Monday, July 09, 2007

OSW Wonder Kid's BD

I mixed and matched a few OSW templates (basically using up scraps) to make a few bright and cheerful cards for my 3 nieces in the UK. I guess I should they don't all have BDs in August (well the middle one does). My MIL is awesome in that we send over a whole package of cards for the year...and she doles them out to everyone when the event occurs! And get this...she does it ON Time. This is big for me, considering I make the cards just fine and with plenty of time before the event...then TOTALLY forget to send them (yes that beautiful 4th of July's friend's BD...totally forgot until the 5th!!! So needless to say this is the reason my nieces in the UK actually think I'm cool...besides the postage costs are ridiculous...I would rather buy gifts for the girls instead of forking it over for postage (hence why Christmas is bought all on-line shipped within the UK now)!

So here goes...Stripey Balloons
These cards are made with the colorful stripey paper from the DCWV Stack 3 (I have other stacks I'm just hoarding...eventually I will use them...I will)

I used a scrap of purple to edge the triangle. Beneath that I stamped "happy birthday" from the TAC More One Liners set with Palette Noir I stamped the balloons with the TAC Birthday Blessings Set and colored in with markers and watercolor (I'm a terrible a coloring...I think I failed it in kindergarten).

Anyway...on to the next card.

Stripey Flower
This wasn't my favorite card, but since then it has grown on me...and of course other people have ooh'd and ahh'd so it made me reconsider. I guess the reason it doesn't appeal is I have this flower diecut that I bought and had high hopes for...but no mater what I do to layer it I'm still not thrilled...and I want to be thrilled.

The second thing is I'm really mad at my mater what I do this gorgeous apple green shows up as watered down, pastel green! Can't figure it out...but will keep on trying. The little "happy b-day", stamped in Palette Noir, comes from one of my favorite and most versatile sets...the TAC Tag Tidbits...this set comes with a mindblowing 36 sentiments (all for $10.95) and they fit anywhere...tags, 1"circles, vellum tags, teeny tiny cards or the corner of a regular name the place, they'll fit. I find I use it all of the time!

Finally the "Modern Art" Card
I saw this as a OSW card, but not sure if my rendition of it works or not...perhaps I was supposed to line up all the pieces instead of mixing them up...I tried both ways, I seemed to like mixed-up better...which if you knew how anal I am is a really big step for me. The sentiment is stamped in no other than Palette Noir...and while I wasn't looking very hard...I am pretty sure it is a Michael's $1 was wood mounted so it wasn't my TAC stamps.

So that is it for now...but I am really proud of myself...the end total of cards made this weekend was 15!!! Plus a card holder...that is a miracle for me...usually I get sidetracked or fuss about layout.

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