Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby Boom!!!

Okay it seems like today I found out everyone is having babies...except me. Don't worry I'm not even trying, but somehow when I see or hear about a precious little one...I want another! But as my husband says...the two we have are enough...and one more means we are outnumbered ;-). He does have a really good point. I see all these women with 5-6 kids and wonder how the heck they do it!! I mean my kids are awesome...but they are very, very active! My son can hike for 3 hours without blinking (he's 3) and my daughter...well Bella doesn't hike...but I have yet to see her walk anywhere...she is always at a constant jog...for hours. The only thing that saves her is the fact that she is a GOOD sleeper...by the time it is bedtime at night...I'm about done. I don't know how I would handle it if she kept waking up, or was a pain about going down...but not her...you put her in the crib and don't hear from her until the next morning...she has been this way since about 4 weeks old. I know I'm lucky...but then again she keeps me on my toes all day.

So my friend just had a precious baby girl! My other friend had a successful IVF and is pregnant with twins...so happy for her. And my final friend is having a baby girl in October! So in honor of all these babies...and yes they all happened yesterday...I made a few baby cards. I've actually had them cut out for awhile, but finally assembled them last night. I made both a pink and a blue, because I'm sure someone is going to call me up soon and let me know they are having a boy!!

Pink Giraffe Card:
Guess how I made the cute little design on the main image...a circle punch. I used the punch to clip off just a little bit...note it is easiest to do the white sheet, then glue down then do the mat sheet.

Stamps: Wild Animals LE; TAC All Occasions
Paper: PC Pastel Pink
Ink: Palette Belle Rose
Accessories: Cuttlebug Divine Swirls; circle punch
Blue Giraffe Card:

Stamps: Wild Animals LE; TAC All Occasions
Paper: PC Pastel Blue
Ink: Palette Starry Night
Accessories: Cuttlebug Divine Swirls; circle punch

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