Saturday, January 05, 2008

Another Baby Onesie...

Here is another Baby Onesie...this idea I got from Jen Carter! I was reading her Discontinued TAC Stamp list...and saw this adorable convinced me to buy the TAC 'Love and Joy' set! The first onesie I tried was this is so simple you can't mess it up! Now of course being me...I HAD to practice a million times on paper just to see exactly what I needed to do.

After creating the Love and Joy Onesie I got bold...I LOVE monogrammed items and Monogram Onesie's were born (well with just a little help from Nicole Heady).

A little tip in making these...100% combed cotton...good quality...makes a much better impression. I mean you can get cheaper onesies but they are usually ribbed and I don't think the impression is quite as clean. As you wash these (trust me I tried it in my front loader on BOIL) the image will get softer...I like the look on combed cotton it looks muted and aged. On ribbed cotton it looks weird (the ribs show more).

Any stamp set will work to do this!! So get stamping!

Disclaimer: Do not stamp while on baby...they move too much and stamp will be smeared. LOL. No babies were hurt in the making of this onesie...unfortunately my 'babies' are too big for them.
Diatribe: Why is it when you finally learn how to do all these cool're kid/family is too old to benefit! I mean I made a gorgeous Baby Feats journal to go with this outfit...something I totally could've used when my kids were little. I may stamp a few t-shirts for my toddler girl Bella).

I hope to start stamping some Valentines Day stuff pretty soon...I just have to locate it in the disaster area which is my basement stamp room after my frantic clean-up of the upstairs stamping space aka the dining room table. Wish me luck on my excavation!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed.


Lynn said...

Thank you for your candid description! I have tons 'o onesies I bought cheap when I worked for Gap years ago, but never had the nerve to try. I have receiving blankets from Old Navy too. You've inspired me to give this a try.

Bira said...

dumb question, but what kind of ink did you use?

jackie said...

you mentioned that you made a baby feats journal. Just curious if you used my product:

Bella Rose Creations said...

Jackie, Thanks for writing and great product! I didn't know it existed. I didn't use your product, I handmade a journal and the Baby 'Feats' were just your standard milestones for babies.