Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ho Ho Ho Popcorn Pull-ups - $4

I've been DYING to post was soo hard to get a decent picture. And I still don't think this does it justice! These were a big hit at the Craft Fair...I sold every one I made (5 of them)...and probably could've sold a few more. I was in serious Yes/No Yes make tons, No you don't want to be stuck with 20 Christmas I made a few of everything and didn't run out of anything (except for these Popcorn Pull-up...I lost 1-2 sales because the lady wanted the Ho Ho Ho and not the Believe).

A funny thing, I don't eat Microwave popcorn...I actually still have a hot air popper and prefer that...with maybe a little butter or powdered cheese...but really
I'll eat it plain and so will my kids. Although the older one is catching mom gave them 'real' popcorn...I just explained that Nana's have special popcorn...moms can't get that kind.

So back in October (when I originally made them) I went looking for microwave popcorn...I was smart enough to get the full fat style in mini bags...however I wasn't smart enough to realize that the popcorn came plastered with Halloween Characters...until I opened the box. Now the popcorn was good until well into 2008...but I wasn't sure how people would take Halloween popcorn in their Christmas Stocking. I also didn't want to eat 12 bags of microwave popcorn!!! I got opinions...many said go buy new, and sacrifice and give them the Halloween popcorn, others were like who cares as long as it is still good. So I kept it, I showed each customer and told them the story...I tell you I think that story is why I sold so many...they just thought that was the funniest thing EVER!!!

So never underestimate how valuable a story is to marketing your item!

If you don't know by now...I have a serious Fun Fur Fetish...I love the stuff. It always takes the blah and makes it Brilliant!! And with the little bit of added Bling this stocking stuffer is definitely satisfying. How did I make it?

I used the TAC Ornamental Backgrounds (Candy Cane)...retired unfortunately, stamped with Palette L'Amore Red (I only have Palette spots of colors and this stamp is only a 2X2 so you feel my pain). Then I used my TAC Ancient Alphabet to stamp "H" in Palette Noir and little 'blings' to make the "O". But the best part of course is the FUN FUR!!! I used my Southwestern corner punch to make notches in each corner of the red cardstock square, wrapped that fur...and Voila! Funky fun Ho, Ho Ho!

I just had to add this picture...this is why I only made 6 Christmas Popcorn Pull-ups...I made 6 Halloween ones for my first show...can you believe I didn't sell one of these!!!! I mean they are adorable! Well I'm saving them for next year...don't worry I'll change out the popcorn!

Thanks for looking!

P.S. If you want one of these adorable little "Boos" just let me know I'll sell them *grin*


dd2njoy said...

Neat idea!!!! How cute is that!!

Debby Winters said...

These are just too cute! I can see why they were popular! I have the idea filed away now...under "future craft fair projects!" Thanks!