Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Paper Bead Necklaces!!!

Well like all good things they started out as something else and evolved into the final product. As you know, I was down in Florida surrounded by grandmother's and grandfather's...including my parents. I brought a variety of things to do...and pretty much made bracelets the whole time...well my mom spotted the Little Bit of Luck Bracelet and loved it...except she wanted it as an eyeglass holder. So I bought some eyeglass holder ends (not from my normal was hard to find craft stores where we were)...and they turned out to be useless!!! I mean what is the point if they LET the glasses fall on the floor. I was steamed...but then looked at the long length of beads and was like...duh necklace.

The only change I made was to use shorter paper beads (like the bracelet size) around the base and a larger 6mm bicone bead in the center to act like an accent. Tip to anyone making jewelry...USE easy to open findings...this one is a large lobster claw type...recommended by my mom as plenty of ladies have to put these things on themselves...even if they DO have husbands!

Another thing I did while I was there was walk on the beach...where we were it is famous for shells and prehistoric sharks teeth. Every morning you see the 'regulars' combing the beach (literally) for these sharks teeth and shells. The past few years we have collected several. My son is a bit like St. Anthony or something in that he can find anything...once we showed him what we were looking for he found them every few feet. Although the largest tooth he found he gave to a lady we met one day while walking. She was so frustrated because she had been looking for a week and hadn't found any and was leaving the next day (I think like many of the 60+ crowd they have a little trouble seeing them). I was really proud of how thoughtful he was (he is only 4) when he handed over cache of the day.

The best day was when he almost killed my mother...she wasn't feeling too well so decided she would take a slow walk on the beach with my son...figuring he wouldn't go fast (a slug could beat him walking) or far (big mistake)...he walks slow but can walk all day long...and so he took her on a 2 mile trek in deep sand to see the painted houses! Quote of the day "Just a bit more nana"

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