Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I conquered the Origami Shirt!!!

If anyone keeps track my origami shirt looked like a shirt that needed to be laundered (see Virtual Stamp Night)! But I have persisted and finally came up with one that well looked like a shirt.

I needed to do a Father's Day Card for my FIL for next year...I know we get a whole years worth of cards done at once...and I was on a roll last weekend!
This card was a case of the Challenge Example. I took white cardstock, stamped it with Palette Seascape and the recently retired TAC Harlequin stamp. I then used the "Happy Father's Day" stamp from the TAC Trendy Greetings set using Palette Starry Night.
The shirt itself was made using the directions Beth wrote for a "card sized" shirt. I used a sort of denim looking paper and a striped piece for the tie.

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Shelby said...

Way too cool!!