Saturday, December 01, 2007

Craft Show #2...Finished

I have been silent for awhile now busily making stock and designing new items to take to this craft show...and it finished today. I made more money than I could ever imagine! Paid for that stamp order...WooHoo! I was soo incredibly proud!

Here is a picture (after the ravaging...sorry I didn't have time to take a picture beforehand) BUT bonus there is a picture of little ole me...and I actually like it!! Oh yeah...and Community Center Shows rock...I was met at my car by two high school volunteers that carried ALL of my stuff to my booth...I mean I carried NOTHING I was pressed to even get it out of my car fast enough for them...and they had big burly boys to carry heavy tables and furniture...some people bring actual furniture to craft shows (I was wowed...insert Craft Show newbie). I will definitely go to this one was the easiest most positive craft show experience EVER! And I mentioned that my friend was pregnant and in a white Honda and 'shouldn't be carrying things...and the kept an eye out and jumped on her grabbed stuff out of her hand before she could say boo! Way to go volunteers!

I plan to write about what I sold and what worked for me as others have posted this on their site (Taylored Expressions) and I benefited so much, now it is my turn to share.

I will be posting pictures of each item I sold, how many I made and how many sold. So stay I have processed the credit card receipts...which if you are at a craft show I HIGHLY recommend having...I made $85 in 3 orders that I wouldn't have gotten because I accepted credit...cost to me $4 in processing fees WAAY worth it! I use ProPal, I got a reduced rate being an Etsy Merchant and it is dead simple to Partner-In-Crime Shelby of ShelbyB Designs bought a knuckle buster, plate and slips for $ me and I can get you the name.

These are the items I made (just in case there is something you would be interested in learning me and I will write up that one earlier).

Paper Bead Bracelets
Ho Ho Ho PopCorn Pull-ups
Snowman Cocoa Packets
Journals w/ matching pen, cards and paperclips
Scrapbook Ornaments
Gift Tag Tins
Trident Gum Holders (didn't get a picture of those...they were gone 2 secs after I put them out)
Tooth Fairy Tins
Paper and Enamel Pins
Single Cards
Kid Color Your Own Card Kits

Just in case you are shopping I have to put in a plug for my friend Shelby! She makes the most wonderful hand painted vibrant wonderful colors (and most importantly she can reproduce the colors pretty reliably if you need more...that Research Bio Degree really comes in handy).

So if you need a gift for someone who knits this is the ticket...over half of our traffic were people coming over to 'fondle' the really cool yarn!! If you have a Harry Potter fan...she does all kinds of colorways reminiscent of the characters. Check it out in the wire crates. See the top...all empty...we were struggling to 'fill' the space half way through...I loved it!

Bad part is that we had such a good time and experience we are considering doing an outdoor Farmer's Market next weekend. Craft Shows are just like childbirth, you have one teeny good experience and you want another and another, and another...*grin*

That's it for now...thanks so much for stopping bye.


PS. If you buy something let her know you found out from me...maybe if she gets enough word of mouth from Lisa...she will knit me a pair of cool socks, LOL!!

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Tammy said...

Thanks for sharing yuor wonderful craft sale ideas. I would love to know more details. Like what sold well, how they were priced approximately how much you made, what did you have to do to be able to accept credit cards, basically anything you are willing to share. I am planning to try this very soon...perhaps within a week or two, a friend is going to go with me. It is all new to me so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so Much,