Monday, April 16, 2007

My First Clippy!

These seem to be all the rage over at SCS. I finally tracked down most of the ingredients to make them...boy are they fun! I swear die hard stampers would probably stamp their kids if they weren't moving.

So let's see...I used my Sizzix die cut Bookplates (because I have a very limited selection). Note there is a hole in the middle so I punched a paper circle slightly larger using my CM circle punch to adhere on the middle front and back. Most people use chipboard, but as usual I don't have that so I used cereal box cardboard. It worked perfectly!!! I think it was actually a better weight for the project. I used the DCWV Stack 3 paper and believe it or not construction paper from Costco. The teal in that stack is stunning! Just for fun, I CuttleBugged the middle circle with Divine Swirls of the Teal side. On the striped side I added a small flower punch of the same paper. I used a Jumbo paperclip...they measure about 3/4 "X 3.5".

This particular clip was definitely a challenge, adhesive wise. Of course I didn't find E6000...because duh I didn't look in my local craft store! But I did find silicone...suggested by a husband of a crafter ;-). It actually worked fine, however because there was only thin paper in the center the adhesive bled problem I just affixed a circle on each side to cover! This would not occur if it had been chipboard in the center! And I found a really cheap alternative to E6000...especially if I had bought the caulk gun size! I explained something a little smaller might work a little better.

Anyway, I hope you like...oh yeah...the fibers are from Paton yarn Jazz and Salsa...I just selected the colors that matched. I also made a super quick card to present the clip as a gift! I got this idea (and this is a pale, pale imitation) from my friend Dani at Stamping etc...


Dani said...

Wow, your clips are really nice! And thank you for giving credits!

Shelby said...

very cute!!!