Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rak from Rochelle

I am always touched by the people I meet in the stamping community. I have been getting ready for a craft show AND my mother's retirement party. So in my typical fashion I am wigging out (did I mention I also decided to Chair my women's club auction this year...our big fundraiser...but no pressure or anything). So I finished the invites which my mom was really happy with...well except that I got where she worked wrong...oops! And I had all the RSVPs go to my dad's cell phone (to surprise my mom!!!)...and apparently he doesn't know how to access voice mail. But other than that it has been smooth sailing....ha, ha.

Now all I need to do is figure out exactly what the 'favor' for my mom's swanky retirement party will be. Enter Rochelle from Impressions by Rochelle...she has the absolute BEST favors out there! And her gift ensembles are incredible...I've admired her candy ensembles for quite awhile and asked her if she would explain exactly how she did her Hershey Bar wrap...I know seems simple, but hey from the pictures I was never really sure what size the Hershey bar was or if I was scoring or what! ...AND those little nugget boxes how hard are they response...she sent me the instructions and a BEAUTIFUL example of each. I was so touched. She even offered to help me start on those nugget boxes. Even if I don't do the nugget boxes (might be too much chocolate) I am overwhelmed by how nice people can really gives me such hope...and that good people are out there!
NOTE: I'm a little sappy today...I attended my first funeral...a good friend's husband....more on that another day.
Thanks for stopping bye! Lisa.

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Miscelena said...

So sorry to hear about the funeral; there was one last week for a friend of a friend of my son - both of them juniors in the same high school.

Hope you had fun at the craft fair and that the party for your mom is a blast - how cool that you're putting it together! :)

My SU! club rep did those nugget boxes with us, too - they're not too difficult, but the real key is that you've got to have a scoring blade on your cutter. Good luck!