Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Snowflake 2-5-7-10 box

I would like to share with you a quick and easy box that can fit quite a few little trinkets! The instructions were posted on SCS by Jenn Balcer I'll copy them here and provide a link. Then give you a few tips of my own in pink of course !

Position cardstock lengthwise. Using scoring blade on paper trimmer, score cardstock at 2", 5", 7", and 10".

Turn cardstock, and score at 2" and 7".

Stamp scored cardstock as desired. I did this before scoring because I hate it when I can see the seam!!! Although if you are trying to center a pattern for effect...stamp afterwards.

Hold cardstock horizontally with the 2" section at the top.Use scissors to cut off all but one 2" tall section from the top of the cardstock as shown. This will be the flap closure for the box. Cut the narrow piece at an angle to create tab for adhesive. Make vertical cuts at the bottom to create 1 1/2" tall flaps, and cut off the narrow piece. This will be the bottom of the box.

Use scalloped scissors for a faster decorative edge. I didn't have Scallop Scissors so I used the ones I had...not sure their exact name.

Use a bone folder or other straight edge to sharply crease all scored lines to shape box.Apply Sticky Strip close to side tab's score line.Remove red liner, and carefully construct box. I used YES glue, it take a bit to dry, but then is pretty darn indestructible. I use my bone folder to get inside the box and rub down the glued edges to get a really tight seal...then clip with clothespins until the glue sets.

Fold small flaps toward center of box, and large flaps over small flaps.Apply Sticky Strip to outside edge of large flap under what will be the box front.Remove red liner, and apply pressure to finish bottom of box.

Line up front of box with back of box at top and pinch together. Release. Punch two holes in flap with 1/8" handheld punch.

Pull flap down to close box, and use a pen to mark where holes were punched.Use 1/8" handheld punch to punch holes at markings. I used my vertical slot punch because I wanted to thread my ribbon through and not tie a bow.

Thread ribbon through holes on box. Center ribbon.

Stamp scrap cardstock (here, the largest layer is 2 3/4" square), embellish, and adhere to box front with Stampin' Dimensionals.Enjoy filling and giving!

For this specific box...

Stamps: TAC Snowflakes, TAC Winterflakes LEPaper: white cardstock, TAC NavyInk: Kaleidacolor Blue BreezeAccessories: Ribbon

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