Saturday, January 19, 2008

My first Nugget Tin!!

This nugget box is dedicated to Rochelle Wick over at Impressions by Rochelle. If you want some inspiration for should see hers! Now she is hard core she actually builds the box. I met Rochelle way back in October when I asked her some questions on how she did hers. I needed some party favors (30) for my mom's retirement party...and she has the best favors in town. Rochelle immediately wrote me back, sent me patterns and explicit instructions. She even offered to help me score the boxes! I was overwhelmed with her generosity. Now I ended up wimping and decided to do notepads and Hershey Bar pull-ups (much, much simpler). But I will always remember how kind she was to a complete stamping stranger. Things like that REALLY touch me and give me hope for tomorrow.

Details: Well the is ridiculously simple. I used some DCWV Spring Stack paper. Some sticky strip....although I think I didn't use enough because I found I had to tack the bottoms with some stronger glue as they kept popping up off the bottom of the tin.

Now if you are interested in a video tutorial...head on over to Stamp with Gwen's site as she just did a wonderful tutorial on nugget tins!

Here are some other pictures of the nugget tin...what do you think of the pictures? I've been trying to make them more interesting....


JoAnna Goodman said...

You did a great job on this tin!! Also, you are right on the mark about Rochelle Wick -- she's about as good as they come!!

Rochelle W said...

WOW! Thanks for the dedication.I love the tin. It turned out cute. I really love your paper. Thanks for the props Lisa!!
Have a great day.