Monday, January 28, 2008

All Night Crafting Session Results

Alright, I had planned to post the results on Sunday, but was soo completely wiped (tired) I couldn't muster the energy. I haven't pulled an 'All-Nighter' since college and let just say that was a 'little' while ago!

Final Tally
3 scrapbooks in a tin
5 Baby Onesie Cards
1 Paper Shoe
3 One Layer Cards
2 Cocoa Packet Pixie Pouch
4 Cupid Poop Cards

Wow did I get a lot done! Although I did have some trouble cutting things later the second day...adding just wasn't working.

Some of those items are going to the ladies that invited me to this wonderful event! It was sponsored by their church and while I am not a super religious person it was a pleasure to be surrounded by such kind and upbeat women!

I now have plenty to share this week! And will be posting these items on my Etsy site as well. I even picked up some burp cloths at WalMart to hand stamp and match to the onesies!

Thanks for looking!

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