Sunday, April 01, 2007

Why marrying a geek is the most amazing thing ever

Sorry this is off topic...but you might have noticed how my Blog site was all messed up for the past few days...Blogger essentially broke their own template!!!

They asked me to update my template (automatically) I did and of it were all over the page like road kill. Now I am not without some template expereience...and I worked with it a mere few HOURS! Finally I just gave up...was actually a bit dispondent.

But usual (note shameless plug of DH) my wonderfully geeky husband...who does this sort of stuff all day, works part-time at night (so I can stay home with the kids)...and even helps me around the house (yes he is real)...sat down and spent an hour fixing it (what would take a mere mortal like me...a few weeks).

So I'm back in business and don't look like a Picasso Painting anymore. And if you would like to see what my husband does (looks like) check out He is the cute British guy in the picture!

He also figured out to do the Etsy thing across the top!!!

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