Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Made the Etsy Front Page!!!

I can't believe it my Falling Leaves Card Set made the Etsy FrontPage!!!

Yup those little red cards in the upper left corner are MINE!! And this beautiful treasury was selected by Miscelena an Etsy newbie...not bad for her first month on Etsy!

So proud. And shmizz bought them (thanks so much!!!)...it doesn't matter how many things I sell, I am so excited when I make a sale and happy that someone liked my creations!

And thank you PlayingWithPaper for sending me a screen shot! You should check out her store...it has wonderful Amy Butler creations! Shmizz carries wonderful blank paperbag albums...predrilled and sewn!!


Janice said...

That is so freakin' cool!! Congratulations to you! Your work is amazing, it deserves front-page recognition.

Miscelena said...

You're welcome! I love that color, and your use of it was fab!


Ellochka said...

great stuff. Congrats, I never have a chance to even snag a treasury. so glad you made front page. I saw it yesterday when I logged in.