Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stamping for myself!

Tonight I stamped entirely for myself. I really enjoyed it! And because I had the person in mind the cards came together quickly and easily. But let's back up a bit and I'll explain what I needed the card for.

My women's club went to a wonderful Local Coffee Roaster and sampled 15 of the different coffees they sell. Steve, the guy giving the tour was amazing, fun, informative...a real gem of a person....and the coffee wasn't half-bad either (actually it rocked!!!).

I figure anyone who has the patience and fortitude to spend 6 years learning the craft of roasting coffee...would appreciate a handmade card.

So the card...I took light Beige Cardstock....neutral for the base. Masked the bottom 2/3 and used Palette Burnt Umber to stamp the coffee bean from the TAC Java Nice Day stamp set. I also sponged the area to darken it. I then stamped the main image in Palette Noir on one card and Palette Burnt Umber on the other just to see what I liked. I mounted it on textured Brown Cardstock I picked up at AC Moore today...10 sheets for a $1 woo hoo!!! Finally I stamped saying "thanks-a-latte" in Palette Burnt Umber also from the TAC Java Nice Day set.

However the best part was stamping the "coffee rings". I looked through my entire stamp set collection and couldn't find anything that would work. Despairing and wondering if I was going to have to give Gwen my upline and friend a call to see if she had anything...I realized...duh why not use an actual cup? Shocking I can stamp with "free" items even ones that aren't rubber!!! So stamped away I did until I got the look that I was drinking coffee and left my mug on the end of my card (as if I would ever be so careless).

Keywords: Java Nice Day TAC coffee thank you
Stamps: TAC Java Nice Day
Paper: PC Neutral Beige; AC MOORE open stock brown textured cardstock; TAC White Cardstock
Ink: Palette Noir; Palette Burnt Umber

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