Journaling notebook, Gift Tag Tins, Scrapbook Ornaments and my glass and paper bead bracelets. See I thought the case would be a good way to showcase them, but I think people were afraid to touch and try :-(

Close-up of my Gift Tag Tins and ToothFairy Tins...aren't the adorable?

So opinions on the black and white on red table covering? Too much? We are going to try plain black next time see if it is a little less busy...and maybe reduce the black and white portion to just a strip down the middle.


And her gorgeous handpainted yarn and stitch markers...she finally made some into earrings...people kept asking!

Canale Creations

She sells gorgeous memory frames, ToothFairy Pillows and chalkboard mats. I've used them for me they are awesome!

And finally I'm so embarrassed I didn't get ANY pictures of One Girlie Girl and Polpette Clay! I went over there and there were customers so I didn't want to interrupt...then forgot to go back! Bad me. And Lisa (One Girlie Girl is just SO much fun!)

So here are pictures of my favorite item from their stores.

One Girlie Girl's Signature Felt Toddler Hair Barrette

Polpette Clay

Polpette Clay's beautiful polymer clay alphabet magnets!

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Sandra Williams said...

Hi there! You made your booth fee back - GREAT! You had an awesome time....even better! Sounds like you guys had a great time.

Your booth looked really nice. My booth changes practically every show that I do!!

Best of luck with your future shows!