Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In my world Sunday is now Monday er Tuesday...

I got my wires crossed...and the following creation was what I had PLANNED to post thinking it was all fitting for a Sunday...but well...I forgot....twice. I'm sort of addicted to the game at the bottom of my blog...I find it relaxing and with two kids undergoing some SERIOUS Spring Fever I need all the relaxation I can get! So everytime I come to my blog I get sucked in playing it. I've actually won twice!

So here it is...A Praise and Prayer book. I have a very good Christian friend that belongs to a wonderful church. They are really, really active...and even have a FREE monthly crop and quarterly overnight crop...oh my. And they let me come even though I don't belong to their church or practice their religion...LOL. I just think that is awesome and speaks volumes of the 'Christianity' this church practices and my friend. So I go along listen to Christian music....hum along until I realize no it isn't Madonna...and no I don't know the words...LOL.

Well my friend has had a challenging few weeks so when I was blog stalking...and not doing any crafting I saw this FREE My Timeless template Recipe Wrap Up from Lauren Meader at PTI and My Time, My Creations, My Stampendence, and well I had to try it. I mean really, I can't pass up FREE ever! They had SIX project ideas...really awesome and so varied I couldn't believe how versatile this template and the ideas were....go Lauren!!!

One of the projects was a Praise and Prayer Book to record Bible passages that are meaningful to you. This was right up my friend's alley (I also hope to make one for the organizer of the Crop). This template is a folding book that ties close and has pockets inside to hold rectangular cardstock cards. Here is my take on the template...overall awesome (I seriously would've bought this JUST for the Project ideas).

Now I am sort of spatially challenged (and really anal) so I couldn't figure out how exactly I was supposed to print the templates out AND my stupid printer is so complicated it 'helps' you...which is never any help...so in the end I printed it at 100% which seemed correct.

HINT: Print things out you are unsure about onto cheap paper instead of wasting good cardstock...yes you heard it from me first...I'm sure none of you ever do this.

Overall using the templates was SUPER simple and easy...but being thrifty though I WANT to use all of the cardstock so when I printed the pockets and only two printed per sheet it felt wasteful (but then again all 4 wouldn't of fit AND print to the edge) so I just cut one out and used it as a template to trace around (I know...wasn't the 'super easy to print so you don't have to trace, option the WHOLE point). Really it wasn't much work and by lining them up to an edge I got FOUR pockets per 8.5X11 cardstock sheet...yay!

So details of the project although I must admit this is rather plain...I used In My Mind's Eye paper Magnolia that I got from Costco on sale about a year ago...I have a serious paper problem...I buy all kinds of paper then make myself nuts trying to match everything. I'm a Stack-O-Maniac...but at least they are only $10.

I printed "Praise & Prayer" and the Prayer Card Titles the cardstock using Word...I always forget this trick...you can always print a phrase you love instead of driving yourself nuts trying to find it as a stamp. Duh! I do not have any Nesties...sigh so I just made flat rectangle notecards...no scallops like in the project example. And there are 3 of them to represent areas of prayer. I think this could easily be personalized to fit the person and their idea of prayer.

Alright I have to put this out there...I'm Catholic...and well we pray and I've read the entire Bible cover to cover but we don't really study the Bible like many Christians. And my prayer is a more free-form stream of consciousness or a particular prayer like the rosary (I love rosaries...again very relaxing). I am fascinated by all the differences in religious beliefs and how they evolved over history.

Okay back to crafting...sorry I'm super long winded today.

The only stamping is on the dotted Designer paper covering the 3X3 pockets. I also went wild with my Threading Water punch I just got from Fiskars...I think it matches the polka dot paper.
AND I included a Jumbo PaperClip to perhaps hold open the Bible.

So that's it for now. And I better get cracking so I have something to post!

Supplies Used:

  • Paper: Paper Company Heritage Blue and Beige; White Cardstock; My Mind's Eye Magnolia
  • Accessories: Offray Pink Satin ribbon; Jumbo Paperclip
  • Tools: Fiskars Threading Water Punch; Super Jumbo Scallop Circle; Super Jumbo Scallop Rectangle; Recipe Wrap-up Template by My Timeless Templates

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