Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Off!!!

I am participating in an OverNight Scrapbooking party!!! I am so excited. I got invited by a is FREE!!

I feel very honored because I have to be about the WORST scrapbooker. I did one scrapbook of my daughter (digitally), my poor son the first child...too much ground to cover never got started. I did a really nice one for a friend that got married...if they aren't my pictures...simple to do! And I am pretty good at making blank mini-scrapbooks (wedding one & two I did . See mini-scrapbooks are totally my speed! And well that about sums up my scrapbooking experience.

So I am taking along a ton of projects and I'm hoping no one noticed that I'm not exactly 'scrapbooking'.

I'm bringing a ton of homemade that should put me in good standing...hee, hee.

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dd2njoy said...

Hope you have fun,,,and it's free on top of it!!!! Can't wait to see what you make!