Friday, August 24, 2007

Fair Awards...I more ways than one

I finally have had it out with my camera and it has relinquished my pictures!!! Now the scanner is giving me trouble...bright shocking green comes out pastel and cream cardstock a weird sort of gray...but that is neither here nor there. Here are the results from my fair first ever.

I picked up my items from the fairgounds!
Blue Flower Card...1st place in the Rubber Stamped Card division
Blue Snowflake Box...2nd place in Rubber Stamped 3D (okay the item that won this...and Grand Champ of the division...was a multi-layered stamped and embossed poinsettia...four of them mounted on a board to represent the I was very proud of my 2nd).
Black flower Card...5th place in Cards non-rubber stamped. I was surprised by this...several people gasped when they saw it while I was waiting on-line...but then again this particular category was packed with entries. Perhaps because it was ATC size it had less impact.
Magnolia Paper Jewelry...5th place...again a packed category and while my jewelry is fun and trendy it really can't compete with fine jewelry and metalwork! So I was happy to place in the ribbons at all.


Debby Winters said...

Congrats on your winnings! They are all great creations!

Miscelena said...

Gorgeous things - and look at all your ribbons! Way to go!