Friday, March 27, 2009

Pixie Pinwheels

Not the best picture I'll admit...but well you get the idea...Pixie Pinwheels are candy and a toy wrapped up in one! Who wouldn't like that! I can't wait to sneak one of these in each Easter Basket...because while they ARE beautiful...these actually work. Yes I tested EACH ONE to make sure!

So this is like the easiest little pattern. I got mine from Dawn Griffith...she even has a video. Dawn is a selfless person that generously makes free video tutorials and demonstrates all kinds of cards...and her instructions are just so practical and easy to follow!

It took longer to select which designer paper to pair with what pixie stix flavor (yeah right...they are all the same flavor)...than it did to assemble these babies!

So I used DCWV...why do you ask? Well because I have a serious problem...every time they have a $9.99 (or less) sale of one of those humongous stacks I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!! I buy one. I mean EVERY TIME! Honestly I am thinking of swinging by Joanns on Thursday because they have the Spring Stack on sale...I have the 2007 and 2008 stack but apparently I NEED the 2009 Spring Stack...yes it is ridiculous.

So I rejoice every time I can use up designer paper! I really wish I could find a really simple (ie works with everything) OSW for 12X12 I can start making some really cool note cards. Oh yeah...and I'm pretty addicted to any of the Cuttlebug folders...but those are totally worth it...LOL. Speaking of Cuttlebugs, I cuttled one of the pinwheels in the group pic...but found that while it gave a wonderful texture to the stunk as a pinwheel...

Thanks for looking!

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Cherie said...

Love your pinwheels! They are just too precious! Also share your obsession with paper! :)