Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A little Pop

I made these quick lollipops to have on hand to give anyone and everyone! Unfortunately I really don't like the way they came out...something isn't working. I think it is too white! I think I will try again with a red base....and see if that spices things up a bit!
But the recipients were thrilled! And we had a great time at the play date! And I didn't mention this before, but the reason for this was grandparents gave my son (who dislikes chocolate) a WHOLE bag of pops...which well he was never going to get...hence the giveaways. But then again he really likes being 'generous' with 'his' pops!
Note: I used Jolly Rancher Pops (ie flat pops) to do these. My measurements were 6.25, scored 3" from each end. Very simple.


Rochelle W said...

These are super cute. I was going to make them too but when I went lolli-pop shopping, I came home with tootsie pops. I knew that I needed to get flat ones but I misplaced my mind or something. So I had to bring them back. AGH!!!

Dani said...

Really great! I wouldn't change them a bit!