Thursday, March 08, 2007

Something to think about...

I'm linking to a post I just found while trolling around the stamping blogs (my new time waster...what I do instead of stamping)...and it struck so close to what I've been feeling lately with my stamping and my blog (did you read the StampingTop50 post) and life in general. And she says it so much better...I mean how did she get in my head, but rather like her there.

It struck me how poignant Joan's comment on Paperlicious is...the rest of the "top stamping sites" are chatting about "CASEING" and plagiarism of cards and when is your work, your work...important yes. But I think Joan's comment about starting a hobby that then gets competitive and stressful.

I'm a SAHM and I have two fun and rambunctious kids...and I always feel guilty I'm not doing enough with them. More quality play...ahh...but then I really, really want to stamp out the idea in my head. And then I read about a mother of 5 on SCS and she turns out 5 cards a day...and they look awesome. Sigh...always makes me feel inadequate.

But Joan turns that notion and feeling right on its head and BAM! I'm feeling pretty good, pretty darn satisfied. Thanks Joan, and hey let's send her to the top of the charts...damn, I'm being competitive again!!!

Read it, it definitely is worth it!

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