Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snowman Poop Cards - $4

I made these snowman poop cards at a class...so the design is not mine, StampwithGwen has an annual Black Friday Card Party...stamp til you drop. This was one of the cards...she has made them for years....even had a stamp made up.

I put them out on my craft table to add a little Christmas Cheer and people just loved them. I made 4 (at the class) and sold 2. I thought the price would be a little high, but then again I REALLY didn't want to sell them at all...LOL.

Over at Paula Ponders, she asked the question, "What makes you happy?"...well these cards are a part of that and I'll tell you why.

Every year my women's club hosts a "Home Style Christmas" for a group of at risk boys in a job training program. The Program is amazing...it gives these boys from all situations (foster care, abuse situations, jail) a vocation (carpentry and building) and the opportunity to finish high school. After they complete the program, the counselors (and very dynamic director) keep tabs on the graduates...this follow-up is the key to less than 11% of these guys going back to drugs, crime, problems of their prior life...they make it.

Well once a year, we go to their home to give them a taste of Christmas...for many their first one. I REALLY look forward to this (been going for 5 years now)...and I bring both my children because while they boys are soo excited for us to be there...the kids really break the ice...and push them to be social...I mean how can you say no to an adorable little two year old (Bella) that asks you to hand her cookies...and says PLEASE!!! So we make homemade cookies, stuff stockings...put up a REAL Christmas tree, string popcorn and cranberries...and because they are 'building' students make Gingerbread Houses. Amazing how they all start with the same kit but get all kinds of variations. Then Santa made an appearance (one of the counselors, that does it professionally as well)...and everyone sat on Santa's lap...now many of these boys are emotionally 3 or more years younger, but huge...and Santa isn't all that big...Ha, Ha. So it makes for really cute pictures...and this year with two or more boys piled on Santa...Bella insisted on getting on up there and they go the cutest little picture of red, mostly black and a little pink Elf!

So my part in the whole process? I made 18 snowman poop cards...several steps and I just don't work that fast...but definitely worth it. I mean teenage boys...quite the giggle session after they opened one up ;-)

So I'm grinning from ear to ear today and all warm and cozy inside...despite the crappy, grey rainy day...it is all sunshine and rainbows. And the kids had a great time as well...they were dancing to Christmas Carols...and sang Jingle Bells...alot.

Card Details:
Stamps: TAC Coolest Flakes, Custom Poop Stamp
Paper: White CS; Paper Company Heritage Blue, Baby boy medium blue Embossed with Cuttlebug Snowflakes Watercolored with AquaColor Crayons.

So subscribe to my blog and leave a comment to tell me 'What Makes You Happy during the Christmas Season' and I'll send a randomly picked person a Snowman Poop Card. And go on over and visit StampwithGwen...and get inspired or if you want your own custom 'Poop' stamp!!

Merry Christmas!!


Jan Scholl said...

Ihave your blog in my reader and it sure beats that feedblitz stuff. I am not into Christmas anymore-no little kids or family close but I like the pine tree smells. I do look forward to all the craziness being over and the countdown to spring and warmer weather since I cant travel to it (but my kids can? how fair is that)

Garden Painter Art said...

I just subscribed to your blog and I so love those cards.

So, let's see, what do I love about the Christmas season? I love buying handmade as I am bucking the general excessiveness this year!!

Garden Painter Art

Amber said...

These are absolutely amazing! I would love to win a Snowman Poop card. I know my little cousin would fall over laughing =)

Thanks for the contest and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

tyrymom29 said...

I love this card ITs too cute !!!! I adore snowmen and this card is way tooo cute !!! I love the holiday season because its a time for the whole family to get together and HAVE FUN!!!!!!
Merry Christmas everyone !!!

dd2njoy said...

Love your card,it's so cute!! I've
just subscribed to your blog,and my
favorite during the holidays is to visit my family and see all the kids enjoying what they've rec'd,singing,eating all the fantastic food,and most of all being with the ones we love!!!

Debby Winters said...

I absolutely love your card! I've seen the snowman poop before but never in a card...love it!
I am definitely a Christmas gal at heart...it is my favourite time of year...I love the snow, the smells and mostly I love the fact that total strangers smile at each other and exchange greeting.

Laura said...
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Laura said...

I just came by to check out your stuff, how fun. I will definitely be a regular here. You are so generous with your advice, thanks for that!!
I had some typos sorry for deleting the last comment:)