Monday, August 13, 2007

Big Apology

I am soo camera had a little breakdown and the pictures I took of the final product all assembled were terrible. And it is on its way to Italy to be a gift...sigh. I do plan to make a couple more of these...they are addictive so at some point I WILL have a picture of the actual 'Star' part...but on a positive note...I entered a few of my things in the county fair. I know County Fair...sounds kind of hokey...but I have been volunteering at this fair for over 12 years...mostly in the 4-H Horse Department...I run the horse show and pre-kids, did Performance Levels (tests) and whatever else needed doing. Now I've relaxed into a nice middle...I organize the Horse Show entries, record the results on the day and grade their written tests...yes we have the only Horse Show that has a written exam...ha, ha.

As for the rest of the fair I have ALWAYS wanted to enter something...but I would plan too late, completely forget to go down there on the entry days (some days I've even been there...but forgot my stuff). So this year I was absolutely determined!!! My son was at my parents for the week "on vacation"...see dear Sweet Bella Rose is now two and a holy terror. He needs to get away...sometimes I wish I could go with him. Ha, Ha, Ha. Anyway Bella and I headed down and stood on line, filled out the paperwork and waved the entries least until Sunday when I could go check and see what I won!!

...and I won a 1st and 2nd place!!! I also won two 5ths in very crowded being competitive I was a little disappointed, but in reality I did very well considering the competition and that it was my FIRST time.

So which do you think was 1st...2nd?

Magnolia Jewelry
Monochromatic Blue Flower Card

Black and White Flowers Card

2-5-7-10 Christmas Box

Details about this project coming up!

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