Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

I am soo completely proud of myself. Like always...a holiday is creeping up and I have NOTHING done. But I saw some really inspiring things this week...and well thanks to them was SUPER productive.

The first thing that inspired me is Wanda over at My Creative Corner she is just super talented...and tends to do REALLY fun projects. So run over there check her out...and then perhaps come back. I do have a lot to show you...

Well Wanda had these Weekend Project Tutorials...I couldn't help but try them out. The first one I tried was the Nugget Ladies Luncheon Hat. It is completely adorable. A lot of punching but well that is TV time busy work...

I did an okay job with my CM punch (1.25") and the 1/2" punch I had...but looking a little closer at Wanda's if I try this again...I will punch more circles and definitely add the paper strip band around the base. I do like my little paper flower with 1/8" punched circle in the middle though.

I hope to make a few more of these to surprise my mom with for a Tea I am going to have here in the Near future! I think it would make the perfect little place setting...perhaps with the name printed on the top.

What else did I accomplish?

Graduation Nuggets

Dahlia Fold Mother's Day Card and Matching Nugget Tin

Coaster Sticky Note Pad and Clip
...and the weekend isn't quite finished...who knows what I might get to tonight!

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Dani said...

I like this project, it's so cheerful and original! I'm sure your Mom will be delighted!
Thank you for sharing!

Dani / Italy