Thursday, December 06, 2007

Baby Journals - $10

I made 8 of these journals in different themes and colors. At the craft fair I sold one, of course my favorite one. Originally I was going to charge $12 (they were a lot of work/steps), but no one seemed interested in them at that price, so I reduced the price to $10. I think people would grab them for $8, but they are too much work except as a labor of love for friends and family and the remaining ones I will give as gifts. Although you can speed up the process considerably by making several at once, in stages. This craft fair I made journals for a:

Baby Girl
Baby Boy
Magnolia Pink floral (the one that sold)
Blue Apple for a Teacher
Green Apple for a Teacher
Husband/Boyfriend Helper

Each set contained the Journal, with Jr. Legal Pad, 2 small cards with decorated envelopes, 2 glass pebble paperclips and a matching pen.

Baby Girl Journal
The purpose of this journal is to give you the paper and pen to do all that journaling you are supposed to do as a new mom and to record all those milestones.

I tried as a new mom, I did! First child I used one of those Calendars you get free with something I ordered. I put the stickers on it but now don't remember what exactly they were supposed to be or the story behind it.

Second child (Bella) I used a private on-line blog and did a really good job...but now have a TON of work ahead of me to get the information BACK off the computer where I can read it. Anyway, if I have a 3rd child perhaps I will get it right...and I think this journal would really work.

Everything you need is all there, the pen, the paper, clips (to round up those loose sheets) as well as a milestone card to make sure you don't miss any of the important moments, and finally a couple of notecards to write Thank Yous or notes because well now that you have a newborn, talking on the phone is over and you never seem to have enough Thank You notes!

The actual book uses the pink plaid from the DCWV Spring Stack...I just love it. The green cardstock (from The Paper Company Meadow cardstock) is not my favorite but it was a great way to use it and meshed nicely.

All these adorable stamps come in the TAC Special Delivery Set and I watercolored the image using my aquacolor crayons...I haven't quite jumped on the Copic Craze. I usually wait until the fad is almost over then jump in...LOL.

The pens were the greatest find...guess what NOT RSVP pens, only $0.33 each at WalMart. They were part of the MainStay Back to School collection. I bought two packs for $0.75 as I wasn't sure they would work...well they did and I returned and bought up every one of those two packs I could find...they are in the office supplies section...and have been marked down to $0.66!!! I may go back, I mean I've already broken into my stash, who knows how quickly it will go.

The glass pebble paperclips came out okay, but I think look much better with brighter colors. The Yes glue I used dried a bit opaque and the pebble distorts and mutes the pattern so they are very, very pale. If I did it again, I honestly would try Elmer's glue to see if it is clearer or Aleenes' Tacky glue. I also wouldn't worry so much about finishing the back. I used E6000 on the back of some but preferred...Silicone glue (for the bath tub). The Lowe's guy recommended it and while it smells terrible after 24 hours it is indestructible, but it can't crack off or anything!

That's it for now! I will try and post a few more pictures a little later.


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Julie Koerber said...

The baby journals are the cutest thing! Great, great, great idea!