Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stamping Top 50 where are you?

I am really grumpy today as I've tried for about 1.5 months to figure out what was going on with my link to the right with my ranking for Stamping Top 50. A little while ago it stopped working...I went to the main site and noticed I couldn't even tell what my ranking was as the drop down lists for 50+ didn't work. I let it sit for awhile (actually I was a snowbird and went to FL for a month) and figured the site was broken and those techie guys would fix it...well I'm back and NO!!!

So I tried to submit a SITE IS BROKEN...and the comment failed and the email was returned unsent. Well today I tried calling them...guess what the phone number is disconnected. Just crazy.

So if anyone in the know is reading the post I beg you let me know how to fix it...seeing my little site go up the rankings is very, very addicting and I'm totally strung out .

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